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The methods you used to work on the problem. Using problem-solving skills, therefore, is not a question of simply selecting a well-defined problem, choosing a particular procedure to deal with it, and then coming up with a solution. It provides detailed guidance and activities to help you work on your key skills, gives examples of key skills work from students, and helps you prepare and select work for a portfolio. Many activities you complete as part of your course or work may be eligible for inclusion in your key skills portfolio. Have you ever had a disagreement with a team member? Skills resources: Be prepared to revise and update your strategy as your work develops.


The key skills approach provides you with a structure to help you think about how you learn and how you might improve both your learning skills and your performance.

A statement that shows how you have used your knowledge of problem-solving methods for selecting particular methods and reasons for the selection to achieve the standard of work required. What would you do if there is an unexpected delay to one of your projects because of supply chain issues?

Include a plan that you have used for the next stage of the work e.

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Your evidence must include: In-tray or e-tray exercises. These sources include: Sample key skills assessment course: How to Show You Have Problem-Solving Skills Your problem-solving skills should be on display in your cover letter, resume, and application materials.

Present 1 or 2 goals with an explanation of why these are important to you. OU library and website Skills for OU gun control social issue essay offers online resources to help you develop skills needed for learning.

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You will also need analytical skills during research to help distinguish between effective and ineffective solutions. If you are studying a course with the Open University or elsewhere which includes key skills outcomes you may get feedback from your tutor. The key skill of problem solving supports you in planning, monitoring and evaluating a sample business plan fitness studio of problem-solving strategies and techniques.

Alternatively, you might identify a challenge that this potential employer is seeking to solve and explain how you would address it. Second, that you can assess the usefulness of different methods in tackling the particular problem and context, e.

Problem Solving Examples and Skills List

Practise recruitment exercises beforehand Any candidate, no matter how high-flying, may be thrown by undertaking an online test or attending an assessment centre for the first time, so do everything you can to practise beforehand. You need to take time to practise and apply your skills over a period of time.

Evaluating the best solutions Depending upon the nature of the problem and your chain of command, evaluating best solutions may be performed by assigned teams, team leads, or forwarded upward to major corporate decision makers. Improving your skills involves planning how you will frame, explore and simplify your problem area, as well as finding out about the tools and techniques you might use.

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Essay on topic science boon or bane example, a registered nurse will need active listening and communication skills when interacting with patients but will also need effective technical knowledge related to diseases and medications. Key skills cover letter for physiotherapists job application also about making connections between different aspects of your life — your study, your work and your other activities.

These are normally taken as part of the application stage, although they may be repeated at an assessment centre. The methods you used to work on the problem. Part A must relate directly to the work you have selected for Part B. Whoever makes the decision must evaluate potential costs, required resources, and possible barriers to successful solution implementation.

Monitor progress and adapt your strategy for solving the problem.

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How to improve your problem-solving skills There are several methods you can use to improve your problem-solving skills. A judgement of your own progress and performance in using problem-solving skills, including an assessment of your progress. The two parts, A and B, are designed to help argumentative thesis 1984 create a portfolio of your work that will show how you applied your key skill capabilities within a particular discipline or work area.

A teacher might need to figure out how to improve the performance of her students on a writing proficiency test. You can more technical knowledge through additional coursework, training or practice.

Problem-Solving Skills: Definitions and Examples |

However, by far the most important aim is that you can use this assessment process to support your learning and improve your performance overall. Manage effectively and efficiently the problem solving process, using appropriate methods.

Example Answers Demonstrating Problem Solving Skills Here are a few examples of how job candidates in different professions might describe their problem-solving skills: How would you judge whether you should use your own initiative on a task or ask for help? What is defined as a problem tends to depend on the particular context in which it sample cover letter for job application waitressing framed.

Key skill assessment unit: Problem solving

You need to make sure that it illustrates the problem-solving process and gives the results with evidence to support the conclusions. If the interviewer proposes a potential problem, share how you'd resolve it.

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The Open University. Using problem-solving skills is not a question of simply selecting a well-defined problem, choosing a particular procedure to deal with it, and then coming up with a solution. You, or your work place, may have used different terms to describe the skills but they are likely to cover broadly similar areas.

A computer specialist might be looking for a way to speed up a slow program.

This will involve using criteria to help you select examples of your work that clearly show you can use and improve your skills in problem solving. Sign-up now! Communication When identifying possible solutions, you will need to know how to communicate the problem to others.

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Identify the issue. Problem-Solving Steps and Skills Now that you've brainstormed a list of potential problems, your next step is to think up effective solutions for these issues, noting the skills you will need to resolve them.

If you were to present your work for assessment, the assessors would use the same criteria to judge the evidence you have selected. To tackle this key skill, you will need to plan your work over at least 3—4 months to give yourself enough time to practise and improve your skills, to seek feedback from others, and to monitor your progress and evaluate your strategy.


Contact your careers service and book in for a mock-interview or mock-assessment centre. Using problem-solving skills is not a question of simply selecting a well-defined problem, choosing a particular procedure to deal with it, and then coming up with a solution. Anyone can learn for free on OpenLearn but creating an account lets you set up a personal learning profile which tracks your course progress and gives you access to Statements of Participation and digital badges you earn along the way.

The choices you have made as you worked on the problem. If set, these will be related to the role you are applying for and will either require you to devise a solution to a problem or to spot errors. As a result, effective problem solving may also require industry or job-specific technical skills.

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Analysis The first step to solving any problem to analyze the situation. It is that you select just enough evidence to meet the relevant criteria. Developing skills is part of learning. An assessment of the evidence you have selected for your portfolio, using the criteria in Table 1.

Indeed, you are unlikely to show your achievements to best advantage by doing this. Evidencing the process of developing a strategy, monitoring progress and evaluating performance 7. Required Skills: For reference, full URLs to pages listed above: Turning around the finances or increasing the membership of a struggling student society.

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Using this work identify progress so far and areas you want to work on in the future. They are usually the recruitment stage before a face-to-face interview or assessment centre. Keep learning: But these questions are more likely at interview.

Problem-Solving Skills: Definitions and Examples

Think of it as a living document; you are likely to make many changes and adjustments to it while you are working on the course. Sometimes this involves teamwork, since two or more minds are often better than one.

Using problem-solving skills, therefore, is not a question of simply selecting a well-defined problem, choosing a particular procedure to deal with it, and then coming up with a solution. Problem-solving exercises and tests for graduate jobs Gun control social issue essay tests that employers could set to gauge your problem-solving skills include: Developing your skills in problem solving involves using different techniques in a variety of situations, using feedback to help you improve and standing back at critical points to reflect on your performance.

How will employers assess your problem-solving skills? The key skills assessment courses have been designed to take account of these national standards and are referenced against them.

Problem-solving skills and techniques explained: tips for graduates

What would you do if you noticed that a colleague was struggling with their work? Access our links to free and paid-for practice tests. Discuss your use of criteria and feedback comments to help you assess your progress. Including material that is cover letter for physiotherapists job application relevant, or which is not closely related to the assessment criteria, will not strengthen the assessment of your skills.