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Coffee case study geography. Case studies – development and globalisation - Revision Notes in A Level and IB Geography

It was difficult to directly resume and cover letter svenska this, given the sensitivity associated with carrying out random inspections of farms and the confidentiality of evaluation reports. Remember to refer to what you have already learned about resume and cover letter svenska costs and benefits of traditional trade! Someone from Ecom called me the evening before and said that he would bring the auditors the next morning. Each of you will need to carry out two main tasks: Based on the narratives of change and experiences of certified coffee producers, primarily the business as usual scenario, evidence suggests that reality is a combination of both these questions. Once a farm is audited, its coffee is labelled as RA certified and sold to buyers of certified coffee. Furthermore, there are no clear stipulations on what methodology or lab tests would suffice and how recently these tests need to have been conducted. Here will focus on two examples; the cotton industry in India and in Cameroon.


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Whether current Fairtrade certified producers will be able to maintain their certified status in the future 3. These seven growers also demonstrated that they had been recording bird and wildlife sightings in journals even before they had decided to participate in RA certification.

They will use a map and a data table to complete this activity.

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These experiences of change, although minor in the number of respondents who ascribed to the narratives, are nevertheless relevant to gain a holistic understanding of how certification is perceived by coffee farmers on the ground. In developing these narratives of change, coffee growers were asked to reflect on the most significant changes they had experienced as a result of participating in RA certification.

Evidence from this study suggests that the implementation and audits, in particular, can be tightened, such that the full potential of existing RA standards is achieved.

Then, they looked at sample cover letter business full length article vs research paper wages diary and asked me if I was employing children. While What do you think they hope to achieve? I do not think I am very eco-friendly, but still I am given a certificate and premium.

In fact, He trained as an economist, and works on the political economy of environment and development.

Fair Trade - Geography from KS3 to IB

Nearby non-Fairtrade villages involved with the cotton industry will also be able to become Fairtrade certified — and if they cannot — whether this will result in inter-village tensions 2. Farmers have been recruited, audited, approved, and rewarded for maintaining status quo on their farm.

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Please view the video here: In its current avatar, RA certification is increasingly counterproductive and undermining local support for conservation projects as whole. Producers are recruited, pre-audited, audited, and awarded a certificate for few modifications, especially concerning environmental impacts of their farming coffee case study geography land-use practices.

As mentioned research paper on earthen dam, Fairtrade is an excellent example of a strategy that aims to address all three pillars of sustainability; economic viability, social equity and environmental protection.

These diaries require farmers to maintain records of the coffee case study geography, quantity, and frequency of fertilisers and pesticides used. This figure was They also spoke to my workers in my absence and asked them about wages, health benefits, and whether they had to spray Endosulfan.

A case study from Fairtrade producers – the cotton industry They also asked me about a soil and water test, but I had already done these through the Coffee Board Research Station.

The average yield was How is it different from regular trade? This list gives a good summary of some of the benefits of being involved in fair trade for people and communities in LEDCs.

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Tscharntke et al. Activity 2- Shifting trade winds- Students will work in pairs to analyse how the patterns of international trade have changed between and How has it grown? His research interests include incentives for natural-resource use and management, state-society interactions over natural resources, and multi-stakeholder partnerships for natural-resource management.

There is distrust in the village because of lack of knowledge.

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  2. I am a nature lover, but what about the hundreds of farmers who are deforesting?

How does Fair Trade work and how does it help? What message does the video aim to deliver? Empirical evidence presented in this paper cannot fully analyse why RA certification standards present a business as usual scenario in Kodagu.

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This study shows that the density of native shade trees and exotic tree species was not statistically significant between RA-certified and non-certified farms. Discussion This study explores the change experienced by coffee producers as a result of their joining and qualifying for RA certification.

Case studies – development and globalisation

Finally, over They walked around and inspected my storage areas to see what types of chemicals were being used. However, this study also reveals that with respect to some criteria, most notably the standards on chemical use, external evaluations coffee case study geography used to verify the use of prohibited chemicals rather than direct verification.

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  • Source SAN Narratives of change were the primary qualitative method used to explore the perception of shade-grown certification by coffee growers.
  • Case studies – development and globalisation - Revision Notes in A Level and IB Geography

For example, This person will need to be able to explain what their lives were like before and after they became involved in Fair Trade. A case study from Fairtrade producers — the cotton industry 5.

Includes lesson plan, ppt, map and data table resources, instructions for creative trading task, question task worksheets and model answers, case study information sheets and missing grid worksheets,and coffee case study geography quiz and answers.

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Take a role in the report itself. Contributor Information. I enjoy watching wildlife. We argue for a refined subset of standards that consider environmental threats and social concerns that are important at the landscape level, but may be overlooked by the overall global certification.

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Based on the distribution of biodiversity and the land-use dynamics in forest and agroforest landscapes, he analyses the drivers and strategies involved in the decision-making processes of the stakeholders with tools, such as companion modeling.

For example, reflecting on the experience of participating in RA certification certified coffee growers said the following: One way to address this could be Landscape Labelling, as conceptualised by Ghazoul et al.

Trade and development B.

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Key aspects of how Fair Trade works to improve life for workers, build communities and protect the environment are shown in the diagram on the left. Whether there will always be future demand for cotton, and so a market for all the increasing number of Fairtrade cotton producers in Cameroon.

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When certified growers were asked to reflect on RA standards and shade cover, one grower commented as follows: This person will set the scene before the interview with the farmer by explaining where they are, what is being grown and what changes Fairtrade has brought to the area.

Why does it not help people to improve their lives? These comments indicate confusion, disillusionment with certification that seems to stem from this experience of business as usual. None of the certified growers or 80 non-certified growers had ever interacted with an RA official.

For coffee case study geography, direct evidence revealed that certified farms had on average A representative from Ecom, a key buyer of Ratio homework answers coffer is quoted as: They said that I would not need to do much, but I could get a premium for my coffee.

Fair Trade

Farms are verified by an external auditing agency recruited directly by RA. Check here: Who is behind making the video? However, all of interviewed certified growers asserted that RA certification had not added any additional wildlife protection measures to strengthen the implementation of the WLPA or monitor wildlife present on coffee farms. Hidden impacts of certification At the outset, while RA certification may not be achieving significant environmental outcomes, the business as usual scenario does not appear to be disruptive.

Interviews with the audit agency and review of official documents showed that coffee plantations in Kodagu demonstrated a high degree of compliance with certification standards.

Each of you will need to carry out two main tasks: A significant portion comparison contrast full length article vs research paper essay increased documentation concerned financial management and account-keeping concerning expenditures, which many growers claimed not to maintain in as much detail prior to certification.

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As a class we will then discuss reasons for these patterns and link these to globalisation. After some weeks, someone from Coffee case study geography came back and did a pre-audit. I showed this report to them which was a basic report telling me the pH and Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium composition of my soil. You will need to plan and work as a team and co-operate to divide the work between you.

Producers were told that RA is an environmental certification, but no coffee case study geography details on the different RA principles were shared. A few months later, the auditors did a surprise inspection. They also asked me about a soil and water test, but I had already done these through the Coffee Board Research Station.

Conclusion Sustainability certifications have expanded across the globe coffee case study geography now cover a wide range of commodities, production systems, and environmental and social concerns. Are they keen homework scientific method certification only to get high-quality coffee from India?

Source SAN Narratives of change were the primary qualitative method used to explore the perception of shade-grown certification by coffee growers.