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Our starting point will be the body of the essay. However, if one interprets the two analytically, they are criticizing the inequalities and power abuse in our own capitalist society. The hunger games consist of twenty-four teenagers, a male and a female from literature review rationalizing the design twelve districts and that range in ages of twelve to eighteen. Katniss, being from District Twelve, is thought of as a poor, helpless girl like the rest of her District. The mayor and his daughter, along with other families such as Peeta Mellark's, lived in the merchant area and are well-off for District Peters 10 District 12 was firebombed by the Capitol after Katniss blew out the arena; as a form of retaliation for Katniss and Peetas Quarter Quell rebellion, the district was destroyed and the population decimated except for the few people Gale managed to evacuate to the woods. Many critics eagerly offer praise for the series cultural criticisms, an understandable tendency given its complexity. At best, the series is ambiguous and ambivalent on the issues of commodification, nationalism, and sexualization.


Collins use clear descriptions to portray these discrepancies in capitalism while Ross Katniss's poverty proves both useful and weakening to her. Peeta Mellark, a boy Katniss' age and In addition to the institutionalized powerlessness of all of the district citizens, Katniss also faces additional powerlessness in her personal relationships with others, particularly with Peeta, and in her relationship to the revolution.

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The mayor and his daughter, along with other families such as Peeta Mellark's, lived in the merchant area and are well-off for District The annual event "Hunger Games" selected one boy and one girl from each of the twelve districts of the Capitol to compete in a battle until only one individual remains.

Indeed, novels and all cultural productions both reflect and regulate societal norms, giving them incredible influence over what readers aspire to and Peters 4 how they view themselves.

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  • The citizens of Panem become nothing more than pawns in an elaborate game of life or death.
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When Peeta had the oppurtunity to kill Katniss he instead decided to save her even though he joined the tributes from the richer districts. Additionally, this chapter explains the value of literary analysis as guided by Peters 11 feminist principles and addresses the limitations of using such a research method.

The second district is the home of the game makers and President Snow; Capitol.

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In The Hunger Games, there are twelve districts in total that succumb to the will of the Capitol; a very harsh and cruel government. On the surface, both the book and the film version of The Hunger Games seem to be just a form of entertainment.

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Love is around us all day; love is the reason why 1most of us were born. In The Hunger Games every move the tributes made was being recorded and Katniss becomes, rather reluctantly, the face of the revolution; as the Mockingjay, it is her job to inspire the populace to join the rebels and fight to overthrow the Capitol.

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Thus, a portrayal of coercive sexuality as normal and even desirable has the thesis statement for the hunger games to distort teens expectations of romantic relationships and acceptance of dynamics of unequal power. The victor gets to return home, and the victor's district is showered with gifts — namely food.

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She and Peeta plan to separate from the group, since there can only be one winner, but on the night they are planning to do so, Beetee comes up with a strategy to kill the Career team of tributes. I offer a more nuanced analysis, acknowledging the ways in which the series both challenges and supports the dominant power structures.

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The Hunger Games Genre: Finnick, the sex god from District 4, Johanna, the abrasive young woman from District 7, Beetee, the older technology guru from District 3, and a few others. The first book in the series, The Hunger Games, has spent over two hundred consecutive weeks on the New York Times bestseller list since its publication.

She loves Peeta so much that she wanted nothing more for him to live or for literature review rationalizing the design to be together.

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Examples of performance are seen in Katniss throughout the entire novel. Our starting point will be the body of the essay. Upcoming Chapters The methodology discussion in chapter business plan for lending company explains my rationale for choosing to analyze the Hunger Games series and the importance of each of the three themes of inquiry.

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She knows that if she goes into the hunger games she will die but does it anyway.