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Short essay on natural resources of nepal,

Harder - Soil covers a major portion of the earth's land surface. In the mid-mountain region the potential for increasing production is limited. It is the center of the universe according to traditional cosmography. Kathmandu valley has this type of soil short essay on natural resources of nepal varieties of vegetables and crops can be grown easily. Minerals and mines in Nepal Advertisement These are the major the natural resources of Nepal. Plants, animals, air, and water are natural resources. Similarly, minerals like gold, mica, limestone, and iron ore, copper are found in various parts of Nepal.


The parent rock is disintegrated through continuous weathering.

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Because of ucla app essay lack of adequate transportation, surplus food grain from the Tarai does not move north into the food deficit areas of the mid-mountain region. Although, within some biomes, technical progress and population growth have brought about an overexploitation of the natural environment and, in many cases, even the destruction of entire habitats.

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Third category rivers rise in the outermost Siwalik foothills and are mostly seasonal. Mineral deposits such as gold, diamond, mica, limestone, iron source: People use natural resources to make gasoline and electricity. It has been researched that there are various minerals resources like metallic, non-metallic, decorative stones, fuel metals in the mountainous region.

The world Bank. Maya Fehling et al.

Some food grains move northward from the Tarai and the mountain areas into Tibethowever, despite a shortage in the mountain regions. Methods of Conservation The challenge of conservation This soil contains less nitrogen, phosphorous and calcium etc.

So Nepal does not have access to the sea or oceans. Phoksundo is the deepest lake of Nepal.

All a computer does is road accidents in sri lanka essay in sinhala the instructions given to it beforehand. Himalayan areas are not good for agriculture, however, there are large medicinal herbs available in the Himalayan forest.

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If we are able to identify and refine the minerals even from the suspected areas we can utilize these natural resources in the near future. In fact, it is the second richest country in water resources after Brazil.

These natural resources are the gifts of the nature. There are tropical, sub tropical and alpine forests, which are the modelo curriculum vitae supermercado source of reasons why some business plan fails Besides, they give us many advantages in many ways. That is why an important and complex concept like Human Impact on Ecosystems is a central one to cover in an Ecology unit.

4 Major Natural Resources of Nepal

Related problems due to mismanagement and its: It contains less humus in it. It consists of particles of various organic and inorganic substances. Abiotic Components: Forest gives us foods like fruits, vegetables, e.

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The amount of species that live in the rainforest is greater than 30 million plants and animals. However, due to the lack of manpower and financial resources, we have fallen behind to derive all and full advantages from these natural gifts.

  • In the following few paragraphs I will describe in more depth in my opinion what our responsibility is.
  • If our natural resources fail, we will in turn have failed our decedents by leaving behind a life that is harder to live.
  • These natural resources are the main source of the human life exists in the Earth.
  • It is an important natural resource that either directly or indirectly supports most of the planet's life.
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As well as how much power we have, and how much of our resources we should use. We have built bridges, roads, flyovers and subways.

Essay on natural resources of nepal

Rainforests have evolved over millions of years to turn into the incredibly complex environments they are today. Conclusion I.

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Animals get their nutrients from plants or from other animals that eat plants. Major projects have been undertaken in an effort to halt soil erosion and deforestation.