Five Major Advantages of Being a Celebrity

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They are like a creative writing course oxford university online property and do not have privacy. They do this with the hope of reaching the same level as their role models. Fame is beneficial in many ways but the obvious restriction is that you cannot do whatever you want. For example, someone like Michael Jordan made a living not only from playing ball. They may be forced to live in their own little secluded world, and will generally be unable to do things that the average Joe can.

It is commonly thought that extremely popular people do not have to face any problems and lead careless lives. After all, the grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it? Playing ball at the neighborhood playground Going shopping at the grocery store Going for an uninterrupted walk or a bicycle ride on the beach Lying on the beach without being mobbed on a sunny day Sitting on the park bench and reading a book without being asked "Can I take a picture of you?

As a result, while it is true to say that famous people live a great life, I prefer to be an anonymous person because the benefits of be an ordinary person outweigh the disadvantages of being rich and famous.

Popularity may seem to be nice write an essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being rich and famous the very beginning but usually becomes annoying in the long run. It's good if you mentioned them because then we essay river and the source have our comments more aligned with your prompt.

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First of all, such perfect society ielts essay are mostly rich or very rich. There are not only drawbacks of being famous.

Moreover, celebrities earn a lot of money can BUY whatever they want. However, being famous involve a lot of disadvantages. Obsession can turn into threats and even physical harm.

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They can have celebrity crushes or even real life admiration for their idols. Famous people find it easier to find a couple. Source Being a Celebrity Has its Ups and Downs Being a celebrity or simply being famous has its own advantages and disadvantages. The common perception is that celebrities and famous personalities have everything in life.

As I have already said famous people have to face difficulties in their lives. From a layperson's point of view, it's like having a million people talk behind your back on a daily basis. Five Major Disadvantages of Being a Celebrity 1. If Arnold Schwarzenegger heads out for a ride on his motorcycle on a sunny day, pictures of him are going to be splashed in the tabloids.

Although, there are persons who are famous and take all with calm. There are some disadvantages which are typical of them. They live in beautiful enormous houses mantained by housekeepers, gardeners, cooks and many servants. Moreover, if famous one will be invited to the best parties in the most expensive and prestigious clubs. Celebrities get special treatment wherever they go. Usually you have to attend parties or meetings even if you are not willing to.

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Firstly, they are being fallowed almost all the time. If Kim Kardashian wears a bikini and steps out on the beaches of Miami to catch some sun, the entire world is going to know about it.

Celebrities and other famous people cannot lead lives of normal people. Sample essay Being a well-known personality has both positive and negative aspects. Forget homes—celebrities are also known to own entire islands.

Of course you would—that is exactly why this perk of being famous is just too tempting. After analysing how fame makes a person rich and a role model for many, it is not hard to see that being creative writing masters norway celebrity is an advantage, not a disadvantage.

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A celebrity marriage equality argument essay can attract too many fake friends. Fans are the people who adore their celebrity idols. The most important disadvantage is that celebrities have very little privacy as they are often chased by paparazzi. Sometimes newspapers, magazines and other kind of medias invent gossips about you. On the other hand, there are several disadvantages, you can't go peaceful anywhere because paparazzis are waiting for take hundreds of photos, so you should be protected by bodyguards.

Fan mail and other forms of appreciation that celebrities receive can be inspirational, motivational, and very humbling. Famous people are often followed or harassed by phone, email, or mail by fans or followers who cross the line and become obsessed.

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Furthermore, they spend their holidays in expensive resorts, get the best hotel rooms and the most efficient service. If Paris Hilton and her beau have an argument or a fight in a nightclub, the whole world will know about it. Decide for yourself—read on in this article for for five advantages and five disadvantages of being a celebrity.

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Celebrities enjoy huge fan-following. He was also the face of Nike and promoted many other brands. This refers especially to women who tend to fall in love with actors or singers. To conclude, there are several benefits to being a celebrity. Moreover, celebrities earn a lot of money can buying whatever they want.

The red carpet scene from the Emmys.

T: Advantages of being rich and famous.

Celebrities are popular. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience. Supposedly everybody knows what these people make for a living.

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They enjoy the adulation they get. What is more they are often being paid for interviews or for their presence at an event. On the one hand, if you are a celebrity, you travel around the world knowing an assortment of cultures and societies. Being famous or a celebrity can attract stalkers. Being famous definitely opens many doors in life which would have remained shut case study csr tata group fame not been achieved.

One of the advantages of being a celebrity is that fame almost always brings riches. Also, someone like Kim Kardashian can afford to dwell into newer businesses like fashion apparel and perfumes simply because she is famous and can afford to sustain and promote them. Everyone recognizes me.

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Celebrities are recognized everywhere they go. If you spend all the free time with your family, you will probably soon be forgotten. In particular, watch the episode which showcases the home, cars, and lifestyle of 50 Cent.

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In addition, everywhere you go, I AM sure that you will receive a write an essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being rich and famous attention than an ordinary person. Kim Kardashion, who has reaped many and advantage and disadvantage from being famous. For example, they can't go to the same places that the ordinary people usually go to without having many 'paparazzi' behind them.

Lack of privacy is one of the biggest disadvantages of being a celebrity. On the other hand, there are several disadvantages attached to being a celebrity. Certainly I can imagine that sometimes it may be convenient. She would be mobbed and hounded for autographs and pictures.

Being a Celebrity Has its Ups and Downs

That is not all though. If you have a single ounce of doubt bmw marketing case study pdf celebrities are actually rich, check out an episode of MTV Cribs, and all your doubts will magically disappear.

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Sports personalities like Roger Federer and Lionel Messi have numerous fans all over the world. Celebrities and famous people have fans. Who said being famous was always fun?

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Are there really no disadvantages of being one? It is that your privacy is disturbed and you've got to mention that in this sentence because it should be the focus in your sentence. Because this state of constant stress, many of them are pushed in alcoholism, drug-addiction and depression. Another disadvantage is write an essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being rich and famous you have no time to spend with loved persons, you lack of private life owing lucasfilm cover letter people are constantly judging everything you do.

It can be a great opportunity to boast to a friend and say: When people become famous, more opportunities arise in life, whether they are career related or not. Imagine how hard-hitting this would it be if a tabloid talked about how fat you are or how sleazy you are. Since celebrities are rich they can buy just about anything they want without having to worry about the cost.

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But the famous lifestyle has as many advantages as disadvantages. Considering all the things mentioned, we may come to the conclusion that most of parts emporium case study solutions can really enjoy their lives.

Luxurious homes and cars, fancy gifts, expensive clothes and other such materialistic pleasures of life convert from a dream to a reality when people become famous celebrities. Wouldn't you love it if you were given preferred entry at nightclubs, or given the first essay about types of tv programs seats at award functions?

We've all heard about those nasty cases of celebrity stalking that have gone out of control. Lack of intimacy, lack of free time — these are the main disadvantages. Related posts: It would literally translate to being on-guard every single hour, minute and second of the day.


From special seats at theaters to special tables at write an essay discussing the personal statement for medicine student and disadvantages of being rich and famous, celebrities are given the advantage of being the preferred customers everywhere they go. It seems that we can see only positive aspects of being famous.

One of the most glamorous parts of being a celebrity, for sure. The truth is that there are as many downsides and disadvantages of being a celebrity as there are the number of benefits.

Thus it is enough to breathe and smile to earn more during one day than an average worker throughout the month. They are like hunters and hiding from them is not possible.

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After all, who wouldn't like to have their own fans, followers, and worshipers? Sometimes they can be given a substantial sum of money simply for doing 'nothing'.