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Essay on stress management in army. Indian Army and Management of Stress - Indian Defence Review

The recommendations are discussed hereafter. Such social activities mean additional work load for the troops with resultant reduction in leisure time. While budgeting process has to do with setting goals and objective and developing for revenue, cost, production cash flows and other factors by gathering financial… Human Resources Management Action Plan Words 8 Pages Abstract Human Resources Management HRM has many applications in the business world. Change the way you see things:


Firstly, I will need to collect demographic and opinion data on the issue at hand through surveying a sample of the local population, then later complementing it with first-hand records of campus policy and plans. Commanding Officers should identify such situations in their units and try to eliminate or reduce these controllable stressors. This finely tuned instrument of survival has become to human beings a source of help and anguish.

The suicidal figures of the previous years reveal alarming stress among the Indian soldiers forcing them to take such deadly decisions. Consequently, their capacity to withstand adversities writing a research paper with citations.

There were two sections of the survey. Troops get exhausted with no respite whatsoever. There is immense scope for the same. The operational environment including the living conditions, communication, pay etc. Establishes a oral thin films thesis doing my german homework contingency plan, providing specific guidance to supervisors and management officials regarding responsibilities when a work stoppage is threatened or occurs.

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It has been a cause of major concern. For each stressor, describe why it is a stressor for you. Lack of rest just aggravates stress. During the survey, this technique was practiced by many soldiers, which substantially affected their psychological state, especially gaining a relaxing state through meditation.

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The survey revealed that I am on the bottom of the scale of time management. Develop a thick skin: The stress faced by a civilian and a soldier is entirely different both in nature and intensity. Additionally, military service is a long term commitment.

Essay on Management and Action Plan

Be positive: In other words, a commander assumes the role of a friend, guide and mentor. Why generate anxiety when you can be nervous? Increase your body's feedback and make stress self-regulating. When pressures become severe, human organism gets strained to respond. Organization of social functions for visiting dignitaries on five-star scale has become a routine.

Take control: The same is equally applicable to soldiers. They do understand problems relating to exigencies of military service and distances from home, but tend to suffer from guilt complex.

Avoid extreme reactions: Regular leaves, rotation of troops in sensitive and stressful situations. It can be both financial and non-financial aspect of these plans and act as a blue-print for the company to follow in a forthcoming period.

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However, as mentioned earlier, these factors have always been in existence and soldiers have been braving them with fortitude. Visiting officers used to check this aspect diligently.

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Where have these things gone wrong? He found it difficult to believe that it was nil. Hearing unfair and ill-informed criticism from countrymen has also an effect on the emotional aspect. During s, a military delegation from a European country visited PRC.

In addition, a strict rule should be followed in the Indian army to restrict the activities such as being appointed as helper to the officer, assigning personal work of seniors, sweeping, toilet cleaning, etc. Agreed that the increased level of insurgency imposes additional strain on the troops, but then Indian troops have been used to prolonged deployments in uncongenial areas.

Soldiers and Stress Although stress is a biological term, it is commonly used in a metaphorical sense. Soldiers should be persuaded not only to recognize stress factors among themselves, but their fellow soldiers too. As prevention is always better than cure, it is best to identify stressors and initiate advance action to minimise their intensity.

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Keeping in view the results of the study along with the fact that India has not indulged in any war activity for more than one decade although accomplished a lot of counter-insurgency operations and a range of suicidal attempts in the peace and field areas, the study indicate that the chronic occupational stressors faced by the Indian soldiers due to routine military work environment are beyond their control and have a significant negative impact on the mental health of the army personnel.

Stress causes a number of biological changes and the soldiers are no exception to that.

Stress management in Indian Army

Get enough sleep: It causes immense despair to them. Unfortunately, the emphasis has always been on material, obvious and well-known reasons — prolonged deployment essay frankenstein highly dangerous environments protracted separation from families, financial inequities and lack of liberty as enjoyed by other citizens.

However, once the threshold gets crossed, warning signals must be taken note of and preventive mechanism essay on stress management in army. Every one faces challenges in life. Sahaja Yoga meditation is the most beneficial stress coping strategy for the soldiers since it helps in purifying the subtle system by cleansing energy centres, thereby gradually removing the blockages of these centres and putting a stoppage on further decline of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Meditation and breathing exercises have been proven to be very effective in controlling stress. Alcohol and drugs can mask stress. Routine medical checkups.

Indian Army and Management of Stress - Indian Defence Review

Share this: Handle each task as it comes, or selectively deal with matters in some priority. Any deviation in this rule should be subjected to strict punishment. The soldier has to face the issues all alone where as civilians get a family support.

No human being is exempted from stress. Soldiers willingly repose unflinching faith in a commander who establishes an equation based on empathetic relationships. In order to answer this criterion I will be explaining how the action plan has cover letter bain support my development over the duration of the programme. The same is the case with divisional commanders as their tenure rarely exceeds 18 months.

In such a short period he has to make his mark and earn good reports to get expository essay template for career courses and promotion to the next rank. Remove yourself from the stressful situation: Work off stress: Inability to be with parents and family in times of domestic emergencies weighs heavily on the minds of many soldiers.

Stress symptoms include mental, social, and physical manifestations.

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Feelings of alarm, frustration, or apathy may also accompany stress. What can be done is minimize or even eliminate avoidable and extraneous workload.

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Stress Management is the ability to maintain control when situations, people, and events make excessive demands. AWWA activities are considered extraneous, burdensome, taxing and stressful. Since, suicides and fratricides are a consequence of imbalanced and depressive mind, a regular mental exercise like Sahaja Yoga meditation would help in restoring the positivity in the minds of the soldiers, especially when the situations are out of their control.

While stress refers to the reaction of the organism, stressor implies perceived threat. One foreign delegate wanted to know the suicide rate amongst the inmates. Fear of impotency becomes highly stressful. Civilians have their families with them to share their concerns unlike a soldier who has to bear it all cover letter for part time job cashier — lack of family support in times of emotional disturbances is thus, a major contributory factor.

Such social activities mean additional work load for the troops with resultant reduction in leisure time. This implication needs to be sincerely implemented to eradicate bullying and harassment in the army. For example, many soldiers fear that continued exposure to ultra-violet rays and lack of oxygen would affect their reproductive organs.

As per reports appearing in the press, the Indian Army lost soldiers due to suicides and 75 soldiers to fratricide during the period to Social Apathy: What causes stress to become distress? Over functioning is another cause.

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Give yourself a break if only for a few moments a day. The above incident has been recalled to compare it with the spate of suicides and fratricides occurring in the recent past. Conversely, high levels of organisational and superior supports can result in improved health and life satisfaction among the soldiers.

Earlier joint family system took care of many such exigencies. The Indian Army is a command oriented organization. Learn to recognize stress for what it is.