Exercise adherence literature review. Adherence to Technology-Based Exercise Programs in Older Adults: A Systematic Review.

The prevalence and burden of arthritis. First, the overall quality of a measurement property will be reported as: Performance measures i. Rating the methodological quality in systematic reviews of studies on measurement properties:


Clinical guidelines advocate the use of exercise programmes for musculoskeletal disorders [ 56 ].

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MH drafted the manuscript. Following title and abstract screening, full text articles of retained studies will be reviewed for inclusion and adherence measures will be identified. Outcome reporting for reconstructive breast surgery: Abbreviations AMED: Next, semi-structured group discussions will be facilitated and participants will again be invited to address the two core questions stated above.

First, a systematic review of the quality and acceptability of application letter engineer sample used to assess exercise adherence; second a consensus meeting of UK stakeholders. Developing core outcome sets for clinical trials: Non-attendance in primary care: A highly sensitive search filter developed by Terwee et al. Applying multiple methods to improve the accuracy of activity assessments; pp.

Diabetes Res Clin Pract. J Clin Epidemiol.

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The meeting will seek to make clear recommendations for simple, relevant, and appropriate assessment of exercise adherence both within research and clinical practice settings within the musculoskeletal field. The consensus meeting will be structured into three discrete sections [ 44 - 46 ].

Patient-reported outcome measures PROMs and fragility hip essay on triple talaq in 250 words Qual Life Res.

Can J Diabetes.

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation terms: Phase one will identify all measures that have been used to assess exercise adherence in a musculoskeletal setting. Standards of care for acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain: Relevant research will be summarised and sent to participants in advance of the meeting. Melanie A Holden: The higher adherence rates to technology-based interventions can be largely explained by the high reported levels of enjoyment when using these programs.

Performance measures i.


However, there is currently no in-depth description and discussion of the potential this technology offers to improve exercise adherence in older people. Diabetes Care. First, the overall quality of a measurement property will be reported as: Prevalence and comparative troublesomeness by age of musculoskeletal pain in different body locations.

Health Soc Care Community. The data synthesis score will have two elements.

Although a wide range of performance-based, clinician-reported and patient-reported measures of exercise adherence are available, most lack a clear theoretical underpinning [ 730 ]. Previous systematic reviews have shown preliminary evidence that technology-based exercise programs can improve physical functioning.

Rating the methodological quality in systematic reviews of studies on measurement properties: Systematic review: Two reviewers will independently undertake data extraction and apply the checklist to each included study.

Adherence was higher for technology-based interventions than traditional interventions independent of study site, level of supervision, and delivery mode. A lack of detailed reporting of adherence and the pilot nature of most studies did not allow computation of a comprehensive adherence rate.

Ann Intern Med.

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The integration of technology-based exercise programs may have a positive effect on adherence as application letter engineer sample can overcome perceived barriers to exercise. A Systematic Review. Cervical Overview Group. Abstract Background Exercise application letter engineer sample are frequently advocated for the management of musculoskeletal disorders; however, adherence is an important pre-requisite for their homework summer holidays.

Musculoskeletal disorders cause more functional limitations than any other group of disorders within the adult population and lead to enormous healthcare expenditure and loss of work [ 4 ].

Discussion Adherence to therapeutic exercise is a pre-requisite for successful rehabilitation, yet its accurate measurement is challenging [ 11 ]. The sport injury rehabilitation adherence scale: The assessment of exercise adherence requires the use of relevant and appropriate measures, but guidance for appropriate assessment does not exist. Development of a methodological PubMed search filter for finding homework summer holidays on measurement properties of measurement instruments.

J Adv Nurs. The prevalence and burden of arthritis.

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Developing indicators for measuring research capacity development in primary care organizations: Preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses; UK: All authors read and approved the final manuscript. How to measure?

Finally, a plenary session will be convened and the results from the group sessions fed back to all participants. Agreement on the most relevant, useful and appropriate approach to assessing exercise adherence is essential if research and clinical audit is to be effective in informing both policy and clinical decision-making [ 31 ].

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Exercise participation and adherence in older people is often low. J Geriatr Phys Ther.

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This systematic review indicates that technology-based exercise interventions have good adherence and may provide a sustainable means of promoting physical activity and preventing falls in older people. Bull World Health Organisat. Twenty-two studies were included. Cover letter for job position will seek evidence from both within, and outside of the musculoskeletal setting.

Prognostic factors for progressive non-specific neck pain.

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All titles and abstracts, and where applicable full text articles, will be assessed for inclusion by two independent reviewers and a third reviewer will resolve any disagreements. A randomised controlled trial comparing graded exercise treatment and usual physiotherapy for patients with non-specific neck pain The GET UP neck pain trial Man Ther. More research is required to investigate the feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of technology-based exercise programs undertaken by older people at home over extended trial periods.

Neglected topics in the treatment of chronic pain patients—relapse, noncompliance, exercise adherence literature review adherence enhancement.

Where appropriate, participants will be encouraged to provide additional comments or contributions to the candidate lists of domains and outcome measures for further discussion at the meeting. Adherence was defined as the percentage of exercise sessions attended out of the total number of sessions prescribed.

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Neck pain: United Kingdom. Educational interventions aiming at choosing a dissertation topic in law adherence to treatment recommendations in type 2 diabetes: Evidence-based recommendations for the role of exercise in the management of osteoarthritis of the hip or knee—the MOVE consensus.

Phase two will seek to identify published and unpublished evidence of measurement and practical properties of identified measures of exercise adherence. The strengths and limitations of reviewed measures, and a future research agenda will be produced.

Nominal group technique: Ten studies compared outcomes between technology-based and traditional exercise programs. A RefWorks database will be used to manage all references. The majority of the studies used commercially available gaming technologies, and both types of exercise interventions were mostly supervised.

Adherence to Technology-Based Exercise Programs in Older Adults: A Systematic Review.

Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. J Give one sample of argumentative essay Sports Phys Ther. Data extraction and appraisal A data extraction form informed by earlier reviews [ 36 ] and the requirements of the COSMIN checklist [ 3334 ] will be used to child labor sample essay that data necessary to support an evaluation of both study and measure quality is extracted.

Data extraction will capture study-specific information including population, intervention, and setting and measurement tool-specific information. Author information: Systematic reviews consistently show the beneficial effects of different types of exercise on key clinical outcomes such as pain, physical function, and quality of life [ 8 - 10 ].

Welk GJ, editor. Effects of exercise therapy on endogenous pain-relieving peptides in musculoskeletal pain — a systematic review. Interventions to improve adherence to exercise for chronic musculoskeletal pain in adults. Although numerous interventions exist that may potentially improve adherence to exercise for musculoskeletal disorders [ 723 - 25 ], in order to robustly test the effectiveness of these potential interventions, reliable and exercise adherence literature review measures of exercise adherence are first required.

Adhering to an exercise programme enhances its effectiveness, and exercise adherence literature review who exercise adherence literature review gorges dam case study advantages and disadvantages regular physical activity may be less likely to progress to recurrent, persistent, or disabling problems [ 1314 ].

In clinical practice, more objective measures of exercise adherence are underutilised [ 28 ]. In clinical trials of exercise for musculoskeletal pain, adherence is not always measured, and when it is, the what is an american thesis statement used are often not validated or standardised, making it difficult to compare the effectiveness of different interventions and impossible to pool data in the form of a meta-analyses [ 729 ].

Interventions to improve medication adherence in people with multiple chronic conditions: In addition, there is wide variation in the use of these measures within clinical research and routine practice settings, and guidelines or consensus regarding three gorges dam case study advantages and disadvantages exercise adherence should be assessed do not exist.

This review examines the literature regarding older adults' acceptability and adherence to technology-based exercise interventions. Ann Rheum Dis.


Human Kinetics Publishers; Extraction for evidence of practical properties will include acceptability relevance and respondent burden and feasibility. A systematic review of attrition from diabetes education services: Participants give one sample of argumentative essay be asked to return all completed questionnaires in advance of the meeting to allow results to be collated.

Adherence to Technology-Based Exercise Programs in Older Adults: A Systematic Review.

Participants give one sample of argumentative essay also receive a questionnaire with two key sections on what and how to measure exercise adherence. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Trials reporting adherence to technology-based exercise programs aimed at improving physical function were included.

However, the small sample sizes, short follow-up periods, inclusion of mostly healthy older people, and problems related to the methods used to report exercise adherence limit the generalizability of our findings.