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Sponsor This Essay I love soccer and nothing can take me away from it. To be a good soccer player you have to learn how to juggle and control the ball. Crazy football players do all the efforts to win the football match. Earlier, people were playing it simply by kicking the ball with their foot which later became an interesting game. Unlike American football and cricket, soccer players do not wear protective gear.


It helps a person to tackle all the common problems of daily life.

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Football Association was formed in England as the first governing body to govern this sport. Earlier, it was played in the western countries however, later it spread to all over the world. According to some experts, it is said that it has its origin in China.

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Players take some break not more than 15 minutes between two halves of the game. It is a competitive game generally played to win the game by any team or short essay on soccer game entertainment and enjoyment. Soccer is played a nonstop eighty minutes. Playing football reduces depression by developing positive attitudes.

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He made it clear to me that in a game, he was a coach first and a dad second. Click here to learn more. Soccer is an outdoor game, mostly played in Europe, South America, and in various parts of the world.

Essay on Football for Children and Students Even if it is less popular in some countries, it still has one of the largest fan-bases in the world.

It is a game which makes players physically, mentally, socially, intellectually and financially healthy and strong. The player's should be dressed in shorts, shirts, stockings, and cleats.

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For instance, if the midfielder does not support the striker, the team will lose. Soccer is played in over countries; in the United States, more young people play soccer than little league baseball. Most of these players currently or previously played in the English premier league, Spanish La Liga, or the Italian Serie A, with each making a name for himself due to his prowess. He says barbers, cooks, janitors, and kids enrich the world with their creativity as much as the painters, sculptors, and writers.

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With that said, there were a few times when players fell to the floor and the referee told them to get up and stop playing to fool. It makes a person physically, mentally and financially strong as this game has lots of health benefits with a nice career.

There is a goal-keeper, two half-backs, four backs, one left out, one right out, and two centre-forwards in the field for each team. It's perfect for personal or classroom use! It is more than just a game- how to write a personal statement for masters application is an inspiration and a livelihood.

It's perfect for personal or classroom use! Will America succeed in soccer?

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Playing this game regularly keeps one healthy and fit all time. At that point we started playing a little more conservatively.

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When the game ends, the team with the most goals wins. In conclusion, soccer is an entertaining game whose global fanatical following has at times been considered religious.

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It develops their mind and team spirit and sense of tolerance among them. Click here to read a sampling of what young people believe.

We carried on our attack until the second half. Soccer has held this title for a long time… Soccer Short essay on soccer game The Greatest Sport Words 8 Pages There are many sports in the world today, and each involves different skills in order to play.

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The problem is that the player always seem to get injured from this sport but the cause of their injured are different from each other. Click here to read his essay. Various forms of football are known essay online test series football codes.

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It has been an international game and played as World Cup tournament every four years in different countries worldwide. Earlier, people were playing it simply by kicking the ball with their foot which later became an interesting game. No one player is allowed to touch the ball with hand except the goal-keeper. My prison had once again become my paradise.

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It is an inexpensive game, played in almost all the countries with much interest. A violation of some basic rules results in a yellow card. The salaries that essay online test series soccer players earn are awesome, some earning close to 1 million pounds per week. During our heavy attack we managed to get a goal against River Plate.

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Conclusion Football is a most popular game all over the world. The World Cup is the global championship of the sport and this tournament is played every two years. First it started off with soccer, then baseball, a little bit of basketball, and ended with football. One rule that has stayed the same since soccer began is only the goalie may touch the ball with his hands.

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From Europe to Africa and the American continent, soccer is a lovable game, with health, economic, and social benefits to players and fans. Football Essay 2 words Football is an outdoor game played by two teams having eleven players in each. This was working out very well at first because we were creating a lot of opportunities.

  1. Each player has to perform his duty for the team to win.
  2. I can tell she likes to see me play.
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