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Spread the word. Plastic bags can be difficult to recycle, so it is wise to reuse plastic shopping bags at home for as long as you can. The other alternatives could be polypropylene bags, biodegradable bags made of cornstarch and sisal bags, which are quite durable and hence can also be reused.



The favourable attitude towards the legislation seen among a good number of students could be a result of constant education campaigns at schools on environmentally sensitive issues [ 2 ].

Limitation The finding of this study is limited to one ward and hence cannot be generalized to entire Mangalore city.

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A study done in Ethiopia also reported that majority of female participants wanted to continue using plastic bags in spite of being aware of their health hazards [ 9 ]. The ecological costs of plastic bags to the environment is detrimental and not justified by their ease and convenience for consumers.

Obviously, a major step is to use your own reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags. Annual Review of Public Health. Ingestion of plastic bags is due to versatile nature of their shape and form and their resemblance to prey which can prove fatal to many marine lives.

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In this guide, we will teach you about how plastic shopping bags damage the environment. J Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalore for her help in data analysis. Job Loss Plastic bags are seemingly an inexhaustible source to many consumers. Plastic bag case study and health risks.

Consumer response to incentives to reduce plastic bag use: By Eric Guinther via Wikimedia Commons. Build ups of huge quantities of plastic bags are well known to block local drainage systems, especially in developing countries.

Effects on Marine Life Plastic debris in the ocean. Perhaps this is due to the plastic bag being so easy to dispose michelle carter essay that it fits in so well with the capitalist consumer culture and feeds into the toxic approach to material value.

Arpit Govil, Mr. Yes, reusable shopping bags cost you initially, but they can be used endlessly and help the planet.

Environmental Impact. Effects, Dangers of Plastic Bags -

In the present study although most participants were aware of the legislation, about one fourth were not in favour of the ban on plastic bags. Awareness generation on these strategies and effective implementation of legislation may help in reducing the usage of plastic bags in the community. Human Impact Plastic shopping bags on land are one of the most common types of litter.

All of the plastic that was found in these birds is brought to the island by adult birds who then feed it to young birds. The commonest reasons for preferring plastic bags found in this study were the easy availability followed by durability. We also will discuss alternatives to using plastic shopping bags.

Contamination During the Decomposition Process As the slow degradation of plastic bags begin, toxic chemicals are released in response to climatic factors and contaminate the soil and waters. Many plastic bags that are collected by recycling companies cannot corruption essay for class 12 be recycled.

Following the rise of the industrial revolution, single-use plastic bags have become a common household item and appear in nearly every restaurant and store as a graduate school essay sample accounting curriculum vitae pdf da compilare online for consumers to carry purchased goods. One species that is at risk plastic bag case punjab university phd thesis the bags are sea turtles.

On the other hand, Xing X et al.

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Consumers will often leave to other stores that are willing to give them free, convenient, and disposable bags. It is estimated to be double the size of Hawaii, and could even be as large as the entire continental US.

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You can sell them outrightuse them in concert, school or collegecommunity church or with another fundraiser, or even create themed gift totes by filling them up with an assortment items. By Skitterphoto via Pixabay.

  1. The above study also reported that among the people who used to get their own bags, the proportion of females
  2. Most people who favoured ban were semi-professionals, professionals and students.
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composition essay layout Gupta K et al. This was similar to the findings of the study done in Delhi where convenience for shopping was the commonest reason stated by most participants [ 8 ]. This can include the air pollution and soil and water contamination from the toxic chemicals it eventually breaks down into.

Find stores that offer a credit for using reusable bags. A study estimates that greenhouse gas emissions from the life cycle of plastic bags in Hong Kong and China reach Environment Sci. Count the plastic bags brought into your home in a week.

Effects on the Environment Plastic bags are abundant in landfills. In this study Most housewives curriculum vitae pdf da compilare online though were aware of health hazards of plastic bags, were not favouring the ban burma crisis essay these products as they were used to comforts of plastic bags.

Laysan albatross with plastic filled stomach. By Philip Halling via Wikimedia Commons. Don't throw me away sample cover letter for job advancement re-use me!

Ecological and social costs of single use plastic bags

Greenhouse Gas Emissions In the manufacturing stage for plastic bags and throughout its life span, there is a high emission of greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere that is then trapped in the air and contribute to climate change. Food Protection Trends. Environmental Impact Litter from plastic bags is not just on land.

  • These reusable bags carried harmful bacteria which cause cross-contamination of food packed in it, thereby threatening human health [ 3 ].
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  • CC BY 2.

Poor awareness among people in general has been reported as the leading cause in developing countries resulting in adopting environmentally unfriendly practices [ 2 ]. Kaushik H Mahadik, Ms.

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The lower litter rate in this study could be because of better awareness about the hazards of plastic bags compared to other studies on issues like non-biodegradable nature of plastic michelle carter essay among people. Reusable bags are extremely versatile, which makes the possibilities for fundraising virtually endless.

They are often found washed up on shore, dead with evidence of ingestion of plastic bags that have an uncanny resemblance to jellyfishes as they flow through the waters. Ecological Costs Single-use plastic bags cause ecosystem degradation through its negative impacts on marine life, the greenhouse gas emission from the manufacturing process, and its gradual breakdown and release of toxic material.

Use of plastic bags: Below are the biggest ones.

Ecological and social costs of single use plastic bags | Open Case Studies

They are good to line small trash cans. Conclusion Most of the participants in the settings had the awareness of health hazards of the usage of plastic bags and supported its ban. In a similar case, a recycling factory had to close down up to six times a day in order to plastic bag case study the trapped plastic bags in the machinery.

The above study also reported that among the people who used to get their own bags, the proportion of females In a Delhi based study, These birds fly there to next on these highly isolated islands, and they forage at sea, often hundreds of miles out, to look for food for offspring.

A report on plastics industry [Internet]. Plastic bags take between and years to degrade, and the biggest concentration of them in the ocean is twice the area of the state of Texas while also outnumbering sea life a whopping six to one.

Plastic Shopping Bag Pollution

Plastic bags: Samudyata M Heroor, Curriculum vitae per la svizzera. There are no regulations about how that symbol is used, and every city and county in America has different regulations about what can be recycled. From its convenience to its low cost, plastic bags have dominated the post-industrial revolution developing an unsightly reliance on this plastic carrier.

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A case study in Jimma City, Southwestern Ethiopia. Place any of these on your website or use for a school project.

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  • As such, accumulation of plastic bags may be found in the drains and sewage systems.

This was similar to the findings of the Delhi based study which suggested that the youngsters and the elderly were more conscious or receptive to environmental health issues [ 2 ]. When we actually count the number of bags we bring in weekly, it can spur us to take action.

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Some cities in the US have passed plastic bag bans and more are doing so every year. The shop keepers, on the other hand, were supplying plastic bags to their customers without even verifying whether they actually needed them.

Environmental Impact. Effects, Dangers of Plastic Bags

Many cities and recyclers spend countless dollars and hours in removing plastic bags that are jammed in the plastic-recycling machinery. Hasini Kanchana Perera, Mr. Hazards and mitigation [Internet]. While the recyclable symbol of three arrows in a circle is on many plastic shopping bags in the US, it often is a marketing trick.

What You Can Do to Reduce Use of Plastic Shopping Bags

Expenditure of Social Resources Plastic waste in storm drains. The majority of wildlife on Earth is in our seas and oceans. Teacher admission essay autopsy of the stomach of a beached whale found 20 square feet of plastic shopping bags that took up its whole stomach. This highlights the ignorance of citizens, both shop owners and consumers, about the legislation and ineffectiveness of awareness campaigns in disseminating information on penalties imposed under this legislation.

Environ Resource Econ. Plastics recycling: Awareness of students is very vital for any awareness campaign. Open in a separate window Discussion Majority write an effective cover letter for resume the subjects This was similar to the findings of a study done in California, USA where A study done by the National Center of Policy Analysis NCPA on grocery stores in Los Angeles demonstrates that bans on plastic bags can have an adverse effect on the business that imposes the ban, whereby sales significantly decrease and inversely promote an increase on surrounding businesses.