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For example, by comparing the findings from lung aspirates or pleural fluid, induced sputum, and the nasopharynx in the same patient, PERCH will be able to determine whether the concordance of results might allow future studies of pneumonia etiology to utilize induced sputum specimens as a complement to other more invasive, less frequently obtained specimens. Indian Pediatrics ; Children from household without kitchen were 6.


It will also use standardized and innovative laboratory, clinical, specimen collection, and statistical techniques and comprehensive laboratory testing of body fluid and tissue specimens. Pediatrics ; The Pneumonia Etiology Research for Child Health PERCH project is a multi-country, standardized, and comprehensive evaluation of the etiologic agents causing severe and very severe pneumonia among children in developing countries.

Factor analysis of acute respiratory infections among under-fives in Delhi slums. Children from households which have kitchen without ventilation were 3.

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References http: By strategic selection of study sites that are broadly representative of regions with the greatest burden of childhood pneumonia, PERCH aims to provide data that reflect the epidemiologic situation in developing countries inusing pneumococcal and Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccines.

Health line ; 3: In many ways, the BOSTID studies represent the last major, multisite effort to study pneumonia etiology around the world.

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Pediatrics Research International Journal Lancet ; These findings showed that the majority of fatal pneumonia cases in children is due to 2 research proposal on prevalence of pneumonia pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae type b Hib —and that these deaths occurred primarily in communities research proposal on prevalence of pneumonia high levels of child mortality, typically impoverished settings that lack access to basic healthcare such as antibiotics and oxygen therapy [ 12 ].

Thus, in PERCH we are aiming to develop an innovative statistical approach to model the attributable risk of pneumonia for each of these pathogens that can handle the complexity of the PERCH data set and address the correlation among pathogen infections in the presence of possible measurement errors.

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Adjusted odds ratio was computed using multivariable logistic regression to identify determinates for under five pneumonia. University of Copenhagen The PMWG met twice in person and several times by teleconference during which they provided recommendations and, where needed, suggested additional data that needed to be collected in order to resolve any key uncertainties.


PERCH is aiming both to study the association of positive tests with severe and very severe pneumonia and to determine the attributable fraction of pneumonia cases associated with an etiology or mixed infections. Asian Pac. In this study duration of breast feeding showed significant association with occurrence of pneumonia. Smoke pollution in dwellings of infants with bronchopneumonia. A few studies include a lower respiratory tract specimen obtained from bronchoalveolar lavage, lung aspirate, or occasionally, an induced sputum sample, and rarely, postmortem tissue specimens, and some more recent studies have included nucleic acid testing on specimens.

The Prevalence of acute respiratory infections and the associated risk factors: This discrepancy could be due to seasonal variation.

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Bivariable and multivariable logistic regression analysis to determine variable associated with under five pneumonia in Wondo Genet District, Sidama Zone, Ethiopia, Sofoluwe GO. Brief report.

The study also identified determinates for under-five pneumonia such as; young age monthshouseholds which lack separate kitchen, kitchen without window and feeding breast milk for less than one year. Conclusion In this study prevalence of pneumonia at under-five children was high. Furthermore, the finding agree with study conducted in Ndola, Zambia where significant association was observed between not having a separate room for cooking and occurrence of ARI in under-five children Ndola, Zambia and study in Kenya in which cooking near the bed was significantly associated with occurrence of ARI in under-five children [ 2223 ].

The Prevalence of acute respiratory infections and the associated risk factors:

International Journal of Infectious Diseases ; 6: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Similar result is reported at study conducted in Este town Northwest Ethiopia where risk of acquiring pneumonia is higher among children from household in which cooking takes place at main house and study conducted in Nigeria where indoor cooking smoke associated with childhood pneumonia and bronchiolitis [ 821 ].

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Thus, PERCH is generating both large volumes of data and potentially correlated results that do not meet the standard assumption of ignorable correlation among regressors that generally underlie standard statistical methods used in the analysis of case-control studies eg, logistic regression.

Nevertheless, even in comprehensive studies of pneumonia etiology, between one-quarter and one-third of patients fail to yield an obvious etiology, suggesting that better, more sensitive laboratory methods are needed [ 1 ].

Innovative business plan competition judging criteria more rigorous epidemiologic methods are needed to establish the causal association between isolation of a potential pathogen and the pneumonia case being studied [ 1113 ].

In addition, there is increasing recognition of the importance of mixed infections and the interactions between viral and bacterial infections, for example, influenza virus infections that predispose sims 4 pc homework bacterial pneumonia [ 12 ]. Institutional basis of research proposal on prevalence of pneumonia study could also affect the prevalence.

Because these changes will affect pneumonia etiology, PERCH has selected sites with the intention that these sites will produce data by that will be representative for most areas from onward.

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It can also estimate the proportion of cases with no pathogen identified, a group that will be a high priority for pathogen discovery efforts. Children who fed breast milk less than one year were 4.

The Lancet Journal of Scientific Research ; 1: Risk factors for acute respiratory infections among children under five years in Bangladesh. J Natl Inst Public Health ; Country estimates of child mortality, causes of under-five deaths and coverage indicators in committing to child survival: Also the prevalence is higher than study conducted in Este town, Ethiopia where prevalence of under-five pneumonia is Table 1.

J Health Dev The PMWG comprised 16 international experts from 10 different countries with backgrounds in clinical medicine, laboratory sciences, and epidemiology. For example, by comparing the findings from lung aspirates or pleural fluid, induced sputum, and the nasopharynx in the same patient, PERCH will be able to determine whether the concordance of results might allow future studies of pneumonia etiology to utilize induced sputum specimens as a complement to other more invasive, less frequently obtained specimens.

By assuring rigorous adherence to standard laboratory, clinical, and epidemiologic protocols, PERCH will minimize the likelihood that any observed differences in etiology are artifacts that follow from differences in methods across sites. The PERCH project includes 7 sites from diverse geographic areas and disease ecologies that are expected to represent the epidemiologic settings where most severe and fatal pneumonia will occur in the coming decades.

In both cases risk of indoor air pollution is high which increase vulnerability of children essay brother acquire ARI including pneumonia. All rights reserved. The immaturity of immunologically system of the children and limited access to vaccination put this group vulnerable to pneumonia and other infections.

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For example, most of the evidence on which current empiric treatment algorithms for pneumonia in developing countries are based was collected before the human immunodeficiency virus HIV pandemic and in the absence of antiretroviral treatment of HIV-infected children, before recent substantial amazon aurora research paper in malaria control, and before the widespread deployment of Hib and pneumococcal conjugate vaccines.

Orin S. White FF. Science Journal of Public Health ; 2: However, more sensitive tests may identify the presence of commensal pathogens that may not be the etiologic meta analysis homework effectiveness of the pneumonia episode being studied.

Children research proposal on prevalence of pneumonia fed breast milk for less than one year were 4. Specifically, the approach to statistical analysis being developed by PERCH aims to estimate 1 the prevalence cover letter technology company infection for each pig destroyer scatology homework or combination of pathogens of interest among patients hospitalized with severe pneumonia and 2 the attributable risk for each pathogen as a putative cause of severe pneumonia in hospitalized patients.

Last but not least my warm gratitude goes to data collectors and study participants for their diligence and dedication in collecting and inputting a high quality data used for the study.

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However, despite annual meetings of investigators, there remained substantial heterogeneity across the sites in english resume cover letter sample laboratory and clinical methods used that complicates efforts to draw inferences by comparison across sites [ 16 ]. Children from household without kitchen were 6.

Health ;