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A2 geography afghanistan case study. Afghanistan Case Study-International Conflict - Revision Notes in A Level and IB Geography

Exports to the wider world are just about no existent except for the some agricultural products like pomegranates, nuts and their largest export opium. This was partly due to the failed attempts of the Soviet forces during the s and 80s. Your fellow students know exactly where the pitfalls lie and what the key elements will be to your success in that module.


However, the key Taliban a2 geography afghanistan case study including Mullah Omar and bin Laden were still at large. Much of the denser forests in the east are at risk from mba homework help illegal felling by the timber Mafia. The conditions in the refugee camps were extremely poor and the outbreak of diseases such as cholera, dysentery and tuberculosis was rife.

As a result it has become one of the poorest countries in the world. However, managing to evade U. S formed a coalition whereby the U. Afghanistan comes th 0. However, there was a reluctance by the U. It is a mountainous country with Noshaq a2 geography afghanistan case study the highest point atm. Earn hundreds of dollars each month by selling your written material to your fellow students.

Security during annotated bibliography compared to literature review time and into was superficial and many Afghans were concerned about their future. The city fell to the coalition on 5th December with the remaining Taliban heading for the safety of the surrounding villages and the southern hills.

The coalition had failed to capture their number one target. Large sections of the population have a2 geography afghanistan case study traumatised by decades of fighting and the future of Afghanistan is still looks bleak. The rural environments have become increasingly impoverished causing mass migration to the urban areas rural—urban migration.

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However, when the presidential campaign started in so did a rise in attacks by the Taliban. The on-going conflict has led to severe malnutrition, limited health and educational services all of which were poor prior to the conflict.

What you need to know: Another danger came from the land mines which kill and maim far more civilians than military personnel.

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Coalition forces, assuming the Taliban had been defeated, began to relax their operations and focused on helping the new Afghan government. Jessica Donati Reuters http: The wood is sold to Pakistan with high returns even though the sale of logs is illegal.

S, British and Afghan forces conducted new offensives in Helmand province in Consequences of conflict. Overspecific notes are at your disposal.

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The Taliban however continued their attacks and during the year they managed to kill more than policemen. Afghanistan and Sudan. Your fellow students know exactly where the pitfalls spanish essay writing phrases a level and what the key elements will be to your success in that module. These factors have contributed to an increasing population due to high fertility rates and a lack of family planning.

Around 3 million Afghans fled to neighbouring countries. Using the business plan logistics pdf book — The causes of geographical impacts of war in Afghanistan — make note under the flowing: The massive assistance they received from U.

He was hiding in the town of Abbotabad.


Equally trade has been hampered with key trade routes blocked by the Taliban and making the county unattractive to foreign direct investment FDI. The Taliban however had created greater insurgency across a larger part of Afghanistan in The international war divided the country in two, the Write an essay of 200 words describing the life without gravity fighting against the U.

Decades of fighting and instability put off investors. Deforestation Majority of the population depend on fuel wood and the revenue generated by exports of almonds and pistachios. Drug addiction among the Afghan population rose drastically, with over 1 million Afghans addicted, as poppy cultivation became the dominant agricultural product.

S led airstrikes were followed up by ground attack by the Northern Alliance. As the conflict continued so the number of refugees leaving the country rose considerably. Wildlife Wildlife and habitat are at risk due to hunting, conflict and drought.

The geographical impact of international conflict | Geography

Hamid Karzai was sworn in as interim President in Environmental Impacts Environmental issues in this region predate the conflicts and political mayhem of the recent decades. The superpowers America, Russia, China and Britain have used Afghanistan over the last four decades to play out their political games.

This was partly due to the failed attempts of the Soviet forces during the s and 80s. Consequences of the conflict economic, social and environmental The international conflict which has plagued Afghanistan for so many years has been notable for its horrendous impact. Water management Droughts are a major concern in this region with the threat of famine and millions left destitute.

Large parts of the country are dry and much of the rain water runs off into neighbouring countries — Iran and Pakistan. Many of the local people were still hopefully in the future of Afghanistan. Aid workers became vulnerable to kidnappings and murders carried out by the Taliban which created an uneasy atmosphere and work in and around Kabul ceased.

After a decade of hunting a2 geography afghanistan case study Osama bin Laden a U. With the renewed vigour in Pakistan the Taliban attacked the southern provinces of Helmand, Kandahar and Zabul in using guerrilla tactics. Peter Lowe, However, much of this aid has not helped ease poverty or improve the economic conditions and living standards.

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  2. Consequences of conflict.
  3. Afghanistan Case Study-International Conflict - Revision Notes in A Level and IB Geography
  4. However this was captured on the 26th November — the remaining Taliban in the north fled to Pakistan.
  5. Afghanistan has a long way to go before it can heal the atrocities of the past.

This material may be protected by copyright. The current government led by President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzait took power in after Hamid Karzai two terms had ended and the collapse of the Taliban. The extract below is from the above books: No generic book summaries, but the experience resume cover letter sample content you need to ace your exams.

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Understandably the wildlife has come second during this time of turmoil however it will have a huge effect on the country as a whole if nothing is done or attitudes altered. This meant that the Taliban only had control of a small section of the north in a town called Kunduz.

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Lowe, Peter. S led operation located him on 2nd May in a compound in Pakistan. Due to the influx facilities were no longer adequate and people suffered from experience resume cover letter sample housing, water, electricity and there was an overwhelming shortage of jobs. The reason for the slow response by the coalition to the a2 geography afghanistan case study of the Taliban was due to: Political struggle within the country is closely related to international conflicts.

However this was captured on the 26th November — the remaining Taliban in the north fled to Pakistan. It has been in the media since the s with the soviet invasion lasting 11 years.

Afghanistan Case Study-International Conflict

Afghanistan has a long way to go before it can heal the atrocities of the past. You need to be able to describe the conflict location, dates, general causes etc. The Mujahedeen have been split as to who they will support during these times of conflict and once the foreign troops pull out fighting amongst the tribes started for political dominance.

After this most of northern Afghanistan came under their control and they took Kabul on the 13th November as the Taliban surprising fled the city. Artillery a2 geography afghanistan case study and the clearance of woodlands which could have provided hiding places for their opponents have led to the clearance of the trees. The fatality of the Afghans was due to the fact that the Taliban had integrated themselves within normal society thus the coalition forces had no idea who was who — a Taliban soldier or a civilian.

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Lack of irrigation and the worsening mba homework help conditions have impacted on the soil in the region causing more erosion and infertile plains. The failure to capture the most wanted man was down to the biggest error of the war — the US had no ground troops.

However, without improvements to security the president knows he will be able to achieve very little. Due to this the Taliban gained control of much of the southern provinces.

The aim was to regain territory lost to the Taliban by blocking their routes from Pakistan and releasing the annotated bibliography compared to literature review population from Taliban control. They were assumed to be hiding in the Tora Bora mountain area of eastern Afghanistan. The Hindu Kush mountain rage in the northeast of the country is a geologically active area where earthquakes occur on a yearly basis with devastating effect.

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The country was in ruins yet the deterioration continued through the s as in-fighting between the victorious Mujahideen groups led to a bloody civil war and the emergence of the Taliban who eventually defeated all rivals to become the government of Afghanistan. Progress has started but it is slow and centred around Kabul. One of them will be needed so please purchase.