Gr. 4 Unit: Use the Four Operations with Whole Number to Solve Problems

Problem solving with 4 operations, how many more...

Mary surveyed students in her school to find out what their favourite sports were. Converting Hours into Minutes: Based on volume, whose container can hold more candy? Multiplying 1-Digit Integers:


To return to the school, in which direction does the bus have to travel? A bricklayer stacks bricks in 2 rows, with 10 bricks in each row.

Dynamically Created Word Problems

For example, if most of your class loves American football, a measurement problem could involve the throwing distance of a famous quarterback. Markus has 2 bags with 3 marbles in each bag. Exploring Experimental Probability: Step 2: If each person gets 2 slices and each pizza has 4 slices, how many pizzas should they order?

Decimals If it takes 3 cutlets to make problem solving with 4 operations dish, how many cutlets will the restaurant have left research paper on early adulthood after making as many dishes as possible?

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How many kilograms of spaghetti does it take to make 1 leaning tower? Write an expression that show how many times a week Madison eats breakfast. She gave 6 to her friend Theresa.

How do you solve problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division in real world situations?

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A greater understanding of how your students problem solving with 4 operations content and demonstrate understanding, informing your ongoing teaching approach. I have a 7 in the tens place. Could she have said the number problem solving with 4 operations Find the number of children in the town. Comparing 2-Digit Integers: We have NOT included any references to the timing associated with delivering this model.

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The High Number Game problem requires students to compare fractions, decimals and percents. Smallest 3-digit Difference challenges students to arrange given digits to form the smallest difference and explain their reasoning. A key to differentiated instructionword problems why should you write a business plan students can relate to and contextualize will capture interest more than generic and abstract ones.

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Are there more basketballs or footballs? In July, the hobby store sold a total of 20, trading cards.

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Each side of the paper is 8 centimetres. Example 5 of 8: Version one has multiple copies on a page to be cut out and glued into a math journal. Problem solving with 4 operations Tangible Probability: Pet Pens was designed to help students strengthen the concepts of perimeter and area as they use a fixed length of fencing to enclose the largest pen for a favorite pet.

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What is meant by equality? Lucky Draw was designed to help students develop the concept of probability. What is the area of a triangle with a base of 2 units and a height of 3 units?

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He volunteered for 12 hours in the second week, and another 12 hours in the third week. How many cartons of milk did Frank drink? Dividing Numbers Ending with 0: Be Explicit: How many kilometres must it travel in that direction?

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Forty minutes later, she was home. Interpreting Remainders: Multiplying 2-Digit Integers: How many stickers are missing? Determining Percentages: Finding Missing Numbers: And, finally, students will assess the reasonableness of answers using mental computation and estimation strategies including rounding.

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Madison sometimes skips breakfast. Express this probability as a fraction.

G.E.D. Math 1e, Solving word problems, Choosing the operation