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You all have a good understanding of the things we covered in class this semester. CVS responded to these arguments by stating that alcohol and junk food are okay in moderation, while no amount of tobacco can be healthy Langer, The interviews with Merlo and other officials all pointed to how the decision would be best for the health of its customers.


  • Blog | The CVS Health Case Study: A Test of Corporate Character | Arthur W. Page Society
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CVS put everything into practice successfully and saw positive responses from all publics because the company got it right. What set CVS apart was its ability to answer the what and the why — and quickly. Of course, a skeptic might say that CVS did not really have the case study methods in qualitative research of society in mind.

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Great job. This kept the company websites uncluttered to maintain business as usual, which helped preserve trust and loyalty with how to make a reference page for research paper customers and comfort investors through the transition.

Retrieved November 22,from http: Walgreens will keep selling tobacco products.

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Customers who bought cigarettes from CVS regularly would initially be upset, but CVS saw an opportunity to improve and help these customers rid themselves of unhealthy practices through quitting smoking and brand itself as a company dedicated to living out its core values.

Upper Saddle River, NJ: Smokers could either buy tobacco products elsewhere or could participate in smoking cessation programs.

We Quit Tobacco, Here’s What Happened Next | CVS Health Using a press release is usual for companies with major announcements.

The public took to social media to congratulate and thank CVS Health for the bold change in services. Company History.

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So, did CVS put its stockholders on the backburner with this decision? However, it is clear that the driving force of the decision came from putting the health of its consumers over economic growth. InCVS Health, formerly known as CVS Caremark, surprised the country by removing tobacco products from its shelves and rebranding the entire corporation.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the coming years, Walgreens could potentially make the leap into a tobacco-less company. Then, CVS took it one step further and repositioned itself as a health care giant and a leader in the health care and pharmaceutical industry.

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Leaders were clear, consistent and honest in their communications. Contact the authors at: In Wikipedia. By being concise, Merlo was able to answer more questions and use his knowledge to lead the conversation.

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Retrieved October 24,from https: CVS Health serves as the parent company to four major subsidiaries: Retrieved from http: CVS directly responded to both the favorable and opposing tweets. CVS was able to maintain relationships with consumers by remaining constantly active on social media.

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