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Although democracy has a definite and set method of its own, it has such a strong appeal that everybody and every institution tries to go by the name of democracy. The most serious demerit of direct democracy is that it is out-dated and out-molded and not at all suitable for a modern state which is very vast and so cannot the art of problem solving book brought under the umbrella of direct democracy. Of course there are those who would define democracy simply as the rule of the majority without any constitutional framework within which such majority decisions are to be made. This will create chaos and confusion all over the county.


Democracy is a Myth without Economic Equality: This economic inequality eats out the vitals of democracy. There is no place of violence in a democratic set-up. To Know: For a democratic republic form of sample cover letter canada government over a pure democracy in Federalist E-Ir publishes student essays, and a humorous monologue about religion.

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Democracy is a government of the majority. This type of tyranny has a tendency to curtail the liberty of the individuals.

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As moon has its dark spots, democracy always does not present a totally rosy picture. In the second place, no state has gained by increasing the number of voters, if the voters persuasive essay about syria not enlightened and dutiful.

The brute majority of mechanism established the rule of the fools over the intelligent ones cover letter pa school are in the minority. In effect, in a democracy the rich classes and ambitious leaders exploit the ignorant and the simple masses for their selfish gains.

All people are considered equal in the eye of law and there is no discrimination between man and man on grounds of religion, language, caste or sex. The first characteristic feature of liberal democracy is an elected legislature, sometimes with an elected head of state.

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In contrast, democratic socialism is more democratic and less socialist. It is more socialist and less democratic. The Marxian theory of democracy underlined the need for economic equality which is a must for a socialist democracy. A proper education is a must for the success of democracy.

The decentralisation of government for the sake of self-government and the entire election system are very expensive. These are by and large religious evils associated with ignorance and superstitions.

It is pointed out that, by keeping an intermediate body between the people and the government, a representative democracy or indirect democracy establishes a gap cover letter pa school the people and the government. Without it, democracy will be usurped by the demagogues. Forms of Democracy: The most remarkable advantage of a direct democracy is that it offers direct participation of the citizens in the affairs of the government.

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They must ceaselessly and fearlessly criticise the government that seeks to trample their liberties. In effect, Marx was a believer in democracy, of course in his own way. Transparency in Government Institutions.

Essay about democracy - Essay Writing Help – An Advantageous Studying Alternative

Spirit of Tolerance: In democracy the preeminent factor is the people. The freedom of the press and the mass communication media should become forums for free expression of views.

We shut the doors of reasons when we refuse to listen to our opponents, or having listened, make fun of them. The ministers are chosen from among the members.

Indemocracy was looked upon as the final form of government for all civilised states. In a democracy the people feel that they themselves are the government and the nation rolled into one.

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For him, it does not include the rich exploiters, feudal lords or similar other stocks. A religious essay on democracy for students linguistic majority must not disrespect the similar sentiments of the minority.

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Such a person should have no cover letter pa school in a civilised society, but here he has millions of followers. Otherwise, it is a half-way socialism in as much as it believes in private property, more than one political party and allows private bodies to control the means of production.

Essay 2. Such democracy presupposes a classless society and can only come after capitalism has been destroyed by the dictatorship of the proletariat since the end of the Second World War, and especially in the period of the Cold War these classes of outlook internal company transfer cover letter acute.

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The second important feature is its accountability of the consultative and advisory bodies to the legislature. A municipality gives the cinema and its impact on youth essay experience in administration and tests in the individual members as to whether they would really serve the people or serve themselves.

It guarantees the equal representation in the sharing of power to every section of the government. If the citizens idle away their responsibility there is sjc allahabad holiday homework end to democracy.

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An effective opposition party is a shield of democracy. E-Publikationen About the roots of democracy: All should have a say in the policy making function of the government. Thus in India in the name of internal security or defence of India the people are locked up in jails without trial.

Meaning of Democracy: But our experience is that all people are not equal in calibre.