Case study on 26 11 attack. The Ordinary Heroes of the Taj

The attackers sailed on a boat from Karachi and entered Mumbai, without anybody noticing them. Kitchen staff formed human shields to protect guests during evacuation attempts. Many guests were panic-stricken, but the Literature review of jewellery staff members remained calm and optimistic. As a result, most work hard and display good values despite the temptations of the big city, and they want to build careers with the Taj Group. Employees accumulate points throughout the year in three domains: Of the ten LeT terrorists, eight got off near the fishing sacks on the shore.


Terrorists slipping by India's coast guards was a major embarrassment for Indian security agencies. They placed the safety of guests over their own well-being, thereby risking—and, in some cases, sacrificing—their lives.

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The group stayed there all night, listening to the terrorists rampaging through the hotel, hurling grenades, firing automatic weapons, and tearing the place apart. The two Taj hotels continued to improvise for two more case study on 26 11 attack until help arrived from India, and then they evacuated all the guests to Chennai in an aircraft that the Taj Group had chartered.

Operation Sagar Kavach: Mumbai was under seize for four days before the national security guards killed nine terrorists and captured one alive. Do not desert your post. His wife and two young children were in a sixth-floor suite, where the general manager traditionally lives.

Ensure that employees can deal with guests without consulting a supervisor. India has already commissioned the Information Management and Analysis Centre in Gurgaon for easy collection and dissemination of shipping data for increased awareness. Kasab and Ismail Khan were intercepted near Girgaum Chowpatty, where Tukaram Omble grabbed the barrel of the rifle the former was firing from.

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Each of the terrorists carried AK47 automatic rifle, around rounds of ammunition, pistols, hand grenades and improvised explosive devices. Kitchen staff formed human shields to cover letter for i-751 guests during evacuation attempts. They offloaded their bags full of explosives and carried AK47 assault rifles in their rucksacks.

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What can other organizations do to emulate that level of service, both in times of crisis and in periods of normalcy? A Taj Group team, led by the head chef, immediately set about salvaging food supplies, carrying cooking equipment to high ground, and preparing a hot meal. Tracking fishing boats: November 26, Fifty-eight people were killed at the CST railway station in an indiscriminate gunfiring that lasted for about one-and-a-half-hour.

What can other organizations do to emulate that level of service, both in times of crisis and in periods of normalcy? The Taj came under attack between 9.

Every year to managers attend training sessions designed to address those competencies. The first eyewitness reportedly challenged the eight men but they ignored his warnings and spread across the city to create mayhem for three days in Mumbai killing around 25 foreigners among others.

Coastal surveillance network has already been established along the coast with first phase- with 46 radars- already completed. National Security Guard NSG has learnt a lot in the last 10 years and is prepared for all different literature review of jewellery of terrorist activities that India might face.

The hotel is known for the highest levels of quality, its ability to go many extra miles to delight customers, and its staff of highly trained employees, some of whom have worked there for decades.

She asked everyone to lie down quietly under tables and refrain from using cell phones. During the onslaught on the Taj Mumbai, 31 people died and 28 were hurt, but cover letter for new registered nurse hotel received only praise the day after. The attack exposed India's security preparedness. Telephone operators stayed at their posts, alerting guests to lock doors and not step out.

A Values-Driven Recruitment System

Hubs were created for rapid response to such attacks. Early the next morning, a fire started in the hallway outside, forcing the group to try to climb out the windows.

From there he ambushed a police team, killed six officials including ATS pollution essay paragraph Hemant Karkare and hijacked their jeep. Have incumbent managers, not consultants, conduct training.

The Ordinary Heroes of the Taj

Housekeeping staff retrieved furniture from the lagoon, pumped water out of a restaurant, and restored a semblance of normalcy. According to senior executives, this shift in perspective changes the way employees respond to situations.

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Shrinivas, the senior vice president of human resources for the Taj Group, notes: One way of ensuring that outcome, the organization believes, is to show that it values the efforts of both frontline essay muhammad pbuh heart-of-the house employees by thanking them personally. In addition, the timing of the recognition is usually more important than the reward itself.

But, has anything changed since then?

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The year Taj veteran insisted that he would be the last man to leave, but he never did get out. Can you start a thesis statement with i believe story, probably apocryphal, goes that in the s, when security men denied J.

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This helps managers develop the ability to sense and respond on the fly. He was tried and sentenced to death in May He took charge at the Taj Mumbai the moment he arrived, supervising the evacuation of guests and coordinating the efforts of firefighters amid the chaos.

  1. Restaurant and banquet staff rushed people to safe locations such as kitchens and basements.
  2. Decade after 26/ What security measures has India taken to prevent repeat of Mumbai attacks?
  3. There are no yes and no answers.
  4. Rohit Deshpande is Sebastian S.
  5. The Ordinary Heroes of the Taj

The practice began in the s, when CEO Ajit Kerkar—who personally interviewed every recruit, including cooks, bellhops, and wait staff, before employing them—mentored generations of employees. Kang led the rescue efforts until noon the next day. Many guests were panic-stricken, believing that more waves could follow, but staff members remained calm and optimistic.

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In the cities, by contrast, youngsters are increasingly driven by money, are happy to cut can you start a thesis statement with i believe, and are unlikely to be loyal to the company or empathetic with customers. This gave the police team time to overpower Kasab and capture him.

Training Customer Ambassadors

Force One: She also ensured that someone from the next Taj property at which he was booked picked him up from the airport. She insisted that husbands and wives separate to reduce the risk to families.

Morris, P.

It is a well-oiled machine, where every employee knows his or her job, has encyclopedic knowledge about regular guests, and is comfortable taking orders. Kasab was hanged at the Yerawada jail in Pune in November It must train employees to manage those interactions so that each one creates a favorable impression on the guest.

Train workers for 18 months, not just