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Lesson 2. Challenge advanced students to write 3 word problems using multiples of ten on the back of their worksheets. Wednesday and Thursday will be the parish post test. Throughout this unit, students have been practicing all of the skills required by the standards assessed on the End of Unit 1 Assessment.


Monitor your students' understanding of these concepts. Guided Lessons are digital games and exercises that keep track of your progress and help you study smarter, step by step. Lesson 1.

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Lesson 2. Students may require the assessment text read aloud or an audio version of the assessment text to listen to as and when they need to hear it.

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Though it was most likely introduced to kids in second grade, third grade is when kids are tasked with mastering their times tables and developing a stronger understanding of this key operation. After the assessment, ask students to discuss what was easiest and what was most difficult on the assessment, and why.

If not, repeat these steps with one or two more problems. Write another sample problem on the board. Review and closing 1 minute Ask the students which strategy they liked using better today, making a sketch cfa access scholarship personal statement sample solving the basic fact and the multiplying by ten.

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Once you've answered any questions, instruct your students to begin playing. Tab 4 -- Homework sheets and Video Links. Pool Creation: Test Tuesday on Lessons Provide sentence stems for students to use as they discuss the information that goes in their chart.

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Either operation works. Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases by using context clues, analyzing meaningful word parts, and consulting general and specialized reference materials, as appropriate. Point out some specific examples.

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Invite students to work in a small, teacher-led group. Draw straight lines to represent base-ten sticks, and include the correct number of "groups" represented by the one-digit number in the problem in your drawing.

Have students work in partners to solve the problem using the two different strategies.

Lesson 10 homework

Remind your students that either strategy will work for this type of problem when used correctly and as mathematicians, they can decide which strategy works best for them. Circulate while lesson 10 homework 4.4 students thesis writing format playing the game to answer any questions.

So there is an extra zero on both sides of the equal sign.

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Multiplication and Repeated Addition Exercise: Returning Mid-Unit 1 Assessment 5 minutes B. Download all 5 Game: Draw a picture of 6 groups of Assessment Pass out a copy of the Silly Seahorses multiplication worksheet to each student.

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Please make sure they have what they need on Monday. Ask prompting questions to get them explaining each step of their process. Model and work thesis writing format as best research paper writing services group to monitor understanding.

1.1: Install Android Studio and Run Hello World

Your students should come up with as the product. You can use findViewById in this case.

Please make sure they have all the things they need by Monday.

Side A. Throughout this unit, students have been practicing all of the skills required by the standards assessed on the End of Unit 1 Assessment. Similarly, some students may require variations in time for the assessment.

  • The exit ticket students complete at the end of this lesson will help you to group them according to their interest; however it is important to inform students that they will not all get their first choice because the groups need to be even.
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Remind them to discuss their process as they work together. Essay on discovering oneself research reading students complete for homework helps to build both their vocabulary and knowledge pertaining to animals and specifically animal defense mechanisms. The characteristics they are reminded of specifically are perseverance and taking responsibility, as they will be working independently on their assessments, which may be challenging for some students, and then reflecting on their learning after the cfa access scholarship personal statement sample.

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