Comparative Essay on Joint Family Vs. Nuclear Family System

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A nuclear family is today seen as only one of many family types in modern day society, there are many different variations. And a true joint family is the one who treat their daughter-in-law as daughter and vice-versa. The youth today crave for name, fame and wealth. This would only create trouble and stress to the members which is not an exampleof a healthy family. It often portrays the mother-in-law as a threat to the well-bring of the young bride. In nuclear family when you you get bored and tired no one has time to spend upon you this is 21st century and this this time everyone has any special work everyone is running after money.


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It is difficult to accommodate all the members of a joint family in a single house in the city. Because the internal problems of a family. Family is an important part of my life.

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Devices such as the telephone and the computer are used by many as a means of communication. It means something different to many people. Children are not educated much as they join the family occupation.

The overarching result of African migration during the slavery era was an "American" culture, neither "European" nor "African," created in a political and economic context of inequality and oppression.

The culture of creche and day-boarding for the children, the tinytots could be abolished in a joint family culture. So all these institutions are inter related and inter linked with each other as the part of human body.

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As a member of a joint family i think i'm living happily nd enjoying my every moments with our whole members. The media is somewhat responsible for the disintegration of the joint-family system. The definition of the family is a group of people who are related by kinship: It has become the requirement of the era. A range Members of joint family support one other in times of crisis.

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A family which could be runwith the elderly experience and youth in action. A family should blossom and every member of the family should have a feeling of being at home. Discuss which of these perspectives you feel is the most accurate concerning families in the United States today, using information from the text and the reader to northeastern admissions essay support for your argument.

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What matters lot is understanding and respect for family members. What is the family?

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People how to create research paper pdf have a lonely feeling and there is always a support at the backend at times of need. In cases where the family is made up of members, the emotional fulfillment and security becomes equally comforting and apt for our well-being.

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Inversely, you will notice that northeastern admissions essay joint family, which is highly educated and reasonably liberal by thought, is a successful unit. Because the member of the family khow the actual meaning of love.

They are my family. Functionalist theorists see the nuclear family as an important aspect of society Actually these pros and cons are nothing but the behavior, comfort and suitability of individuals in the family type.