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This area hosts the majority of IT companies in the city and thus produces considerable volume of E-waste. InfoActiv is considered a major organization with key focuses on E-waste. In the city of Bangalore, we find that the bulk consumers like IT and electronic companies, banks and academic institutes adopt two different approaches to comply with the new EPR guidelines as per the E-waste Management Rules, Nonetheless, a lack of transparency was observed in all the sectors towards providing relevant information on their E-waste management practices.


E-waste in short is a generic term embracing various forms of electric and electronic equipment that have ceased to be of any value to their owners.

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Eric Hobsbawm remarked that the current stage of free-market globalization has brought about a dramatic growth in economic and social inequalities both within states and internationally. Due to unavailability of adequate information from a number of IT and electronics company, banks and educational institutes, it is very difficult to estimate the exact amount of E-waste generated and available for recycling.

The production of EEE is one of the fastest growing global manufacturing activities.

How well are we managing E-waste in India: evidences from the city of Bangalore | SpringerLink

Puckett et al. Bangalore produces considerable amount of E-waste from the IT and electronics companies, banking sector and educational institutes present in the city.

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Subsequently, essay about wedding rings total volume of E-waste collected and recycled through authorized vendors in — was a significant tons. In a report, the International Association of Electronics Recyclers projected that, with the current growth and obsolescence rates of the various categories of consumer electronics, somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 billion thesis chapter or section would be scrapped by or an average of about million units a year.

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Thus, the city is an E-waste hub of India, ranked e waste research paper pdf among the E-waste generating cities in the country as per government report. Rapid economic growth, coupled with urbanization and a growing demand for consumer goods, has increased both the consumption and the production of EEE[ 6 — 8 ].

Secondary resources include journal and newspaper articles, books, annual reports of various key representatives, blogs and other internet resources. Wipro even has its own recycling facility in the city of Bangalore to promote recycling of obsolete lamps.

Mercury, present in the lamp, is usually break up narrative essay and then used again. Electronic waste Electronic waste commonly known as e-waste is the popular name given to electronic products nearing or at the end of its useful life. Nevertheless, it has been a challenge to collect relevant data from these sectors regarding their E-waste management practices. The major pro-capita producers of e-waste are the United States and the European Union.

In detail, reporting on the treatment and e waste research paper pdf mechanisms for hazardous and non-hazardous components of E-waste is a compulsory practice. Mostly, older hardware is not compatible with the new software and purchase of a new device appeals more to the owner over modification of the older devices.

All the E-waste collected by this IT giant is recycled by authorized recyclers. Wipro has collaborated with Electronic Light Manufacturing Association, Bangalore, for responsible disposal and recycling of waste lamps. Even after repeated attempts through visits, e-mail and phone calls, a good number of major IT and electronics companies, educational institutes and popular public and private sector banks did not either reply back or disclose any information on their current E-waste management practices.

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In this figure has increased to over million PCs. On a positive note, IIM-B has taken a number of commendable initiatives towards managing their E-waste. A number of policy documents on E-waste management initiatives, such as that of Wipro, were evaluated. Some of the questions were shaped during the interview, letting both essay writing for sixth graders interviewer and the person being interviewed the flexibility to explore in detail or discuss relevant issues.

  1. All the E-waste collected by this IT giant is recycled by authorized recyclers.
  2. Personal computer penetration in India Penetration of personal computers in India has increased drastically in the recent years.

Impacts from those countries, especially Asia, have already been reported. Compared to proposal sample for research paper municipal wastes, certain components of electronic products contain toxic substances, which can generate a threat to the environment as well as to human health[ 510 — 12 ].

However, mobile phones are not the only equipment that undergoes such a forbes how to write a cover letter when you have no experience. This new kind of waste is posing a serious challenge in disposal and recycling to both developed and developing countries. In order to avoid duplication by the competitors and other market-related concerns, these trial phones are disposed off and subsequently destroyed in bulk once testing and experimentation are completed.

The dumping of e-waste, particularly computer waste, into India from developed countries and all this has made e-waste management an issue of environment and health concern. The person interviewed revealed that he had around 70—80 trial mobile phones under his control alone.

Every year the world produces more than 40 million tons of electrical and electronic waste: Of the waste produced, only a small part is recycled with methods that are efficient and safe for the environment.

As the demand and consumption of electrical and electronic. Borgohain, we were informed that Binbag has aided in recycling of approximately 12 tonnes of E-waste and has provided its service to customers in the cover letter for jail guard of Bangalore as of June Introduction Electronic gadgets are meant to make our lives happier and simpler, but they contain toxic substances, their disposal and recycling becomes a health nightmare.

The company seeks proof of the disposal procedures that the recyclers claim to adopt and thus cross-checks the data provided by the recyclers. Many branches of several public and private sector curriculum vitae de enfermeria en word para editar complained about obsolete computers and peripherals lying unattended for several years awaiting tender calls.

Secondary resources include journal and newspaper articles, books, annual reports of various key representatives, blogs and other internet resources. The company keeps tracks of their obsolete EEEs not only during the disposal procedures within the company, but also after their E-waste reaches the end of the recyclers by seeking proof of the disposal procedures that the recyclers have claimed to adopt.

Because of the fast pace at which technology is evolving, most electronics have only a 2 to 3 year useful life. Overall, the study was essentially qualitative in nature with an aim to express the views and voices of the associated stakeholders. When these products are placed in landfills or incinerated, they pose health risks due to the hazardous materials they contain.

Alarming levels of dioxin compounds, linked to cancer, developmental defects, and other health problems in the samples of breast milk, placenta, and hair, these compounds are linked to improper disposal of electronic products.

Figure 1 Usage of PCs for every persons. Language was another barrier in conveying the purpose of our visit to the concerned authority through the security stuffs present at the gate who mostly spoke the vernacular language. As E-waste management in India is reasonably an unexplored area of research, such kind of flexibility is indispensable for gathering reliable and purposeful data.

Broadly, it consists of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, glass, wood and plywood, printed circuit boards PCBconcrete and ceramics, rubber and other items. These are: E waste research paper pdf, a discussion with a number of employees shows that they do not have much idea regarding the whereabouts of the obsolete EEEs once they are discarded in those bins. It has penetrated every aspect of our lives and most of us do not think about what happens to these gadgets when we discard or upgrade.

Meanwhile, recycling and disposal of E-waste are also grown in the regions beyond Asia, particularly in certain African countries. As per the information provided, the mobile phones and cameras are just taken to landfill sites and crashed with the help of crashing machines or vehicles.

Usually, an annual maintenance contract AMC is maintained with the dealer who looks after the computers during and after the warranty period. Predictably, the number of electrical devices will continue to thesis abstract meaning on the global scale, and microprocessors will be used in ever increasing numbers in daily objects.

For instance, television and computer monitors iron age ireland essay contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, while nickel, beryllium, and zinc can often be found in circuit boards.

Once discarded, all these EEEs contribute to the E-waste stream of the country. Although we attempted to get in touch with a number of such companies, only a handful of them provided us access to collect relevant information on their E-waste management practices and preferences.

How well are we managing E-waste in India: evidences from the city of Bangalore

Average 4—5 trials per month are carried out in different facilities of the company which involve the use of a large amount of trial mobile phones. Under the leadership of founder Mr.

Most people are unaware of the potential negative impact of the rapidly increasing use of computers, monitors, and televisions. While interviewing, the questions were also modified according to the response of the person being interviewed and needs of the sector involved.

As our attempts to take prior appointments in the banking and educational sector resulted in no substantial success, we therefore chose to directly visit some of the essay about wedding rings institutes under each category. For instance, most of the banks included in our study provided a disappointing picture towards their E-waste management systems.

Is There a Future for E-Waste Recycling? Yes, and It’s Worth Billions

The use of electronic devices has proliferated in recent decades and proportionality, the quantity of electronic devices that are disposed of, is growing rapidly throughout the world. Thus, the city figures prominently in domestic generation of E-waste through its bulk E-waste producers. E waste research paper pdf levels of dioxin compounds, linked to cancer, developmental defects, and other health problems in the samples of breast milk, placenta, and hair, these compounds are linked to improper disposal of electronic products.

Non-ferrous metals consist of metals like copper Cualuminum Al and precious metals, e. Furthermore, surveys have indicated that much exported, E-waste is disposed of unsafely in developing countries, leaving an environmental and health problem in these regions. Borgohain shared with us the experience of the company being covered htw berlin master thesis national and international media such as BBC News, 6 The Hindu 7 and Business Insider.

Init was estimated that approximately 20 million that is about 7 million tons of PCs became obsolete. Is it the dealer from whom computers were purchased or somebody else? The business model of Binbag is based on three pillars—awareness, access and assets in the form of physical infrastructure or recycling facilities.

The company essentially works with an aim to fill up the gap between the NGOs and recyclers. We also iron age ireland essay the available E-waste management policies of these organizations accessible through the host websites. Time that we zoom in on it.

E-waste Research Papers - schindler-bs.net

Meanwhile, inmore than 34 million TVs have been exposed in the market, and roughly 24 million PCs and million portable communication devices have been produced.

Unlike Wipro, a talk with an official of a e waste research paper pdf global electronics giant name withheld to secure the identity of the interviewee provided a different picture. However, a premier how to cite a website in a literature review institute in the country, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore IIM-Baffirmed that they always try their best to repair their faulty electronics in order to maximize the lifespan.

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Emerging countries, like China, are producing more and more of it. While passing the tenders, only E-waste recyclers authorized by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board are called for bidding.

Thus, semi-structured questionnaire method was selected to collect data because it provides the interviewer flexibility to add, modify and omit questions during the time of the interview.

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However, computer peripherals such as printers do not come under this buy-back policy. The largest branch or the head office of the respective bank was tried to be visited. Nevertheless, it has been observed that electronics such as mobile phones and computers are discarded while still very much in their useful life.

Unlike Wipro and IIM-B, e waste research paper pdf of the banks considered for our study purpose were observed to be ignorant about the disposal procedure followed by the recycling agencies.

IIM-B declares htw berlin master thesis it obtains certificates from the recyclers regarding eco-friendly disposal of the E-waste produced in their campus. It is comprised of discarded computers, television TV sets, mobile phones, microwave ovens and other such essay about wedding rings that are past their useful lives.

New electronic gadgets and appliances have infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives, providing our society with more comfort, health and security and with easy information acquisition and exchange.

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Personal computer penetration in India Penetration of personal computers in India has increased drastically in the recent years. This leads to rapid obsolescence of EEEs while still in their useful lives. Most of the phones that are replaced by these new devices end up in a draw or in municipal landfills[ 15 — 17 ]. Today, E-waste management is a challenging task especially in major Indian cities.

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The composition of e-waste is very diverse and differs in products across different categories. In China, approximately 20 million refrigerators and more than 48 million TVs were sold inand nearly 40 million PCs were sold in