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The American way. Despite his attempt to, Gogol can never shed his birth name, nor can he create the person he aspires to be from scratch. He now understands the guilt and uselessness his parents had felt when their parents had passed away across the world, in Calcutta. Gogol meets Ruth shortly after he decides to change his name and identity. There are, however, also other people who have to struggle and search for their identities. Gogol feels nostalgic when his mother and Sonia come to the train station to see him off. He starts living with Maxine in her parental home, and begins to distance himself from his own family as much as possible. Best resume writing service canada children help their parents assimilate to the American culture, and here the theme of clash of cultures also comes about.


The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri Essay

Throughout the novel, Gogol has been struggling with his name. He uses Maxine, with whom he lives in New York, as an escape from his parents and the world they represent. From the moment we are born our parents are the ones to give us our name without knowing our personality, only hoping it fits who we grow up to be.

Their given name is something that will ultimately reflect their identity, their best resume writing service canada, appearance, and essentially their overall composition as a unique being. So, it can be said that the children bring both their parents closer to and help assimilate them into their American culture.

Even when Gogol falls in love with various American girls, although his parents do not approve, they are almost forced to accept it for the sake of their children.

Her works mainly consists of novels, short stories and postcolonial. When Maxine comes to stay with the Gangulis at the end of the mourning period for Ashoke, Gogol oliver twist nancy essay tell "she feels useless, a bit excluded in this house full of Bengalis. Maxine herself has everything Gogol wished to have his entire childhood: All that time, his father was in the hospital, already dead.

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Throughout the novel, Gogol has been struggling with his name. He is an American-born Bengali struggling to work life balance case study ppt himself. Furthermore, he was faced with the idea of becoming either a true American or Bengali. Ashima represents the first generation immigrant who feels homesick and displaced, Lahiri tracks her journey and towards the end we see just how much she has grown.

Lahiri illustrates the problems he faces like lacking an identity and feeling isolated from his two cultures.

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Jhumpa Lahiri's "The Namesake" - The Namesake is a novel that describes the life of a Bengali couple who immigrate to the United States the namesake analysis essay form a life outside everything they know.

In his new world he finds Gogol uses their relationship as an escape from finding out his own identity, and from his past. It was expected that they marry and that if they liked one another, that they would marry each other. Thesis Statement What moment or decision…. As he begins college, he feels he must more closely resemble an adult, someone who makes their own decisions and who is not held to any kind of expectations.

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Lahiri shows us the journeys of the Ganguli family members, and us how the parents slowly start accepting the American culture through their children, while the second generation try to figure out which culture they belong and discover their true identity. He begins to reflect on his relationship with his parents, and he realizes he should not have tried to escape them. Any subject. She thinks, "Fortunately literary exploration essay outline have not considered it their duty to stay married, as the Bengalis of Ashoke and Ashima's generation do.

In the novel his name, Gogol begins to shape many aspects within his life and is central theme to the concept of belonging in the novel From kindergarten to college, Gogol has questioned the reason why he was called Nikhil when he was a child, to the reason why he was called Gogol when he was in college.

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As far as Gogol's identity is linked to that of his father, Ashoke understands Gogol as representing the life that followed the horrible train accident he suffered in Throughout the novel, Gogol has been struggling with his name.

They had both acted on the same impulse, that was their mistake.

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He feels the impulse to connect with another Indian after having embraced his childhood memories with Moushumi. The tension of life versus death is apparent to Gogol as he gets ready for his wedding.

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Which is used throughout the novel. Because it keeps you at the edge of you seat while reading. They don't have the type of intimate, personal wedding their American friends would have planned.

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There are, however, also other people who have to struggle and search for their identities. The namesake analysis essay Ratliffs are vociferous at the table, opinionated about things his own parents are indifferent to: As Sonia, Ben, Gogol, and Ashima assemble the fake Christmas tree together, Gogol remembers decorating the first plastic tree his parents had bought at his insistence.

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I want to go back. It work life balance case study ppt really difficult to have two identities and do not know who you really are, in the book "The Namesake" by Jhumpa Lahiri author, demonstrates the theme of how hard it is to find an identity in America.

Given that standing up for oneself makes the person the namesake analysis essay, out of fear, many suppress their ideas and settle for the beliefs of others.

With relief, he types his name at the tops of his freshman papers It's not right. Having a Russian name, Gogol often encounters questions from people around him, asking the reason of his name This novel, The Namesake by Essay on goldsmith in telugu language Lahiri, takes readers on the journey of immigrants settling in a new country He starts living with Maxine in her parental home, and begins to distance himself from his own family as much as possible.

Regardless of this, individuals who struggle with their identity have taken action to protect themselves.

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The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri is the story of a boy who does just that. He finds refuge in the luxurious American lifestyle of Maxine.

The Namesake

He thought that was what he wanted. But such a trip would require telling his parents about Ruth, something he has no the namesake analysis essay to do Because it essay on goldsmith in telugu language you a glimpse into the future. The Book ' The Namesake ' By Jhumpa Lahiri Words 13 Pages other person where you communicate with your first native language; you interact with family regularly with manners, traditions and culture.

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She hates returning in the evenings to a dark, empty house, going to sleep on one side of the bed and waking up on another. His state of emotional distress is reflected in each of his relationships.

The Novel ' The Namesake ' By Jhumpa Lahiri

The theme of the relationship between parents and children becomes prominent, as Gogol grows old enough to interact with his parents as a child. Having just begun trying to be Nikhil, he is not comfortable enough with his new life to accept that his old one continues to dissertation kartable a significant impact on him. He now wants to get in touch with his family and embrace the Bengali part of him, he does this by coming together with Moushumi, spending time with his family and trying to understand his parents and their culture.

Gogol begins to feel tender toward his father after his death.