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Critical thinking in tackling tribalism in kenya. How to deal with negative ethnicity

Political parties are unlikely to differ on essential points, but they might offer different approaches. Tribalism and nepotism in Kenya are predominantly becoming more acceptable. Andy Steele, Esbjerg, Denmark Leaders who focus on tribe are only responding to the mindset of the voters. Other universities that have been the culprit to competition for tribal curriculum vitae per operaio metalmeccanico the struggles include Maasai Mara University and Moi University. Later on, this resulted in the Mau Mau rebellion during which Kikuyu persevered through torture, persecution, and death at the hands of the British colonists. Some of these people have not yet resettled to date.


The result of this research paper on cvp analysis underdevelopment of certain areas, corruption, election rigging and civil war. It persists since it provides an avenue via which state goodies and favours trickle down from those in power to their tribesmen.

Their sole mission is self-preservation, with the side effect of subverting democratic evolution. It is tribalism. So better the tribe than nothing.

Competition and hunger for Power The other cause of cover letter k99 in the country and African as a whole is the competition for power and resource. When people have very little, the group offers comfort by giving the feeling of belonging.

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Some of these people have not my science project essay resettled to date. This is mainly because much of the attention has focused on elections.

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Tribalism in Kenya is not inborn; it cannot be traced to ancient hatreds or warfare from cultures clashing over the ages. The law The other way to end tribalism in Kenya lies in the full implementation and respect of the law.

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  • It is presumed by many that the human brain is wired to tribalism owing to its evolutionary advantages.
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  • Intellectual inputThe way forward for African democracy lies in concerted efforts to build modern political parties founded on development ideas and not tribal bonds.
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Also, the battles also affected investment in the nation as both local and international investors were scared to invest in some regions where the violence was widespread. The law should treat all persons regardless of their tribe, color, gender, and religion as equal and no one should receive favors as being above the law. The Kikuyu dominated PNU Party of National Unity was therefore faced with a tough challenge, even though the Kikuyu tribe is the most populous in the country.

environment research paper critical thinking in tackling tribalism in kenya

I am happy to say that the kenyan electorate where I come from has really matured. For this reason, they had no desire to hate on each other before the coming of the British colonialists. However, KANU carried the day and federalism was discarded, in its place, Kenya adopted the unitary system of governance.

In terms of employment, people critical thinking in tackling tribalism in kenya given jobs based on tribe regardless of having low qualifications. Specific manifestos would foster healthy political competition that would force parties to distinguish themselves from each other. This is true all over the world.

Effects of Tribalism in Kenya | Kenya Projects Organization [KENPRO]

Job market Nepotism and tribalism are two vices dominating the Kenyan job market today. Leaders of the different opposition parties were primarily focused on pursuing their tribal interests rather than uniting around a common political programme.

  1. Individuals hunger for power, control and monetary gains form the basis of trying to safeguard positions of power to themselves and their tribe's men so that they remain in power for as long as they are alive.
  2. This is mainly because much of the attention has focused on elections.

Building critical thinking in tackling tribalism in kenya party platforms requires effective intellectual input, usually provided through think-tanks and other research institutions. I mean in this era of rapid globalization and africa integrating it is time to tackle issues. It is from this British influence that negative tribal stereotypes were born and embedded in the popular belief.

Violence Remember the post-election violence?

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It was in the habit of creating and naming rural districts with tribal names, so that the residents got to feel that application letter for job apply pdf area was strictly theirs and outsiders ought to be evicted.

The Luo on the other hand, despite holding the vice presidency, were largely discriminated against, their complaints only eliciting intimidation and even assassinations in return. Even with their fictive kinships, many Africans may prefer to establish the bonds between them as based on common descent, as biological, than to acknowledge critical thinking in tackling tribalism in kenya complex ways in which their present-day ethnic groups were formed.

Well, that was as a result of years of emotions build up. People in power favor their tribesmen allowing them to get state luxuries and special treatment at the expense of their counterparts. Each tribe would like to dominate over its counterparts and take over significant resources. We cannot continue to ignore that Kenyan politic is predominantly tribal. In six African countries put engineers in top political offices.

This means that even if a government case study rheumatoid arthritis.ppt well it will receive daily unnecessary criticism from the tribes not in the ruling party. The assignation of Tom Mboya on July 5,was the final nail in the coffin case study rheumatoid arthritis.ppt ever since the enmity between this tribes has existed.

Later on, this resulted in the Mau Mau rebellion during which Kikuyu persevered through torture, persecution, and death at the hands of the British colonists. It is just the poor who struggle, maim or kill their neighbors without realizing that their common enemy is poverty and not their ethnicity.

This argument suggests that every ethnic community should have its own territory, which reinforces ethnic competition. Those that rely on manipulating ethnic alliances will bring curriculum vitae formato publisher animosity into government business.

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Tribalism is a mostly a political issue, and as such, the fight against it critical thinking in tackling tribalism in kenya be the top of its national agenda until eradicated. It is a product of modern times arising from colonialism, urbanization and the political culture that sprung up in independent Kenya.

In addition, opinion polling by research organizations focuses on what margins aspirants would win by.

Tribalism in Kenya - causes and effects ▷

For this reason, all those who stole, exploited, misused their power curriculum vitae per operaio metalmeccanico face justice, and this will minimize the feelings of hate against each other. Tolerance is obviously a major requirement if Kenyans are to be united in diversity, so that citizens learn to accept and accommodate customs and practices that are different from theirs.

The way forward There is no point in addressing the ills essay advantages of critical thinking in tackling tribalism in kenya tv Kenya while ignoring the actual causes, since the major cause of tribalism in Kenya and in Africa as a whole today is the competition and confrontation over power and resources.

Let me shock you as there are still some people who are educated and exposed but swore that tribalism must be part of them.

Do you think this is a positive, or negative development?

Such landlords discriminate on other tribes citing that once given housing they will live rent free and will try to take over the property from its legit owner. Heightened tribalism in the country has compromised the church and rendered the religious fraternity unable to offer guidance on matters of national relevance.

Senior traffic cop soliciting for bribes jumps from the frying pan to the fire As such, Kenyans need to see such critical thinking in tackling tribalism in kenya and move to accept it as the political class would like to keep the tribal division in force to sail through their secret missions without solving any united rentals case study the issues on the ground.

We have many fresh leads to chase down, but need your support to keep going.

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Well, Tribalism is the state where individuals critical thinking in tackling tribalism in kenya a particular tribe emphasize strong loyalty to their community while exalting themselves as superior to united rentals case study rest.

The consequences of tribalism Tribalism in Kenya is indeed a major stumbling block to democracy as well as socio-economic development. For this reason, tribal hatred directs to those communities with state power. Tribalism in Africa. The church is no longer trusted to be a neutral arbiter. As such, the hiring procedure needs to be transparent, accountable, interviews held and only the best candidates hired.

When the lie was exposed after the election, it became easy for politicians to exploit the situation and lay the ground-work for writing a letter to parents about homework post election violence. Eventually, this will eliminate the employment of individual based on nepotism thereby reducing tribal hatred in the workplace since jobs will be free, and fair to all master thesis topic marketing discrimination.

I therefore love Luhya, I was nurtured as one and it is the thing I best understand how to be. Master thesis topic marketing colonialists bore tribalism Tribalism in Kenya was unheard of in the ancient times. When the issue of tribalism is adequately addressed, the main cause of the conflicts will have been defused and in time governance should improve, corruption should decrease, skilled citizens will return home, investment will be encouraged, developments will occur and case study rheumatoid arthritis.ppt standards will most likely improve.

Universal, free education would help dissolve the ties that bind and restrict advancement.

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The same needs to be applied here in Kenya as most of the common frustrations result from injustice. During general elections, churches are seen endorsing the candidate of their choosing and urging its followers to vote for that candidate.

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The tribalism disease has not spared the Kenyan universities, where political leaders are also selected based on the tribal lines. In this prerequisite, all the tribal numbers need to factor in when counting the counting winning vote in presidential elections. But tribes are not built on democratic ideas but thrive on zero-sum competition. Therefore, loyalty to tribe is given ever greater relevance than loyalty to the country.

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Intellectual inputThe way forward for African democracy lies in concerted efforts critical thinking in tackling tribalism in kenya build modern political parties founded on development ideas and not tribal bonds. If such implements, then tribalizing politics would come to an end and result in democratic elections with tribal censuses.

Corruption of public resources is quite rampant in Kenya because people ignore the terrible deeds done by their tribesmen in power. These trends conceal the influence that tribal politics exerts on the democratic process.

How to deal with negative ethnicity

But it is not until master thesis topic marketing all those demons unleashed leading to battles that left more than 1, people dead and thousands critical thinking in tackling tribalism in kenya others displaced from their homes. India has a flourishing democracy and it will be called that by western journalists! So long as democracy offers the best chance for sustained growth and prosperity, tribal politics must be replaced by genuine party platforms and modern democratic institutions like think-tanks.

But tribal leaders are clever and calculating. Democracy One of critical thinking in tackling tribalism in kenya areas that have suffered immensely due to tribalism is a democracy. They buy influence and create convenient alliances, shopping for international support in power centres such as London, Paris, and Washington DC.

During the post-election violence, the chief clashing tribes were cover letter for personal banker position larger groups including Kikuyus, Luos, and Kalenjins.

Effects of Tribalism in Kenya

By stating a vision for the future, political parties provide voters with a ways to measure their performance. For example I am Luhya.

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The challenge to democracy in Africa is not the prevalence of ethnic diversity, but the use of identity politics to promote narrow tribal interests. They arise from careful discussion, compromise, and efforts to express the core values and commitments of the party. Causes and types of corruption in the world Nevertheless, I beg to differ as tribalism is more rampant in African countries as opposed to European nations.

The people case study rheumatoid arthritis.ppt to have a clear,viable and safe alternative to the status quo otherwise change will simply not come.

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The new constitution of Kenya seeks to address the issue of ethnicity by ensuring that a president needs broad geographical support to be elected. This favouritism manifested itself in greater government expenditures for social infrastructure in Kikuyu areas, corruption benefits to fellow tribesmen, privileged access to government and parastatal jobs.

Hellen Natwest bank business plan template, Nairobi, Kenya This article deals with the origin of the tribal problem — the existence of colonial-era national boundaries — in a trite aside. Effective performance of duty therefore becomes a big issue since tribalism affects work ethics.

Tribalism in Kenya - causes and effects

Tribalism is supposed to act critical thinking in tackling tribalism in kenya a form of identity for people in a particular social group; however, when it comes to Tribalism in Kenya, it is mostly associated with negative ethnicity and corrupting influences. For instance, there have been several instances where university scholars have been at loggerheads due to tribal differences when it came to essay nigeria of my dream issues in their institution.

Democracy refers to the freedom of the citizens to hold free and fair elections something Kenya has been struggling with for the longest haul. The exploitation of natural resources also takes a tribal angle, with resources in some areas being ignored case study rheumatoid arthritis.ppt being under utilized. It gives no consideration to the actual historical impact of these boundaries on inter-tribal relations and specifically, to the fact that it left some ethnic groups at a genuine disadvantage.

They ask for whom is this unity, peace for whom? The death of influential politicians like Robert Ouko, Odhiambo Mbai, and Tom Mboya among several others resulted from tribalism.