Single-Case Design, Analysis, and Quality Assessment for Intervention Research

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After giving further energetic expression to the anger she had held back, she asked for something to drink, drank a large quantity of water without any difficulty, and awoke from her hypnosis with the glass at her lips; and thereupon the disturbance vanished, never to return. Generate one hypothesis suggested by the case study that might be interesting to test in a systematic single-subject or group study. This work was carried out primarily using nonhuman subjects—mostly rats and pigeons. Explain what case studies are, including some of their strengths and weaknesses. A second reason to focus intensively on individuals is that sometimes it is the behaviour of a particular individual that is primarily of interest. Find and read a published article in psychology that reports new single-subject research. For example, a treatment that has a positive effect for half the people exposed to it but a negative effect for the other thesis statement history halloween would, on average, appear to have no effect at all. One reason for this is that group research can hide individual differences and generate results that do not represent the behaviour of any individual.


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Single-subject research has been around since the beginning of the field of psychology. While there are a variety of other research designs that could be utilized in rehabilitation research, only SC studies and RCTs are discussed here because SC studies are the focus of this article and RCTs are the most highly recommended design for intervention studies. A school psychologist, for example, might be interested in changing the behaviour of a particular disruptive student.

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For this reason, single-subject research is often considered a type of experimental research with good internal validity. One reason for this is that group research can hide individual differences and generate results that do not represent research paper on pension plans behaviour of any individual. One of them was that for several weeks she was unable to drink any fluids.

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Single-subject research, in contrast, focuses on understanding objective behaviour through experimental manipulation and control, collecting highly structured data, street food business plan pdf analyzing those data quantitatively. Then do the following: Furthermore, the teachers found the treatment easy to implement, even in their often-chaotic elementary school classrooms.

Who Uses Single-Subject Research?

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The creative writing prompts 8th grade had said nothing, as she had wanted to language learning literature review polite. Social validity: In the middle of the 20th century, B. Because there was a clear increase in studying when the treatment was introduced, a decrease when it was removed, and an increase when it was reintroduced, there is little doubt that the treatment was the cause of the improvement.

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Although previous published research both single-subject and group research is likely to provide some guidance on how to do this, conducting a study on this student would be more direct and probably more effective. He and other researchers then used it to describe how rewards, punishments, and other external factors affect behaviour over time.

SC studies can provide a scientifically rigorous alternative to RCTs for experimentally determining the effectiveness of interventions.

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Case studies that include only qualitative analyses can be considered a type of qualitative research. Readers will be directed to examples from the published literature in single case study voorbeeld these techniques have been discussed, evaluated for quality, and implemented.

Well there are plenty of examples that say otherwise. Money and things sure are nice but there is always a simpler more personal way, that if done well, makes the largest possible difference.

The study by Hall and his colleagues, for example, had good social validity because it showed strong and consistent effects of positive teacher attention on a behaviour that is of obvious importance to teachers, parents, and students. Michele A.

Single-subject research has been around as long as the field of psychology itself. Find and read a published case study in psychology.

Watson, J. In SC studies, measurements of outcome dependent variables are recorded repeatedly for individual participants across time and varying levels of an intervention independent variables.

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