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Time delay, which may lead to late arrival in meetings, in reporting in school, interview or business proportions which may lead to loss in business or disciplinary actions etc. We can take advantage of the traffic instrument only when we use it correctly. Facebook 0. There is also an increased possibility for road mishaps as the vehicles need to stand or move in close proximity to each other and also because of aggressive driving by frustrated drivers. Traffic jam causes delayed time and that delayed time may cause so much inconvenience to people even they are not experiencing the traffic themselves. It consumes so much of time and energy unnecessarily and is not preferred by anyone. Essay traffic problems are forced to work with the routes they already have. The migration essay traffic problems the villagers to the cities should be discouraged.


During peak hours there are longer queues and research shows that more than one lakh vehicles travel everyday on the busy roads of Delhi.

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This increases the waiting time in the queue and slow moving of vehicles, which in turn leads to time delay. When the product is delayed because of traffic jam, the customer will possibly be unsatisfied and the company who offered the service will have a bad reputation.

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We can control the traffic jams by adopting the following measures. This results in a lot of unproductive time.

  • Traffic jam causes delayed time and that delayed time may cause so much inconvenience to people even they are not experiencing the traffic themselves.
  • The rapid increase in population should be stopped by taking different steps.
  • Another benefit would be that much more use would be made of public transport if it was improved.

It takes the time to move from one place to another, but the journey is quite interesting. Traffic jam causes delayed time and that delayed time may cause so much inconvenience to people even they are not experiencing the traffic themselves. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution?

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The train started with a steam engine, but today this diesel runs from electricity. There is a km per hour train today in our country. Usage of public transport.

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So, with the increase in population and urbanization the problem of traffic is becoming more severe in big cities. It increases stress and frustration among the motorists and passengers encouraging aggressive driving and annoyed behavior resulting in reduced health of passengers.

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Those pollutants are harmful to the health of the people and to the earth because those kinds of gases causes harm to the ozone layer. Write at least words. People often use abusive language and drive aggressively that can lead to accidents. Different timing for starting and closings of offices and schools should be done to avoid the rush in the morning, afternoon and evening on roads.

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Measures to essay traffic problems traffic: In order to solve traffic problems, governments should tax private car owners heavily and use the essay traffic problems to improve public transportation. It results in non-productivity as people get caught up in traffic congestions.

People from the villages come to settle in the cities. But in case, they get stuck in traffic jams more than the usual time, they get late to dissertation proposal rationale where they need to head.

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Traffic Problems in a Big City for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Life in a big city now-a-days has become very difficult and complicated. On an average, a person spends around 30 min to 2 hours in their day driving.

Long and Short Essay on Traffic Jam in English

People simply get stuck up in traffic jams and wait to go for work. Viber WhatsApp The thing that happens in our society is a domino effect that affects the life of the wealthiest to the poorest. There is also an AC coach for the rest of mla sample argumentative essay train, as well as plenty of food to eat.

There is an increase in noise pollution and air pollution due to traffic jams.

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The main reasons why traffic congestion occurs are more cars, poor road management, and poor practices on behalf of employers. There is increase in number of private vehicles and the roads are overburdened in almost all big cities of India.

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Write about the following topic: Increasing traffic hinders the development of new roads. Without the means of traffic, we can not imagine our life now, because we have had it before. Measures also need to be taken to control population which is the major cause of increasing number of vehicles on the roads.

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They blow out their horns out of frustration. Traffic jams and congestion have tremendous impact on the life of people. These ships floating in the sea are like a luxury hotel, which has all the conveniences.

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Causes of Traffic Jam The essay traffic problems cause of traffic jam if increase in the number of vehicles and the minimal availability of street capacity. Today, there are many luxury cars in the market. The short amount of time that the products or goods have been delayed can cause a big problem to the clients and the entrepreneurs.