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Next comes the tiger enclosure. Entrance to the zoo is by tickets. We bade a silent farewell to those philosophers among birds and walked on. We were very amused to see various kinds of monkeys, gorillas and baboons. They twittered, chirped and whistled. They played several tricks and we felt amused by those tricks.


We visited the birds first. There were pythons and other serpents lying quietly in their cages.

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We also enjoyed the greenery in the zoo. Then comes the reptile section where different kinds of snakes are kept.

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He deposited our luggage in clock- room. One can also see the ostrich, a bird which cannot fly. There are a few leopards and cheetahs also. Next to this enclosure were kept polar bears who looked deserted and dejected. We also saw the elephants and bears. I was very delighted to see my favourite animals, which included tigers, lions, leopard and cheetah.

A Visit To A Zoo Essay

Huge and very fat monkeys were seen jumping with as much ease as the small and thin ones. Near his home there is also a huge pond filled with water for the lion to drink water. We bought two tickets and entered the zoo through the main gate. There were also the giraffes, the zebra, the kangaroos, the ostriches and the elephants.

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It is becoming difficult to see the wild animals in their natural habitat. It is a beautiful and natural place consisting of many kinds of trees.

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Then we moved to a big tank which was full of crocodiles. As we entered the compound, we saw a small house surrounded by a wire net. A zoo is a place where various birds, animals and reptiles are kept. So I was wondered and frightened.

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We come to learn about the rare species. A natural atmosphere was created for them. After this, we went to a very big enclosure.

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I am an animal lover. Near his home, there is an open space for the lion to move about freely. We bought our tickets and entered the zoo. There are Indian tigers, brown in color, with black stripes.

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They included sparrows, pigeons, eagles, parrots of different colours. I, along with my family, visited zoo.

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  2. One can also see the ostrich, a bird which cannot fly.
  3. We went up several steps to purchase the tickets.
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It got down and disappeared in the water. In similar open spaces we saw peacocks.

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Once I got an opportunity to visited by thousands of people every day. There were white peacocks. I wish to how to write a cover letter for media internship various types of animals.

He agreed and we got down at Lucknow. One can see there different kinds of parrots, pigeons, peacocks and other birds sample research paper in sociology different colors and from different countries. After sometimes, we returned to our school.

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These be research paper were roaring and wagging their tails. We also saw the King of the forest, the lion. Then one goes to the enclosure of elephants and camels. Some snakes were very fierce.

Then we saw a tank full of all kind of coloured fish. Inside it, we saw a number of snakes of all sizes and colours.

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Image Source: These monkeys climbed up the trees and swung from their branches. It was a thrill to see lovely golden fishes swimming in the water. Last of all we saw different kinds of monkeys.

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Their enchanting music delighted us much. They twittered, chirped and whistled.

Essay Visit to a Zoo

We first visited zoological garden. With whom did you visit? Then we saw the monkeys.

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How they ate the mustard and fruits thrown to them by the children was the most interesting sight to watch. It is situated at a distance of twenty kilometers from our house.

At the same time it was awesome to see the king of zika virus thesis statement forest. Everybody must see the zoo when it is possible. The cages of the birds were hanging down the branches of the trees. The purpose of a zoo is to show us, common people like varieties of animals and birds that exist the world over people who may never be able to see these creatures get a simple chance to see them.

We walked up and down.