Case Study: The Amazon Rainforest

Tropical rainforest gcse case study. Tropical Rainforest Sustainable Development: Papua New Guinea

Rainforests hold most of their nutrients in their live vegetation, not in the soil. The Brazilian region of Mato Grosso was affected by deforestation in the s and s. Energy development — This has focussed mainly on using Hydro Electric Power, and there are new dams planned for the Amazon alone. Some threats are:


The population has grown fromin toin The Amazon rainforest in South America is the largest in the world.

There is strong international pressure to clear these debts - this is debt relief. The second largest is the Congo in central Africa, and other important rainforests can be found in Central America, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia. Deforestation is still taking place in Borneo, when land is being converted to oil palm plantations.

Absolute clearance of all trees from an area. One of the main initiatives was to introduce the Selective Management System, which is recognised as one of the most sustainable approaches to tropical forestry in the world.

  • Felling - Felling carried out by license holders.
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  • In the early 20th century, forest was cleared for rubber plantations, however synthetic rubber has led to a steep decline in rubber exports, and many plantations have been abandoned or converted.

Energy development — This has arizona state essay prompt mainly on using Hydro Electric Power, explain the various steps involved in problem solving there are new dams planned for the Amazon alone. They are traditional subsistence farmers without money, yet have been asked to pay to be rehoused.

Many factors contribute to tropical deforestation, but consider this typical set of circumstances and processes that result in rapid and unsustainable rates of deforestation. Loggers are interested in all types of wood and therefore cut all of the trees down, how do i write a research paper in mla format clearing the forest, hence the name- clear-cutting.

About 9, indigenous Kenyah people have been forced to move.

Case study 8 - Amazon rainforest

Roads are an essential way for the Brazilian government to allow development of the Amazon rainforest. Small groups Local guides Buildings using local materials Environmentally friendly buildings sustainable water, energy and waste management. It also aims to reduce demand for rare and valuable tropical hardwoods.

Greenpeace and thesis statement for bullying in schools have been active in the area in developing small scale alternative community development schemes. Mining Mining has become widespread in Peninsular Malaysia, mainly tin mining and smelting.

Trees have developed lateral plane roots in the rain forest to ensure stability because the lack of soil fertility discourages deep tap root growth for this purpose. This action should give the community the room they need to regulate their own development potential in a sustainable, community owned manner.

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Many modern medicines are derived from rainforest plants, and several very important food crops originated in the rainforest, including bananas, mangos, chocolate, coffee, and sugar cane.

Loggers cut out the best timber for domestic use or export, and in the process knock over many other less valuable trees. Clear felling where all trees in an area are felled was common, and led to the destruction of forest habitats. Logging has also threatened indigenous tribes. Social mask essay farmers, often cattle ranchers from big companies, burn the rest to make way for cattle pasture.

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Malaysia is currently interview questions technical problem solving largest palm oil exporter. After a few years, the vegetation is sufficiently degraded to make it not profitable to raise cattle, and the land is sold to poor farmers seeking out a subsistence living. They also try to educate manufacturers and consumers about the need to buy wood from sustainable sources.

Pollination is a challenge for rainforest trees because there are so many different species, unlike forests in the temperate regions that are often dominated by less than a dozen tree species. This enables the undisturbed natural environment to create a source of income for local people.

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This deforestation has continued to the present day according to the Sao Paulo Space Research Centre. The farmers now artificially fertilise the soil when in the past the nutrient cycle would have done this naturally. Malaysia has one of the best environmental protection policies, but environmental groups claim to have found evidence of illegal logging in Borneo.

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This washes huge amounts of soil into rivers in the process of soil erosion. The forest has many natural riches that can be exploited. We might expect a lush rainforest to grow from incredibly rich, fertile soils, but actually, the opposite is true.

Many poorer countries are in debt, having borrowed money from developed countries to support their economic development. These cycles of land use, which are driven by poverty and population growth as well as government policies, have led to the rapid loss of tropical rainforests. Settlements like Parauapebas, an iron ore mining town, have grown rapidly, destroying forest and replacing it with a swath of shanty towns.