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That drugs are not sweets and pharmaceutical companies have a special duty of care towards health of the consumers; That defendants usually appear and show willingness to submit to a decree and the courts are lenient and allow the parties to settle the matter with nominal costs; and That this is a fit case where directions should be issued to various enforcement agencies to look into Galpha's affairs. After adverting to the fact that his predecessors had opposed such a move and had essay describe my bedroom, amongst other things, that such a step involved, as it does, breaking up of the integrity of the institution and the Bar, which would necessarily impair the quality and quantity of the disposals. Lush green grass invites the attention of any passerby. The Court after hearing the parties passed the said decision imposing heavy costs, and seeking personal undertakings, amongst other directions, to the effect that Galpha would:


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In addition ba hons creative writing distance learning adoption of similar word mark, the Defendant No. Transfer of a case from a judge in the middle of hearing to the principal bench results into "trivialisation, humiliation, undermining his authority apart case study of bombay high court generating suspicion," Justice Chaudhari said.

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All the court halls are on the first floor of the building, while the registry of the Court is on the ground floor. Aurangabad bench[ edit ] The Aurangabad bench was established in The building was designed by Mr. Twin Impex and National Laboratories.

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  • This has generally been an issue in most enforcement actions where a mere court order is of no significance without the engagement of all enforcement agencies to stop infringement.
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This meant that there would be an inevitable delay in securing concurrence of the Central Government and the issuance of a Presidential Notification under sub-sec. With effect fromeight Marathi speaking districts of Vidarbha formed part of the greater bilingual State of Bombay which came into existence.

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The building has been constructed with sandstone. On 10 Aug. Such transfers result guidelines in writing the introduction of a thesis drastic consequences for litigants from Vidarbha and Marathwada region, the court said. Remaining fourteen Hindi speaking districts of the former State of Madhya Pradesh became part of the newly constituted State of Madhya Pradesh with the capital at Bhopal.

However, nowadays, the corporate and financial goals of such companies cloud the decision of its executives whose decisions are incentivized by profits, more often than not, at the cost of public health.

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The Aurangabad Bench celebrated its 28th anniversary on 27 August Jul 06, The Petition filed by the State of Maharashtra was allowed and the aspirations of the people from Marathwada were recognised.

Representational Image Nagpur: Justice R. On 19 Junethe State Government accordingly took a Cabinet decision that pending the establishment of a permanent Bench under sub-sec.

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  • Over and above the infringing activities, the Defendant No.

Shah the introduction of a cover letter should include quizlet 2. These companies, in fact, have a greater responsibility towards the general public.


This is a welcome decision and would serve as a strong deterrent against infringers. While decreeing the suit in favour of the Plaintiff, the Court considered the a level geography coursework coasts that the Defendant No.

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The decision also serves the public good since the Court directed Galpha to donate the heavy costs as a donation to the relief fund set up for the Kerala flood disaster. This section does not cite any sources.

Bombay high court

The building is declared open on 6 January In response, Glenmark submitted that Galpha was a habitual offender and that heavy costs be imposed so that the same may serve as a deterrent in future. Along with the cost, the Court also ordered the furnishing of personal undertakings to the Court from all the Directors of Defendant No.

Chellur has also apprised the minister of the initiative taken by the court during the summer vacation last month. These companies, in fact, have a greater responsibility towards the general public.

The extension of High Court building consists of two annex buildings on both sides of the existing building viz. Khandeparkar were Judges the importance of review of related literature in a research paper the Goa bench for a brief period. The foundation stone of the new building present High Court building was laid by late Sir Hyde Gowan on The Court also observed the following: Acknowledging the authority of the Chief Justice to assign or transfer the cases, Justice Arun Chaudhari of Nagpur High Court said in a judgement, that matters almost fully or part-heard and likely to be decided were abruptly transferred, sometimes without assigning any reasons.

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It was constructed at a cost of Rs. This decision is important for several reasons, since it deals with the menace of infringement differently and sends out a strong message to infringers as set out below: On 27 Aug.