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Login However, plans can never keep pace with changes. It was established by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in and today, they primarily deliver a variety of software, products, and technologies to a broad range of corporate and individual consumers. First, Hewlett-Packard was never a strong player in disk-drive industry.


Seymour is poised with three alternatives and must decide which of them will best steer the Kittyhawk towards a successful and promising future. Also the team atmosphere is also important which allow them put out Kittyhawk on time. They would hypothetically make more profit even by capitalizing upon a mere fraction of this market, as opposed to dominating the entire potential market for durable drives.

As stated in the text benefits of 3r essay there were too many competitors and H-P was not actually prepared fully to compete with them.

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Clear off inventory for the existing exemple dissertation ccp and manufacture until demand sustains. How to cite this page Choose cite format: In addition, Spanner laid emphasis on the project parameters a lot, especially in time and financial goals. The existing customer might adapt it faster than the new customer. Shut down the production of this drive once the demand fizzles out and simultaneously focus on developing the superior 2.

The team should have changeable plan.

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  • As stated in the text in there were too many competitors and H-P was not actually prepared fully to compete with them.

Since technology world is too unpredictable and changeable all the time, the Kittyhawk team should change with it in order to success. First, Hewlett-Packard was never a strong player in disk-drive industry.

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It as unwise to continue the project after two major failure, especially when the team was losing confidence. Also, this would spell a transition into serving a very niche market with a high risk factor, in prospect. This has helped enhance market appeal for its products. It did not need to have more capacity than current disk drives.

Analysis 1. The actual Kittyhawk customers were very different from what the team had initially anticipated. Business Model HP focused on one niche to escalate its market positioning. Related posts: According to their forecast, Kittiwakes biggest customers could be PDA. It is important to decentralized risk by identifying more than potential customer segment.

What do you think of kittyhawk case study way the team set out to find a market for the Kittyhawk? Use in-house manufacturing for flexibility as demand grows and until the right product is developed. The team set out to find the market in all the right places. scientific research paper apa format

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That being said, notebook computers was a highly competitive and near saturated market setting which would need the team to alter the Kittyhawk to specialize on speed and space features in lieu of durability. He looked for risk taker and people who were quick thinking and action. Performance features were added and in their urgency to launch the product one of the key functions of the drive was sacrificed: Maggie Xu February 8, 1.

But in reality, the PDA market never emerged as expected. Apparently, the customer was very different from the original target customer. An industry is thus a group of firms producing similar products or services. Subsidiary Kittyhawk case study 1. The Kittyhawk team did not found the right customer for their product.

Hire Writer One of the strengths in the way HP structured and supported the Kittyhawk development team cover letter forklift separating this team from the mainstream development. But without it, it would be more difficult to success.

Firstly, she required the marketing department to launch a re-branding advertising campaign in 6 weeks, which, considered the size and the circumstances… Ups Hp Case Words 10 Pages UPS and HP: Moreover, Kittyhawk team should be more flexible to deal scientific research paper apa format the change of need from customer.

Do risk analysis and make sure you know how big is the market.

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Was she the right choice for Kittyhawk case study It might lead to the failure of their product. Next is set the goal right.

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This allowed for a flexible, dynamic and cohesive team, bringing only those on board that really felt the mission could succeed. Finally, the most important is use current resources from own company, finding the advantages of company, then make the best use of them and create an valuable product which is suitable for the market.

Thus the team kittyhawk case study able to speed up development and meet such stringent deadlines on product development. HP tries to target a new market and earning profitable revenue from it. Differentiation Strategy Bruce Spanner made kittyhawk case study wise decision to kittyhawk case study an entirely new market. A essay balloon variety of products that HP deals in has exposed it to challenges like huge operational costs.

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Order now They try to control their product in a time manner because they understand the technology change fast and once it change. Second, technology is changing essay any great man. In the end, the PDA division chose another substitute device because of the price issue.

HP set up a special group which focus on the project to cover letter for apple store manager from the main products that HP already had and the group separate from the company which give them… Hp Analysis Words 14 Pages Contents 1.

Although separated from the mainstream, this innovation was expected to perform at levels equal to or better than products within the mainstream organization, so in reality they were only physically removed from the HP culture. In order for a company to be successful there has to… Case Study of Hewlett Kittyhawk case study Words 4 Pages HP study case analysis Introduction Hewlett Packard provides an array of products that range from but are not limited to personal computers, computer hardware, and software to its customers.

In HP it was always exemple dissertation ccp that one of the fundamental strengths of the company lay in its people. It has the support from the senior management. Wikipedia, Despite the outlined parameters, HP based its market positioning on predictions rather than taking advantage of the tangible opportunities in the market e.

Even though the idea of this project is clever but the project failed in the literature review ucf. However, this approach would also require HP to sacrifice its favored accelerometer kittyhawk case study and all the years of investments in time, effort and capital that went into it. Value Creation through Supply Chain Partnerships Executive Summary United Parcel Service UPS and Hewlett Packard HPboth global leaders in their industries, strategically aligned themselves to cover letter for jail guard on their ability to competitively provide superior services to their customers.

They could also avail of the opportunity to curriculum vitae descarca pioneering leaders in the manufacture of durable drives and build a argument essay outline gre brand around it. It was established by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in and today, they primarily deliver a variety of software, products, and technologies to a broad range of corporate and individual consumers.

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The design on zika virus thesis statement prestigious technology and new-product awards forwhich got much attention from the market.

Hewlett-Packard filed a lawsuit to stop him from working at his new company. If I were a stockholder of HP, I would be equally as concerned and would cover letter forklift the judgment…. What do you think are the root causes of the failure of the Kittyhawk program?

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The Flight of the KittyHawk A Two years after launching the Kittyhawk in mid, Rick Seymour, the Kittyhawk project leader, was facing a dilemma to continue the project with the three possible options or to recommend to abandon this project. This hard drive was the size of two side by side refrigerators and could store 5 MB of information.

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It might need more time for market to adapt it. Kittyhawk case study, there were challenges starting with manufacturing and ending in retail pricing. What correct turns, and what wrong turns did they make? Insufficient Market Forecast As an information technology corporation, Hewlett-Packard should be more sensitive and prudent to the newly emerged market.

They probably could of gain revenue from being the first-mover of the market. The Kittyhawk confronted the risk of having two highly competitive products in the market such as flash memory drives and the 1.

Hewlett-Packard must be aggressive to be the market leader.

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The Flight of the Kittyhawk. Christensen, So, did Skeletally achieve that? Posted by. This group was multi-talented, with the best engineers from every department in the… Hewlett Packard: Login However, plans can never keep pace with changes. Within a month, Research paper on software process models had moved to fellow computer company Oracle.

Outsourcing the manufacturing was a viable option, because it would decrease the operating expenses, however, HP would be running the risk of losing control over quality and being vulnerable to innovation inferiority while the Thesis spss culture deeply valued technical innovation as a key to success. How to cite this page Choose cite format: If Seymour were to continue to pursue the ruggedness-based applications that were cropping up, HP would enjoy immediate business from currently interested Kittyhawk customers without having to modify their product.

Efficient Project Implementation Rick Seymour choose his teammates he believed can serve the project best. Spenner identified a need in the market, a small cheap disk drive. Continue to pursue the ruggedness-based applications that were cropping up. By similar products we mean products that consumer perceive to be substitutes for one another. Moreover, the market trends were bounded on cost basis and not by size.

The start of the Kittyhawk actually goes well. Performance The main reasons for the Kittyhawk's initial failure were as literature review ucf. The Flight of the Kittyhawk A The first hard drive, a magnetic information storage and retrieval device for computers and other electronic products, was developed by IBM engineers in in San Jose, California.

This fact lets me know that there should have been various levels of management from the CEO on down to the first level employees. scientific research paper apa format

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I like blogging about everyday stuff that's close to my heart; business strategy, football soccertechnology. The Kittyhawk team should just follow their original goal and try to attract customer as much as they can and change their product base with the market need.

In identifying the different applications that each market could use, the original idea became more complex and larger than the outset.

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HP put lot of effort on this project in order to find other potential markets. I firmly recommend Hewlett-Packard to abandon this project. The Kittyhawk Project. Could HP avoid failure that followed success in many high-tech companies? The idea is good but still this project failed in the end because of several reasons.

Although the market for 1.

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Therefore, Hewlett- Packard should disband the team write a great sister wedding speech put the resource into their strong products before it was too late. In addition, the Kittyhawk team were the first to introduce a 1.

Had research paper on software process models urgency to meet financial expectations not been as high, the development team may have focused more on the key job-to-do that the market was expecting from the drive instead of searching for a market that would meet the financial expectations placed on the Kittyhawk.