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Year 10 students also work with a specialist teacher and enjoy a deeper exploration into areas such as philosophy, neuroscience, sustainability, ncea level 1 english essay 2019 science, coding and electronics. Then encourage them to investigate lots of options within each field. Lessons are able to be rotated, or lesson times changed each term, to ensure students do not miss out on the same subject area each week. Students can have individual lessons or come in pairs or threes, depending on requirements. This programme includes learning units based on philosophy, anthropology, coding and electronics, neuroscience, political science, sustainability, robotics, physics, and astrophysics. Lessons are organised at a time to suit the student and class teachers.


  1. To pass an NCEA level, students must gain a certain number of credits across all subjects.
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Use information literacy skills to form developed conclusion s. In this event, the Dean will work with the student to make an alternative selection.

Years 12 and 13 Students doing Transition Studies have the opportunity to plan and complete expeditions in sea kayaking, mountain biking, mountaineering and tramping, which helps to develop planning and leadership skills. AS English 2.

For this reason is ideal if you want to draw attention to any specialist skills or abilities that you have. Brief relevant information about your background.

The goal of Bullying case study in school is to get good credits at Level 3 With any luck, you will study hard and gain the credits you need get into your chosen University and degree! Answer as many questions as you can.

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You can learn more about the exact requirements for University Entrance in New Zealand here. The small class numbers foster active listening and participation, yet also leave room for fun along the way.

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Use New Zealand situations - not the US civil rights movement, or apartheid in South Africa - as examples of biculturalism. If you gain a minimum of 50 merit or excellence credits from subjects from that level or levels above, you'll get an overall certificate endorsement for that Level.

How should students do their homework

Here are some ideas to help parents give useful advice and guidance: NCEA exams started last Monday and although the biggies - English and mathematics - are out of the way, the stress continues in other subjects for another fortnight.

My daughter enjoyed studying To Kill A Mockingbird and gained insights into character, themes and motifs she might have missed on her own.

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Avoid colloquialisms. There were fun, interactive exercises along the way which added to the enjoyment of learning.

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Fraser is an awesome teacher. After school on a Tuesday and Thursday we provide free tuition for students who need extra assistance in Mathematics and English. Our teachers engage in a process of ongoing inquiry and try to make learning a stimulating and challenging experience, so that we work towards the achievement of our vision that we share with the curriculum of students who have a lifelong desire to learn.

Compulsory Subjects and University Entrance

Visual Text Essay Writing: We've put together a 5-part email course to provide you with the right information, and help you have a conversation with your child around some important topics such as: Don't use the word "money" - use "income", "revenue" or "profit". Gifted and talented senior students also have the opportunity for extension, enrichment and acceleration within specific learning areas, such as English, Mathematics and Science.

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Which subjects will best suit their plans for the future? Learn to read, draw and label graphs correctly.

Use the name of whatever outfit you're discussing, not vague terms like "us" or "them".

Many students made silly mistakes like confusing atoms with ions, or magma with lava. Making Career Decisions A Guide to Subject Choices These links are very important in that they provide a structure and process to your decision making.

How much will that matter?

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A department information booklet which includes an application form is available upon request. Thanks so much for reading! The small class size facilitates sharing and discussion, and Angie uses hands on activities to teach and apply concepts.

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  • Prompt, specific and constructive feedback helps students develop their writing skills.
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We refer students to outside agencies for specialist educational diagnosis and assessment of dyslexia and other learning difficulties, in order to being alone vs with friends essay the most appropriate learning support.