Creative writing prompt year 7. Creative Writing Prompts, Ideas, Lists, and Resources for Elementary Students

Why did creative writing prompt year 7 choose these clothes to wear today? What is the nicest thing that you have done for someone? If you could meet any fictional character from a book, who would it be? Describe the clothes you are wearing. A sport? If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island and could take three items with you, what three items would you take and why? What would life be like if you worked on a boat? You have one wish.


What do you think might make kids really happy to go to school? Invent a new animal and describe what it looks like, what it sounds like, how it moves, and what it eats.

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Who are the people who come to shop at your store? Imagine you live in Colonial times. Write about what it would be like to live in an unusual house! A kind teacher that I will always remember. Give examples of why you think it would be a fun job to have. What, in your opinion, is the greatest breakfast food ever created?

How do you explain why there is an elephant in your living room to your parents when they come home?

Do you think you could write your own? How did you feel when you accomplished this goal? Write about a disastrous trip or vacation. A hero is someone who is admired for their courage and achievements. Currently, it is required by law that kids go to school. You are a mad scientist and have invented a new vegetable. Write about what you do on the weekends.

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What would you most like to learn over the next year? Are you afraid of the dark? Will she ever sample cover letter for interview happy?

Creative Writing Prompts, Ideas, Lists, and Resources for Elementary Students

What would it be like to grow up as a kid in Colonial America? If you had to design a new uniform for your school, what would it look like? Your school is putting on a talent show. What would be different in your daily routine? If yes, what is your favorite Olympic sport? Imagine you are riding your bike one day when you encounter an older kid who wants to steal your bike. Memories Creative Writing Prompts and Journal Ideas Think of a real experience you have had that would be hard to forget.

What are some of the challenges they face? Will it have any certain shape? Write directions telling how to get to your how to write a thesis statement for a problem solution essay from school. What types of things would you do? Do you have pets? What do you do? How do you help the ringmaster find a place to put on a show?

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If you could drive a car, where would you drive to and why? Which country would you most like to visit the most? What kind of unusual house would you like to live in? Things That Could Possibly Happen: What are some traditions you do each and every year? A Tall Tale is a homework topic for debate that exaggerates something that actually happened.

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Share your thoughts in the comments below! Do you ever have a hard time falling asleep? Write about the characteristics of the genre and some of your favorite books. Imagine you are trading places with your friend for a day.

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Who is your favorite person on the planet? If you could visit any planet in the solar system, which planet would you like to visit the most and why? Write about a time when you were surprised.

A special skill? If you could design a whole day to do anything and everything you wanted, what would you choose to do? Describe a time when you needed help and someone helped you.

Imagine you come home sample cover letter for interview discover your entire thesis how to pronounce is covered in ketchup! Write about why you chose this topic, what the website would contain, and who else you think might dove case study questions interested in going to your site.

What advice might you give them? What would you do if you had a million dollars to donate to a person or a zaverchand meghani essay in gujarati Write about your favorite trip or vacation. How do you earn money to add to your savings? How would you celebrate it?

If you were the owner annotated bibliography compared to literature review a theme park, what types of rides and attractions would have? What is something you are afraid of? Write a story about a super hero dog who saves the day! How do ski butternut case study help your friend? What is your favorite holiday and why?

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What does it look like? How have you changed? Why is there an alien in your closet? What did you do during summer vacation last year? Thesis how to pronounce is the most special gift essay asked in bpo interview you have ever received? Research what each ingredient is. What do you want to do when you finish school? What would you want to do while you were there?

What do you like about having a clean room? Imagine you walk out your front door one morning and it is raining popcorn!

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Do you think school starts too early or do you think it thesis how to pronounce fine the way it is? What is a day in life like as a famous person? How do you use it? Would you be excited?

The Ultimate List of 300 Fun & Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

Describe in detail what makes it so horrifying. What act will you perform? Invent a new animal. How do your weekends differ from your weekdays? What type of clothing would they wear? How would this rain affect people and the environment?

What do you like about them? Would you rather live somewhere that is always cold, or somewhere that is always hot? If you could break the Guiness Book of Records, what would it would be for? If another child was making fun of your best friend or bullying them, what would you do?

What would happen if you could fly whenever you wanted? Write about the things in life that make you feel happy! Imagine you are the teacher for the day. If you could change places with anyone, who would it be and why? Imagine you are the President and you are creating a new national holiday.

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Should children have strict bedtimes? Do you have a piggy bank at home?

What genre of books do you like to read the most?

If you could make it rain anything except water, what would it rain? Which do like better? What do you think people might like about it? Write a story about what might happen. Write an article about tips for how kids can be more organized and study well for tests.

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What do you like most about that person? Do you think this is a good or bad thing?

Is it a pot of gold, or something else? Write a list of 10 things you can do to practice kindness to others. Write an essay about how you take care of your pets, or if you do not have a pet, write about what type of pet might be a good one. Why is there a dragon in your backyard?

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What is happening with your teacher? Compare what it was like being in first grade to the grade that you are in now. Describe the steps for how you make lemonade and the types of customers you see during the day.

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