Literature Review: Conducting & Writing

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How are the authors viewed in the field? The LR should be exhaustive and as current as possible. Review the literature. Near the beginning of a review, state explicitly what will and will not be covered Start with a general terms from the database thesaurus.


Critically Evaluate Selected Literature Rely on research Journal articles published in national journals Prioritize your search: What further questions does it raise? Analyze its literature review, the samples and variables used, the results, and the conclusions.

While a discovery tool can be invaluable for quickly finding a multitude of resources on nearly any topic, there are a number of considerations a researcher should keep in mind when using a discovery tool, especially for the researcher who is attempting a comprehensive literature review.

Literature Review

As the researcher conducts his or her own study, other relevant materials might enter into the professional literature. The LR should be exhaustive and as current as possible. Use RefWorks to keep track of your research citations.

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No discovery tool works with every database subscribed to by a library. If you are commenting on the timeliness of a topic, be specific in describing the time frame.

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Essay on i were a bird the reviewers clearly identified the topic of review? If there are conflicting studies, why do you think that is? What were the research methodologies? Provide further contextual background Reveal issues related to your study Describe similar problems in other organizations Provide significance to your approach to the study 23 Guidelines on Style, Mechanics, and Language Usage Does your draft follow the logic or idea that is presented in your intro and title?

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Creswell, J. Avoid string quotations i. Book collections might be excluded from results delivered by a discovery tool. While many researchers will be most concerned with what is immediately available to steps of literature review ppt at write a short essay on rabindranath tagore own library, a researcher concerned with finding everything that has been done on a particular topic will need to thesis statement for depression research paper beyond what's available at his or her home library and include materials that are available elsewhere.

Studies should not duplicate research that has been already done. Master's and doctoral candidates should take care to notice if their library's discovery tool automatically limits to available materials and broaden the scope to include ALL materials, not just those available.

The advantages of using Excel is that it enables you to sort your findings according to a variety of factors e.

Importance of literature review

Within each topic heading, note differences among studies. Use the bibliographies and references of research studies you find to locate others. Review during the period of your research. Redefine your topic if needed.

The Literature Review Process

While abstracts are extremely useful in identifying the right types of materials, they are no substitute for the actual items, themselves. This, however, is not always the case. An early review 2. Once those databases that are not discoverable have been identified, the researcher would do well to search them individually to find out if other materials can be identified outside of the discovery tool.

Locate Literature Use academic libraries, do not limit your search to an electronic search of articles Use primary and secondary sources.

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It will help you to learn about research design for your research. While the terms mainstreaming and inclusion are sometimes used synonymously, they really embody two different approaches to working with students having special needs. The reality is that no one tool does it all.

1. Choose a topic. Define your research question.

Critically Evaluate and Select Literature Rely on journal articles published in national journals Prioritize your search: There will be other vendors with whom agreements are not forthcoming, therefore their materials are not included in the discovery tool results. When materials are not available online, the researcher should check the library's physical collections print, media, etc.

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Locate Literature Use academic libraries, do not limit your search to an electronic search of articles. Features available in a particular database might not be available in a discovery tool.

A discovery tool makes searching library systems more "Google-like" in that even the simplest of queries can be entered and results retrieved. It will help you to learn about research design for your research.

Does the research seem to be complete? Identify landmark or classic studies and theorists.

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It is the researcher's responsibility to update the literature review with newly released information prior to completing his or her own study. An initial strategy for selecting search terminology might be thesis statement for depression research paper list all possible relevant terms and their synonyms in order to have a working vocabulary for use in the research databases.

Plan to suggest specific directions business plan clothing brand future research.

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Has this study been cited? While this might be of only minor concern for a researcher looking to do a fairly limited research project, the researcher looking to do a comprehensive review of the literature in preparation for writing a master's thesis or a doctoral dissertation will run the risk of missing some materials by limiting the search just to a particular library's discovery system.

Are analysis, method clearly explained? Reorganize your notes according to the path of your argument 20 5. A reasonable and widely accepted timeframe includes research conducted during the past 10 years.

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For those materials not physically available in the home library, the researcher will use interlibrary loan to procure copies from other libraries or write a short essay on rabindranath tagore.

Some questions to help you analyze the research: A review of the reference lists for each of the items identified in the search will also help free essay on michael jordan identify key literature that should be reviewed. Research problem: Specify your point of view early in the review: An individual research paper on stalin might have search features that cannot be provided through a discovery tool, since the discovery tool is designed to accommodate a large number of systems with a single search.

With the foregoing in mind, a researcher might start a search by using the library's discovery tool and then follow up by reviewing which databases have been included in the search and, more importantly, which databases have not been included.

Conducting a Literature Review

Toylor, D. Not even Google Scholar. See the RefWorks Tutorial if you need help. Ask your professor or a scholar in the field if you are missing any key works in the field.

Importance of literature review - ppt download

During this time, it will be important for the researcher to periodically review the research that has been going on at the same time as his or her own research.

Near the beginning of a review, state explicitly what will and will not be covered Presentation on theme: In addition to searching using key concepts aligned with the research topic, a researcher likely also will want to search dissertation finite element analysis additional materials produced by key authors who are identified in the initial searches.

Important studies i. Review the abstracts of research studies carefully.

As materials are identified with the initial search, the researcher will want to keep track of other terminology that could be of use in performing additional searches. What were the authors trying to discover?

Evaluate your references for currency and coverage. Especially in the case of master's essay contest win money doctoral projects, the research process might take a year or several years to complete. Again, review the abstracts carefully. In some cases the research topic may be so original in its scope that no one has done anything exactly like it, so research that is at least similar or related will provide source material for the literature review.

The Literature Review. - ppt download

Have they indicated its delimitations? Then answer the following questions on page 9. Some discovery tools are set, by default, to limit search results to those items directly available through a particular library's collections.

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If a landmark study was replicated, mention that and indicate the results of the replication. Could it have been conducted more soundly? Plan to discuss how individual studies relate to and advance theory.

Most libraries will facilitate locating its individual databases through a subject arrangement of some kind. Search different types of literature: