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AfterEgypt was in an unstable situation. The works of Benedict Anderson and Olivier Roy regarding nationalism and globalization respectively are particularly useful as paradigmatic viewpoints in analyzing the factors which have contributed to the evolution of the umma in the Brotherhood. There were certainly those in Egypt for whom the Brotherhood was deemed insufficiently militant.


Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood - Foreign Policy Research Institute

This analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood's evolving definition of the umma is significant because it suggests that many modern religious communities are not following the trend of universalization that Roy claims is occurring in the modern period. While the Salafists gained about 25 percent in the parliamentary elections, their candidate was barred from the presidential elections on a technicality.

They tended, however, to favor a somewhat modernized Islam. This point does not imply any necessary opposition to democratic elections or playing within parliamentary rules.

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Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Today, the Muslim Brotherhood is the most important international political organization in the Arabic-speaking world. Thus the situation remained during the last two decades of the Mubarak regime.

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Other such groups engaged in community organizing. Similarly, the Brotherhood repeatedly stated that it would not run a presidential candidate but preferred to back a liberal or nationalist one. How bold should it be in seeking power?

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Instead of the Brotherhood, however, a radical nationalist group in the army seized power, in Some of the Salafist groups endorsed Fotouh. At that time, nationalism was in the ascendancy.

Early History

As German forces approached Egypt from the west, the Brotherhood prepared an uprising and called for the massacre of the Jews and Christians in the country. With British help, during World War John lees cover letter the Arab nationalists had revolted against the Ottoman Turkish sultan-caliph, to whom they supposedly owed fealty in Importance of critical thinking skills in the workplace terms.

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It is and has always been a revolutionary organization seeking to seize state power and then to transform thoroughly the societies where it operates. The evolution of this concept can be traced thesis muslim brotherhood following the ideological leadership of this organization from the founder Hasan alBanna, to his successor Sayyid Qutb, and finally to the modern leadership under Muhammad Akef and Mohammed Habib.

The Syrian branch of the Brotherhood tried a revolt in which was suppressed by the regime there with heavy casualties. It was not clear whether the Salafists would be able to work with the Brotherhood in the future, due to differences in tactics and rivalry for power, although their basic goals were quite similar.

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In country after country it seized the leading positions even though it only enjoyed direct support from a tiny minority of the communities. Much smaller Brotherhood groups exist in several other Arab countries. In Tunisia, which also had an army-assisted revolution, the Brotherhood branch gained 40 percent of the vote in the subsequent elections and took the leading role in forming the government.

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Among world bank young professionals program essay sample prisoners in Egypt was Sayyid Qutb, an Islamist theorist who is responsible for much of the basis of modern Islamism.

The direct inspiration for the new group was the abolition of the caliphate, which had existed at least nominally since Islam began twelve centuries earlier, by the new Turkish republic.

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The Brotherhood organized a secret thesis muslim brotherhood for terrorist activities and also, involunteers to fight to turn all of Palestine into an Islamist state, armed with the guns the Germans had provided five john lees cover letter earlier. Rejecting this policy, a leading Brotherhood official and reputedly a relative moderate, Abdul Moneim Aboul Fotouh, declared his candidacy and was expelled.

In the end, it was able to maintain decent relations with both. How radical or moderate should it appear to be? Drawing on links with Saudi Arabia, which offered financing and safe haven, the Brotherhood built an international structure.

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After a controversial alleged assassination attempt on Nasser inthe nationalists crushed the Brotherhood. Who should it identify as its main allies and enemies in Egyptian politics? For al-Banna and his friends, Islam had to be restored to center-stage not only socially but also politically.

A serious problem with this thesis, however, was when the Brotherhood adopted an extremely radical stance during the presidential elections, calling for a Sharia state and the restoration of the Caliphate. The Brotherhood functioned effectively but without full legal sanction.

The big area of expansion, however, was in the West.

Scope and Content

After all, the Brotherhood ran candidates for years in Egyptian elections under how to start personal statement cv Mubarak regime, though it was not allowed to run as its own party, and has played a parliamentary role for years in Jordan. An infrastructure was built in Europe, based in Germany and Switzerland, to help the movement survive.

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas appeared from the small Brotherhood branch but was nominally independent. From that point on, the Brotherhood took the lead in the revolution.

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Cover letter for admin job no experience its leading role in many Muslim communities in Europe and North America, the Brotherhood has emerged as a considerable international force. Once Mubarak had been forced out of power by the army in Egypt, the Brotherhood emerged into the light.

The Brotherhood had to make three difficult strategic decisions: These included the Jihad movement, which assassinated Sadat in and whose surviving leaders eventually joined al-Qaida. Rather, these communities are engaging in the more complex process by which universalizing and nationalizing is occurring concomitantly lsvt big homework helper dvd the confines of a localized re-imagining of their communities.

  • In the Gaza Strip, Hamas appeared from the small Brotherhood branch but was nominally independent.
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  • But the officers, led by Gamal Abdel Nasser, had no interest in sharing power or leaving such a powerful rival intact.
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But the reformers were stymied, eventually quit the Brotherhood, and became openly critical of it. The works of Benedict Anderson and Olivier Roy regarding nationalism and globalization respectively are particularly useful as paradigmatic viewpoints in analyzing the factors which have contributed thesis muslim brotherhood the evolution of the umma in the Brotherhood.

In Jordan, however, the branch grew, forming an Islamic Salvation Front to contest elections.

Then, with the movement gaining momentum, it shifted to full participation. As Muslim immigrants moved to Europe and North America, the Brotherhood was the only international Arab organization that was ready with a strong infrastructure, a clear ideology, and ample financing. Yet even that is not all.

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The Thesis ergasias thessaloniki has become the most important group among Muslims in Europe and North America, too, often directing communities and representing them in dealings with the government and non-Muslim society as well.

As a revolutionary situation developed in Egypt, the monarchy closed down the Brotherhood in Decemberthe Brotherhood assassinated Prime Minister Mahmoud al-Nukrashi, and al-Banna was then killed, probably by the government in retaliation.

Large amounts of German-supplied arms were hidden to be ready for the revolt.