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Essay on importance of trees in human life. Importance of trees in our life - Essay and speech

Nature is more beautiful than materialistic things. The fascinating green valleys and waving farms and grasslands are not less than divine blessings and we have not right to ravage and disfigure the beauty of natural objects. If we are destroying trees or forests, we are destroying our lives and environment from the green earth.


Just why are trees important?

The confusion is understandable given that family, genetic, and imaging findings show similarities between autism and childhood schizophrenia.

They are good example of unity in diversity. When the water from the oceans, rivers, lakes evaporates, it goes high into the atmosphere in form of vapors where it is condensed and clouds are formed.

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The scenic beauty is also being affected adversely. The economic prosperity of the country also mainly depends upon the presence of woodlands and forests on a large area. Nature is more beautiful than materialistic things.

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Carbon dioxide is one of the main Greenhouse gases which are causing global warming. Trees, plants, animal, humans all we are grouped in this world by God as a family.

Breaking away hanging fruit on the trees is very funny for kids.

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But the reality is our world is pushing to the edge of extinction of our loving trees. Thomas Jefferson Almost believable, nobody can deny the beauty of lush green trees and fields.

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Saving plants we are not showing any kindness to the plants instead we are showing kindness to our lives because life is not possible without trees on the earth. You can select any save trees essay according to the need: Trees give fruits for hungry kids when they are coming to home especially in villages.

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Trees also bring colour and contrasts into the urban environment. Trees are nourishing life on the earth in many ways by providing fruits, vegetables, foliage, flowers, spices, cool shade, medicines, roots, bark, wood, sprouts, etc.

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Pollution level is increased. Is it duty of God to save plants and save our life? Trees are our teachers.

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We need to grow more plants for increase air quality. In such a technological world, where people are fighting and working for themselves only, only trees are living for benefiting others human beings and animals. But we can do important things to save trees and nature.

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Such as in Himachal Pradesh is one of the beautiful state of India to travel in the nature. Moreover, the fertility of the agricultural lands mainly depends upon the existence of the forests on a large scale.

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Trees hold the sold firmly with their roots, reducing the soil erosion and in a result, essay on importance of trees in human life pollution is reduced. We should promote people to highly participate in such type tiger brands business plan events to know the issues related to reducing number of plants on the earth.

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  • Trees are the solution of happiness Teacher can teach values and benefits of trees more in the garden and forest.
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