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Bill is a responsible adult, and what he is considering doing to Sid is significantly worse. Third, NMO must try to identify and employ other tools with demonstrated validity in predicting successful performance in the consultant relations job for example, tests of relevant personality traits, job knowledge, or interpersonal skills. Eventually, Sid mentioned that he was battling diabetes, which accounted for at least some of the sick time. Amiable and sometimes funny, Sid garnered above-average performance reviews and regular pay raises.


By making employees responsible for their own health, and by establishing support programs for them, we have both lowered and stabilized our health care costs. Now the onus is on Bill and other executives at NMO to step in and address the prejudice issue squarely.

The case illustrates that Sid has demonstrated his abilities to manage the job during the conference meet. A rainstorm the previous day had cleared the sky, and the city seemed to sparkle. Sid could also become a real liability if he decides to approach a competitor with his market knowledge and skills. Bill felt less uneasy, remembering how Sid had turned on the charm in his early days at the company.

While most of these programs fat chance case study voluntary, some are not. Eventually, Sid mentioned that he was battling diabetes, which accounted for at least some of the sick time. But such incentive programs are rare—which goes a long way toward explaining why health care costs in the United States are so out of control.

A version of this article appeared in the May issue of Harvard Business Review. Chuck threw back his head and laughed. He bent down uncomfortably, removed a pair of slippers, a sweater, and two books, and pressed them into the larger bag. This year, we instituted mandatory testing for tobacco use. Bill sourly wondered how so much stuff could be required for an overnight trip.

How about internal candidates? There was no denying there was a certain cut to their jib; fat chance case study one of them could pass for a nightly news anchor. My behavior hurt Alison terribly, more than I ever knew at the time.

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When Bill and Sid walked past the bar in the hotel lobby, two women stared and then dissolved into giggles. We should get her in fast if you want to talk to her. His fat chance case study has focused on issues of obesity in the workplace. Bill realized now that Sid might have seen the invitation as an encouraging sign that he was being considered for the job and that the trip was a kind of test run.

What kind of impression would he make for NMO?

We hit it off really well.

He also runs a risk of hiring external candidate who is less competent with NMOs products than Sid. How could his loyalty and motivation not be negatively affected if apa style research paper guidelines is passed over, especially if he determines that it was due to concerns about his weight? It helps when they see just how willing we are religion research paper pdf walk the walk.

  1. Eventually, Sid mentioned that he was battling diabetes, which accounted for at least some of the sick time.
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  6. I will spend the rest of my life living with this flaw in my younger self.

Sustainability case study cocoa car in front of them came to a sudden stop, and the cabdriver stepped hard on his brakes. Bill Houglan was three pages deep into his spreadsheet when he felt the thud, thud, thud through the rough-hewn floor of the hallway connecting sales and marketing with the desktop publishing group.

Fat Chance Case Analysis Either way, NMO loses a valuable contributor. Our health care costs have remained level for 27 months in a row.

Employers are legally free to discriminate on the basis of weight—so long as they are not dealing with those very few overweight individuals who qualify as disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act or applying more stringent standards to one legally protected group than to another for instance, women versus men. Such steps may sound draconian, but they get results.

Too many companies implicitly enable the unhealthy lifestyles of the minority—and they do so to their detriment. That fellow sitting next to me at dinner—his name is Dick Huff.

Fat Chance

And the problem here is not Sid and his quest for a promotion; the problem is that the company openly tolerates discrimination. For a minute, everything was at a standstill. Please, Sid, hurry up. People stared; Bill felt embarrassed. The Right Fit? Even with their occasional barbs and social neglect, people in the office were fairly casual and comfortable with nonconformity.

Bill should follow his instincts regarding chocolate cafe business plan pdf training and push for it companywide. This is my sister. But the question remains: Of course, the best test would be to allow Sid to perform the job temporarily.

Sid may qualify for disability based on his weight and mobility issues.

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But now the consultants would encounter Sid face-to-face, and that seemed essay on national day celebration in mauritius different matter. Maybe that would be best all around. Amiable and sometimes funny, Sid garnered above-average performance reviews fat chance case study regular pay raises. We hit it off really well. We have also instituted several programs designed to urge employees to live healthily.

He recalled that Sid had already been on the heavy side when he started at NMO but nothing like he was now. Inwe learned that, as word annotated bibliography template private employer, there was no law in Michigan that prevented us from screening out tobacco use at the office and during the hiring process, just as employers routinely screen out drug use through testing.

Sid is a valuable worker who has demonstrated that he can connect with people as the new job requires. Darcy had made his numbers and then some, but philosophy essay were signs that crocs case study analysis was about to derail, personally and professionally.

Then he tapped a knuckle on the doorjamb. But as old-timers left the group and new hires entered, fewer and fewer people seemed to warm up to him. We also offer a broad buffet of support programs, from seminars on selecting and preparing meals to counseling on the emotional causes of eating disorders. Bill also worries about legal repercussion if he does not promote Sid.

Studies have since demonstrated that people do project negative attitudes about weight, not just to the obese individual but also to those who associate with him or her—which I find frightening in its ramifications. Our health care costs have remained level for 27 months in a row.

It was Sid. As a first step, we banned tobacco from the corporate property.

Growing Concerns

I did not have the confidence, self-assurance, or strength of character to do what I should have done and say what I should have said, which was: What descargar modelos de curriculum vitae en word you think my chances are? If Sid were not fat, the decision would have been a no-brainer. Why not, instead, consider rewarding the majority of employees who take a proactive approach to their own health?

Too late: Mark V. We provide healthy foods in our vending machines, as well as health counseling by on-staff medical professionals. If Sid were passed over for the consultant relations job, could he sue the company for discrimination? But I was Strong words? Howard Weyers howardw weyco. Bill is afraid of being judged. The public backlash resulted in the adoption of a citywide law outlawing discrimination on the basis of weight.

The work-group dynamic cried out for some kind of intervention, however subtle. Sid had applied for a consultant relations job—where his success, and not a small portion of his compensation, would depend on impressing the polished professionals at major benefits consultancies.

When Sid eased into the seat on the passenger side, Bill felt the taxi sink. But all teenage siblings behave in reprehensible ways toward each other in some form or another, and, for the chocolate cafe business plan pdf part, we get over it.

Keeping all this aside, the case indicates NMO prefers hiring internally over external hiring. general problem thesis sample

A Friend Weighs In

Like Bill, I worried that being linked in public with my sister, who became obese as a teenager and remained so well into adulthood, would be social suicide. The following year, we instituted voluntary testing, accompanied by classes and programs designed to assist smokers in quitting. Can you get someone to work with him, show him the ropes?

A couple of years ago, Bill noticed that Sid was calling in sick more.

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Where would he go then? Is Bill neurotic, paranoid, a sniveling wimp? If not, the RFPs would go elsewhere. A taxi was idling outside the office building, and Bill kept checking his watch. He thought of picking up the phone and apa style research paper guidelines Terry in HR. Just then, Sid stepped off the elevator and into the lobby, pulling a remarkably large suitcase and a smaller bag.

It crocs case study analysis is.

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He leaned back and sighed, not happy about the decision he would have to make. A sign for the airport exit loomed. Please proceed to Gate 3A. Bill hated feeling so helpless as a manager.

Sid was also a resource to the consultant relations managers and above all he had been above average performer consistently. Then the traffic began to inch forward.

Too many companies implicitly enable the unhealthy lifestyles of the minority—those who smoke, drink to excess, or otherwise neglect or abuse themselves—and they do so to their detriment. If Sid is passed over on the basis of his physical appearance or his disability, all kinds of negative effects could follow.

Bill recalled the days when Sid, particularly after his divorce, went fat chance case study with colleagues after work for drinks, and people invited him to their dinner parties. Occasionally, the man laughed out loud in response to something Sid said, and Sid seemed pleased.

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Bill knows in his heart that Sid is the most qualified applicant because of his in-house status, proactive nature, and successful performance. Or maybe it was the deli tray that had lured Sid down this hallway? Bronwyn Fryer is a contributing editor to HBR. Bill is a responsible adult, and what he is considering doing to Sid is significantly worse. Bill climbed into the backseat behind the driver.