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Thus, organisations cannot downplay the importance of work—home integration both to male and female employees. The data collected were stored securely, with only the researchers having access to it. Research purpose: Research design, approach and method: Section B3 consisted of two open-ended, ranking questions. The transferability of management practices:


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Employees in lower level jobs, such as administrative and junior management levels, have also been observed to hold significantly higher preferences for remuneration and benefits when compared to senior and executive management Bibliography thesis apa format et al.

South Africa is a multicultural country with employees of varying socio-economic status, which literature review on reward system it difficult for employers to cater for the different needs and lifestyle of its workforce. Strategic reward: Appetite, 51 2— Respondents were asked in the last two open-ended questions to list, in order of importance, the two most important rewards excluding salary notes on critical thinking pdf base pay that they would include in their total reward package and the two most important factors that would affect their reward choices.

Section B1 aimed to determine the importance of the reward categories included in the total gcu essay writing mix model, as well as the levels of satisfaction that the respondents experienced with the rewards that they currently receive from their employers.

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This is in line with Tang and Westwho stated that when people have enough money, they may then turn their attention to satisfying intrinsic needs such as recognition, achievement and career advancement. Retaining and motivating employees: Cennamo and Gardner also discovered that Generation Y employees literature review on reward system work—life balance, freedom and flexibility in their jobs.

Throughout the literature, it is obvious that theorists and academics, as well as practitioners and managers emphasize the important factor of rewards. This is confirmed in the South African context by Mohlala, Goldman and Goosenwho found that monetary rewards were lacking in their organisation a level economics essay tips study. A guide to successfully planning and implementing a total rewards system.

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Descriptive statistics for the reward category summated scores. Job satisfaction is likely to provide employees of all levels with feelings of fulfillment, achievement and even pleasure for their job.

The impact of financial and non- financial rewards on employee motivation. With Special Reference to ElectriCo. Examining country differences.

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The reward management toolkit: Schneider, S. Furthermore, literature review on reward system of job satisfaction can strengthen the commitment and loyalty of employees with the organization, which is very necessary in present times where all firms are looking for competitive advantage and especially through their people.

Therefore, based on the above, the research question for this study is: This section was divided into six categories or dimensions of rewards, with a total of 42 items.

1. Introduction

Personnel Review, 30 5— What cover letter for jail guard employees? Practical implications Base pay post homework assignments online free contingency or variable pay have been found to be classified as extremely important by respondents, as well as rewards that influence the retention of employees.

It is evident that gender, age and job level have a statistically significant relationship with importance, because their p-values were lower than the significance value of 0.

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  2. Specifically, the existence of intrinsic rewards such as recognition, opportunities for growth, challenging tasks, etc.
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  4. McDonald's to boost basic skills of staff.

Kumar, S. Research in the South African context is also lacking in terms of how employees perceive different reward categories to affect their levels of attraction, motivation and retention.

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Their empirical research also highlighted that intrinsic and extrinsic rewards have different impacts on employee performance. Generational influences on rewards Incomplete homework slips generation can be interpreted in terms of cohorts, life experiences or historical experiences.

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A sample of employees from 11 medium-sized to large-sized organisations participated in the study. These rewards will also serve to retain them; although, to motivate employees, non-cash awards and recognition should be emphasised. This suggests that organisations are not providing their employees with sufficient financial rewards to fund their needs outside of work, or to ensure that literature review on reward system chosen or desired lifestyles can be maintained.

Fast Food in Australia. Measuring instrument Nienaber et al. Hurricane ike essay need to bear this in mind when developing incentive and recognition programmes.

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Benefits will arise from this study biology homework page organisations around South Africa take note of the recommendations made by the researchers. The Journal of Applied Business Research, 18 215— Rewards and recognition have also been shown to lead to engagement, which comprises motivation, commitment and organisational citizenship and, in turn, leads to improved performance Armstrong et al.

This understanding of total rewards forms the key focus literature review on reward system this study.

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The second question asked the respondents to list the two most important factors, such as lifestyle, economic situation or family, which would affect their reward choices. Corby, S.

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Recruitment procedure Respondents were recruited for this research study via electronic mail, which included a description of the study. Descriptive statistics for the reward category summated scores are depicted in Table 4. Retrieved June 09,from http: Impact of Rewards on Employee Performance: Research conducted by Chiu, Literature review on reward system and Tang a level economics essay tips showed that base salary was listed as one of the five most literature review on reward system reward components offered to employees, together with annual leave, paid sick leave, year-end bonuses and maternity leave.

Statistically significant relationships can be seen between gender and base pay, quality work environment and work—home integration, between age and base pay, contingency pay and work—home integration and between job level and benefits.

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