Essay on “My Pet” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Write essay on pet dog. Essay on “My Pet” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

It has a bushy tail. I always give healthy food. He also enjoys rice and curry. I have a pet dog. It has long black hairs all over its body. They are always ready to protect their master write essay on pet dog unfortunate incidents and many times they have also sacrificed their lives in the course of protecting their master. Police dogs are a particular type of dogs used to catch murderers and criminals.


Write essay on pet dog loves to dig and bury bones in the garden. I always obey my order. When any of us are ill, he sits at our bedside looking sad. His name is Cham. Even though Tipsy has a very strong body frame, he has a very gentle face and is always a friendly dog to those whom he knows.

Whenever Tipsy is worried, he looks at us with desperate eyes that appear like he is sad.

10 Lines on My Pet Dog in English for Children and Students

It follows me wherever I go. He always barks loudly to attract our attention to the approaching stranger. We feel quite secure and safe because of the presence of Moti.

Rocky is allowed entry into our homebut it never jumps on the sofa or quantitative research paper sample pdf anything. For some a the uses and abuses of cell phones essay 250 words dog is a status symbol, but for me my Moti is a necessity. You can easily understand these ten lines because it is written in a very easy language.

It has four thin legs. It is very faithful and obedient to me.

Essay on “My Pet” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

It is very big in size. Whenever I have free time I play the ball with my pet dog. It is so much trusty and obedient to us.

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It will also help you to write an essay in your exams or prepare a speech for some occasion. Once this is done, one can begin describing the things that the dog likes and those that it does not appreciate. The bonding that developed there has, since then, continued unbroken.

Essay on My Pet Dog for Kids and School Students - 10 Lines, 100 words, 200 words

Essay on My Pet Dog to words The dog is a very helpful pet animal. He is an unusual dog.

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He is so much faithful and obedient. I give it meat, egg, fish, bread, rice and etc. They are the one that can be easily petted and require less maintenance. Then it was a little puppy of four moths.

Some days he eats eggs too. They communicated with the local authorities so the authorities could allow us to adopt the pet.

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Ten Lines on My Pet Dog in English Below are the ten lines on my pet dog describing its important habits and behavior. There it plays with me. Dogs are the best pet animals to keep.

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Dogs can lead the policemen to the places where murders take place. It also loves cleanliness and never spoils the floor, beds or clothes have built a small kennel for it in a corner of my house where it spends much of its time. It guards our house at night. The essay metro city is so loyal to his master that nothing can induce him to leave his master. The lifespan of a dog is very small however it can live around 12 to samples of a research proposal pdf years long.

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An additional set of 10 lines on my pet dog is also provided below which will help you to elaborate your essays on my pet dog, my pet dog story, few lines on my pet dog for class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4 or class 5 or short paragraph on my pet dog etc. You can easily understand and learn these lines for your exam, school assignment, summative and formative assessments or paragraph recitation in the class: Pluto is a brown Labrador.

I found him wondering in our neighborhood. Its name is Tom. It is always a great feeling to have dogs as our pets as they are the one who shower selfless love on you every day and night.

Essay on My Pet Dog for All Class in English for Students and Kids

When he was transferred to Mumbai from here, he gave it to me as a gift. Essay No. Dogs always bark at the unknown person who comes inside the house. Dogs are the rear guard of the houses dogs go everywhere with his master. He loves milk and special dog biscuits for breakfast.

Ten Lines on My Pet Dog in English

Tipsy can actually spend whole afternoons chewing bones because he loves them so much. The thieves are afraid of it. Even the postman and other delivery men are scared write essay on pet dog coming inside our house. It has long black hairs all over its body. Almost everyone has kept dogs as a pet animal at some point of time. I actually came across Tipsy while he was still a puppy.

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Write essay on pet dog accompanies me to the park when I go there.