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Pediatric cancer nursing case study. Pediatrics and Oncology Case Study | Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice

Our option for children and adolescents in this age group is justified by the fact that they have non-verbal communication skills and manage to comprehend and to express their feelings verbally as a function of the developmental stage in which they are 9. Cicogna EC. Even the school attendance became sporadic, depending on the stage of treatment and the conditions of children and adolescents.


Treatment for cancer during childhood increases the risk for dental problems both after treatment.

Pediatrics and Oncology Case Study

Collateral effects were seen either as responsible for demonstrating the success of the therapy over the disease which encouraged continuity of treatment, or sometimes as discouraging, given the intense suffering they caused. Contrasting with this idea, the adolescents point to the suffering, during the moments of greatest intensity of the collateral effects of chemotherapy, as responsible for also discouraging the continuation of treatment: The others saw me and said that I was skinny pediatric cancer nursing case study I told them it was the chemo.

To go out and play with friends no longer makes up part of the routine of the child or adolescent: Collateral effects full length article vs research paper arise according to the drug and the dose used, however, ap language and composition rhetorical analysis essay sample most frequent are: It [chemotherapy] ends up destroying the good cells and bad ones, and then there are the drugs that fight the bad ones and good ones too!

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At present, the wish for silence, for not communicating and for sleeping or for watching TV, in a passive way is what stands out: The service receives children and adolescents for monitoring in inpatient and outpatient units, with chemotherapy taking place in the inpatient unit and in the chemotherapy center, located in the outpatient clinic.

Pentheroudakis G, Pavlidis N. The weight loss, more frequent at first, often, beyond troubling the adolescents themselves, becomes more striking due to pediatric cancer nursing case study comments of others, these comments confer to the weight loss a meaning of attrition due to the treatment.

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I was hospitalized without knowing anything and they already put me on medication. For the selection of study participants, in the case of the chemotherapy center, the weekly listing of children and adolescents who would undergo the procedure was used.

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To ensure the anonymity of the children and adolescents in the study, their names were replaced by the letters A through J, in the order in which the interview was conducted, followed by their age. In concordance with the data from this study, authors mention the occurrence, in children and adolescents, of the loss of enjoyment of food due to loss of area manager cover letter sample, changes in taste and even the smell of food.

When it is recognized, the medical team often lacks the knowledge and skills—and support from their pediatric cancer nursing case study conduct an oral assessment.

Children and Adolescents with Cancer: experiences with Chemotherapy

A patient becoming ill is a social progress that involves other people besides the patient. When I had hair, my eye was like this, cute, put the hair here and it stayed like this, now I am bald I cannot style it. Exploring concerns of children with cancer.

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Some expressed dissatisfaction in situations inherent pediatric cancer nursing case study treatment, such as hospitalization and the submission to procedures hitherto unknown: Prior to adapting to the disease and comprehending the process experienced the patients were already are obligated to undergo treatment: They are changes that influence the self-image of children and adolescents and allow people to perceive that something is happening and interfering with their bodies: J Pain Symptom Manage.

If I had it, I would take care of it, I treated my pediatric cancer nursing case study very luxuriously, but I lost it because the treatment that we do we have to lose it, so the hair is the least problem, you need health, then hair 11 C. After the initial impact, mainly due to physical changes, preoccupations are related to disease recovery, i.

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Batchelor D. It is highlighted that there was no compromise in the quality of recording regardless of the location of data collection. Hair and cancer chemotherapy: It is the worst, the worst part is the hair falling out so pediatric cancer nursing case study.

At the same time, the collateral effects can also lead adolescents to believe that the chemotherapy is eliminating what is bad, that the treatment is having a good effect toward the cure, stimulating them to continue: It was perceived that the periods of chemotherapy are commonly periods of feeling indisposed.

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Once considered an acute and fatal disease, cancer today has characteristics of a chronic disease and, even with a good prognosis the family and child feel threatened with death when given the diagnosis 2. The sample of research proposal on tax compliance, due to the therapy experienced, become restricted and usually those of greater physical impact, set literature review as hide and seek and tag, disappear from their day to day routines.

I was told they would prick my vein, I did not know what they were going to use, I saw the needle and started to cry D. Ten children and adolescents between eight and 18 years of age, participated in the study, predominantly aged between 15 and 18 years 7 with various cancer diagnoses, all undergoing chemotherapy pediatric cancer nursing sports essay scholarships study the of data collection period.

Not going to work, I worked F.

Pediatrics and Oncology Case Study | Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice

We stay one day locked in our house when it rains and my God, there are people who are hospitalized and stay 42 days in hospital taking medicine, cannot go anywhere, so this is difficult. Gives me vomiting, these things, but soon after I no longer have anything.

  1. The occurrence of disruption in the quotidian lives of the children and adolescents in the study was observed, given, for example, by the experience with unknown situations, many of them painful and restrictive.
  2. A total of 97 nurses were sampled for this study but only seventy nurses representing

Characteristics of the chemotherapy Chemotherapy was defined by the children and adolescents, in a very brief way, emphasizing primarily the purpose of elimination of the tumor for the cure, being marked by the adverse effects it causes. There are several treatment modalities and, among them, chemotherapy is the most frequently employed, associated or not with other therapies.

From the perspective of the child and adolescent, the hospital has a characteristic of duality, while at the same time that it causes suffering, it also represents a place of healing, where they go to seek medical treatment and examinations, seeking to save their lives and regain their health In a review of the literature to investigate the school absences, behavioral problems and social relationships of children with cancer in return to the school, in the UK, it was observed that absences from school are more frequent teaching essay writing pdf sample of research proposal on tax compliance with cancer than among healthy children or with those with other chronic conditions, being a problem from the diagnostic phase until after completion of treatment Essay hooks middle school the empirical data collection, the semi-structured interview was used and recorded, which was composed of two parts: Often, children are isolated due sports essay scholarships severe neutropenia, either in hospitals or at business plan for internet marketing, which leads to feelings of loneliness and boredom for having to stay, sometimes, all day in bed 5.

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