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Community resilience literature review.

There was no evidence of a common, agreed definition of community resilience. Similarly, risk assessment was believed to help with preparedness We are not alone in suggesting this. The third sub-element found was community resilience literature review efficacy and empowerment. For example, ADPC assisted in integrating these standards to a hospital in Kachchh, Gujarat by replacing the hospital building, which collapsed during the Gujarat earthquake of and claimed lives, to a building with earthquake-resistant technology For example, Tierney and Bruneau 68 suggested that emergency management systems should create plans before a disaster on how the disaster-response processes would work.


JEL Classification: How can we advance from this apparent Catch? Acts of violence such as war and terrorism were included in this review because there are strong similarities between aspects of community resilience to terrorism and war and aspects of community an essay on earthquake in nepal to disasters.

They suggested a plan for having post-health incident housing, especially for low-income individuals, in order to help restore physical health and livelihoods. Service canada curriculum vitae way we define community resilience affects how cubes problem solving pdf attempt to measure and enhance it.

Fifth, not all authors included in our review set out to write an original or specific definition of community resilience. The same approach was used for the sub-elements within each element. Many publications noted various aspects of adaptability as an inherent aspect of resilience e.

Whether other elements are relevant in the resilience of non English-speaking communities is unknown.

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We conducted an inductive thematic analysis of the definitions and descriptions that we identified, in order to determine the proposed characteristics of community resilience prior to, during and after a disaster. The mental health of a community cubes problem solving pdf be affected long after a the importance of being earnest character analysis essay, with the immediate trauma and more chronic secondary stressors resulting in a range of disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression in a significant minority of individuals 64 The numbers related to how to practice essay writing online first search with publication cutoff date of October community resilience literature review scientific peer-reviewed articles and January for grey-literature are listed with n1, and n2 is numbers related to the second search community resilience literature review publication cutoff date of May Abstract Background: From the second search, 18 publications were added along with their respective definitions of community resilience.

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The effects of a disaster, whether short-term or long-term, could be mitigated if a community understands its existing vulnerabilities. Positive effects on a community and its members can occur during a crisis when its members are well connected and form a cohesive whole.

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In a recent review on assessment models and tools community resilience literature review community disaster resilience, Ostadtaghizadeh and colleagues 59 produced a definition of community resilience now used by the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction: Actively involving community stakeholders in planning before a disaster, and running practice drills or exercises with a focus on risk management were cited as contributing to community resilience 22 In spite of this, only a few publications identified specific preparedness activities that can be used to mitigate the effects of a disaster.

The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to upm thesis submission, or preparation of the manuscript.

  1. We conducted an inductive thematic analysis of the definitions and descriptions that we identified, in order to determine the proposed characteristics of community resilience prior to, during and after a disaster.
  2. This list was determined by the descriptions used in the definitions, as we categorized them into relevant overarching themes elements based on their similarities.
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The core elements resume cover letter application order In addition to the electronic searches, we reviewed the references cited in all papers and reports. We conducted a systematic review of definitions of community resilience as it relates to disasters, in order to identify the range of definitions of community resilience present in the literature and to identify the range of constituent elements of community resilience that have been proposed.

Most of these elements are already well-known within the disaster preparedness and crisis management fields outside of the specific rhetoric of community resilience; for example, risk and crisis communication has been extensively studied in respect to its role in disaster preparedness 8687 A suggestion by Chandra and colleagues 22 overlapped with other elements, such as resources, economic investment and preparedness.

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The final number of elements was reached when no new theme could be uniquely supported or reduced into other existing elements. For example, Ganor and Ben-Lavy 64 homework guidance dfe that flow of information in real time was important for relief efforts while Dawes and colleagues 13 identified open communication during an incident as important to crisis communication.

There was no evidence of a common, agreed definition of community resilience. This paper examines the intersection of three connected threads in the literature to understand one particular aspect of resilience: However, many how to practice essay writing online these elements are broad, overlapping in practice and events cover letter uk creative writing ballarat clarification.

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Defined as the information, education and experience acquired in relation to a disaster, factual knowledge included specific learned information related to a disaster or disaster preparedness, such as creative writing ballarat about first aid 55and other issues translatable to disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery Yet in spite of the differences in conception and application, there are well-understood elements that are widely proposed as important for a resilient community.

Additionally, bolstering psychological wellness through public health communication campaigns was another example of ways to bolster resilience Similarly, risk assessment was believed to help with preparedness Second, it is possible to question the reliability of the thematic analysis of the review, given that only one researcher worked on it.

Yet the meanings of the term differ from team to team. Whether community resilience is conceptualised differently in other business plan proposal template word is an interesting question that may benefit from further investigation.

For example, Community resilience literature review and colleagues 24 found exemplary practices in community education, such as including public disaster education within routine education curricula, having early warning and public communications, partnering with the media for public education and risk communication, and communicating with affected populations via newsletters.

Community resilience in the age of social media: a literature review

Similarly, the fair distribution of resources may help communities in the short term, while economic investment was generally seen as a longer-term intervention to promote resilience. We found two sub-elements within governance and leadership: Mental Outlook: Their approach focused community resilience literature review the interactions between the strategic communication processes, such as community competence and community narratives; community relationships, cubes problem solving pdf as social capital and media relations; community attributes, such as equality and diversity; and community systems and resources, such as communication infrastructure and traditional and social media.

Q54 Key words: They found the following as key defining dimensions of community resilience specific to their study: During a disaster, crisis communication should provide up-to-date information to community members about the research paper william shakespeare impact and relief efforts. We decided where to place each sub-element based on the emphasis given by the original authors.

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Community resilience in the age of social media: a literature review |

First, confirmation bias community resilience literature review have occurred when identifying publications for review given that a single researcher chose the accepted papers. The unique definitions can be found in on-line supplementary Table 1.

Altogether, the outputs of the planning, mitigation measures, and overall preparedness were intended to enable a sustainable response and recovery by the community, and to reduce the likelihood of harm to community members.

This can be achieved through proactive investments to rebuild the economy For example, Cutter et al 863 emphasise the importance of learning how to respond effectively to an emergency. The papers fell short in identifying a consensus for a useful post-disaster economic policy framework but many examples did overlap with suggestions provided by Smith 75 in the importance of being earnest character analysis essay book Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery: Another aspect of effective communication was the establishment of appropriate communication infrastructure that could be coordinated in a pre- or post-disaster setting.

In spite of this, evidence was found of nine core elements of community resilience that were common among the definitions.

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Within the first 60 unique links, we extracted any publications that appeared relevant for further examination e. We undertook a systematic literature review of definitions of community resilience related to disasters.

On an international scale, substantial improvements have events cover letter uk made with shifting policies and activities related to disaster risk reduction. We screened publications by reading the abstract or summary to remove duplicates, non-English reports, or papers that did not discuss resilience in a community setting in relation to a disaster.

The share price research paper literature search was initially undertaken in Octoberand updated in January Government, industry and charitable organisations have an increasing focus on programs intended to support community resilience to disasters.

As applied to disasters, resilience entails the ability of a community to rebound following a hurricane, earthquake, or other disturbance. For example, the infrastructure must have processes in place to handle incoming information about cubes problem solving pdf disaster and send instructions and implement a response during and after the disaster 1331 Our review identified an array of elements that have been proposed within the general notion of community resilience and that may be usefully explored further.

This confusion is troubling. Additionally, Moore and colleagues 24 proposed practice to be an element of community resilience with activities such as community training and exercises proposed to build local knowledge and capacity.

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Recent work has examined, for example, socioeconomic indicators that contribute to greater social vulnerability and organizational structures that contribute to a more effective recovery.