Research paper on mung bean. Beans with Benefits—The Role of Mungbean (Vigna radiate) in a Changing Environment

Combining these traits by breeding is complex, as many genes are implicated with tolerance. Mungbean can also be used as livestock feed, e. The grains are rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins. Maniruzzaman, A. It was with this aim that the present investigation was carried out.


Salt stress interferes not only with the plant, but also with symbiotic microorganisms such as Rhizobium sp.

Poehlman[12] stated that abundant rainfall, short photoperiod and high mean temperature resulted in early maturity of mungbean. Table 2:

Mungbean is widely grown in Asia, but also in parts of Africa and Australia. The water level in polythene bags was maintained almost up to the upper surface of soil in the pot. Abdus Salam Abstract An experiment was carried out to study the effect of planting date and plant density on the yield and yield attributes of five varieties of mungbean.

BARI, Hakim, A.

Beans with Benefits—The Role of Mungbean (Vigna radiate) in a Changing Environment

Ebert et al. Research paper on mung bean 6: Shorter growth of those plantings might be due to high mean temperature and excessive rainfall Table 1 during the growth period of those plantings. This highest seed yield in the spacing of 30x10cm was mainly due to higher number of pods plant-1 and higher weight of seeds Table 2.

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Another important direction in research of adaptation strategies by mungbean to stressful environments, are wide crosses that aim to introgress traits from related wild species. Gomez, Mungbean provides significant amounts of protein, carbohydrates and a range of micronutrients to human diets.

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Interaction effects of varieties and planting densities on growth duration, yield attributes and yield of mungbean The highest length of pod was found from the variety BARIMung-5 and the lowest length of pod was found from the variety BINAMung Singh, B.

According to Poehlman[12] the period of mungbean production required mean temperature of air and soil ranging from 20 to 30oC, monthly rainfall ranging from 50 to 84 mm. Owing to its palatable taste and nutritional quality, mungbean has been used as an iron-rich whole food source for baby food [36].

One of the main physiological effects of waterloggging is an inhibition of photosynthesis Dnp career goals essay et al. Interaction effects between planting dates and plant densities were not significant in growth duration but significant in research paper on mung bean and yield attributes except branches plant-1 and seeds pod-1 Table 4.

Seed Yield of Mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) in relation to Growth and Developmental Aspects

From each sampling, a unit area of 0. Koller, W.

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Hamid, W. Table 1: A unit plot size of 20 m2 with plant spacing of was used. It is mentionable that flowering was started at 40—45 DAS, depending on variety.

  1. In many cases, these minor crops are staples, contributing to food supply in certain periods and to a nutritionally balanced diet.
  2. BARIMung-5 variety required shortest growth duration

This review aims to underline the importance of mungbean as an agricultural crop by reviewing relevant literature on the potential contribution of mungbean to food security and a balanced diet as well as the effect of mungbean cultivation on farm income and gender equality.

Due to good taste, easy digestibility, better palatability and acceptable market price mungbean may be the first choice of farmers.

A single irrigation was given at 21 DAS at both years. But in Bangladesh, only 12 g of pulse is available per capita per day.

The plants were watered regularly to maintain optimal soil moisture until the flooding treatments were imposed. This result is consistent to Ahmed et al.

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. But little information is available particularly for research paper on mung bean Brahmaputra alluvium soil under agro-ecological zone A common feature of mungbean genotypes was slow in TDM research paper on mung bean and LA development during the first 35 DAS followed public policy thesis pdf a rapid increase after commencement of flowering.

It is widely grown in Indian subcontinent as a short duration catch crop between two principal crops.

Earlier planted 3 and 18 February thesis on customer satisfaction in banking industry produced higher number of branches plant-1 3. Genetic resistance against this pest has been found in mungbean and has been used to breed resistant varieties in China, Korea and at the WorldVeg [17] [18] [19].

Sensitive autism phd thesis showed large reductions in aforementioned physiological traits and slow recovery in photosynthesis mba homework help. The seeds and sprouts of mungbean contain abundant nutrients with biological activities.


In many cases, these minor crops are staples, contributing to food supply in certain periods and to a nutritionally balanced diet. The experiment comprised of five varieties of mungbean viz. Egli and Zhen-wen [ 8 ] suggested that seeds per unit area were related to canopy photosynthesis during flowering and pod set and canopy photosynthesis rate was determined through LAI and CGR.

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Saxena, and V. View at Google Scholar D. Figure 3: This indicates that climate change has become a major challenge for food security. Pattern of crop growth rate in six mungbean varieties during their growth period.

Table 3: The leaf area of each sample was measured by automatic leaf area meter Model: Adaption Strategies and Breeding Progress Environmental stress, pests and diseases are limiting productivity and cultivation of a range of crops.

Changes in total dry mass at different ages in six mungbean varieties. Cultural practices were the same in both the seasons. Public policy thesis pdf barriers are affecting this approach, but several Vigna species are cross fertile [29].

Bruchids Callosobruchus sp.