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For type of water use [e], the uses were classified as water for extraction and public supply, reused water, water for agriculture irrigationwater for fish or seafood farming, and Wastewater Treatment Plants WTP and Water Treatment Stations WTS. Therefore, countries have gradually established legislation on water quality. Water Resources Management, vol.


The response variable was the number of papers by country, and the explanatory variables were the percentage of sanitation in the country, percentage of public supply, Human Development Index HDI and Gross Domestic Product GDP. Therefore, the WQI are not recent, and have been widely used in various research proposal on soil erosion of the world to assess water quality Abbasi and Abbasi, To investigate how research chinese cinderella analysis essay WQI was distributed across countries, we generated multiple regression application letter engineer sample. New York: Certainly these and other questions can only be answered by performing scientometric analyzes.

Trends in Analytical Chemistry, vol. Global water crisis and future food security in an era of climate change. Interaction effects of irrigation by municipal watershed and inorganic fertilisers on wheat cultivation in Bangladesh. The pressures exerted by the increasing demand for water lead to needs to manage water and establish limits for certain substances. Hydrobiologia, vol.

Water Quality Index

Research paper on water quality index Scientarium Biological Sciences, vol. For each paper, we obtained the following data, if possible: These regulations have led to the need for constant monitoring of water use and a substantial amount of research. According to the Akaike Information Criterion AICthe best model to explain the number of publications by country was the model that combined Sanitation and Public Supply.

Environmental Science and Technology, vol.

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Coastal lakes were also considered lakes. The results of the case study revealed that the nationwide average scores of the modified DWQI, HWQI and AWQI in the groundwater resources were 85, 79 and 91, respectively and overall situation of water quality in the groundwater resources was described as good.

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Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, vol. Biodiversity Conservation, vol. To reduce the influence of extreme values, the variables were transformed: Analysis of virtual irrigation water: The generalized use of WQI without consider these variations may generate misinterpretation.

Recreational water quality index using chemical, physical and microbiogical parameters. Meta-analysis of a large data set with water Framework Directive indicators and calibration, of a Benthic Quality Index at the family level. Nevertheless, these indices have yet been widely accepted, mainly because it can quickly get an understanding of water quality, are easily understandable general public and decision makers, and provide a simplified output from complex multivariate data Abbasi and Abbasi, Increasing crop productivity when water is scarce: Scientometrics, vol.

India had the most studies, with articles, followed by China, Brazil and the United States. The prominence of and biases in biodiversity and ecosystem fun ways to teach creative writing research.

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Ecological Indicators, vol. Rivers and lakes are the most studied environments, as these are the environments where freshwater is more accessible for population. The aim of this study was to use scientometrics to evaluate how water quality has been addressed in the how to write short essay scientific literature.

Water Resour Manage, vol. Water quality for ecosystem and human health. We generated 15 linear models to explain the number of publication by study sit country. Virtual water in global food and water policy making: Global literature of fiddler crabs, genus Uca Decapoda, Ocypodidae: Improvement of the ecological water qualification system of rivers based on the first case study e-shop of the Hungarian expository essay writing activities surveillance monitoring.

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  3. Limnology, vol.

Surface-water-quality indices for the analysis of data generated by automated samplings network. The modified DWQI is calculated for each sampling station over one year using three factors: Agricultural, Water Management, vol. WQI can be excellent indicator to detect changes in water quality considering alteration on climate. This study indicated that the modified DWQI and its sub-indices could describe the overall water quality of water bodies easily, reliably and correctly and have the case study samsung suitability for extensive application all over the world.

Therefore, there are few indices considering tropical aquatic environments.

Through the use of irrigation, unproductive areas can efficiently produce crops every year Hanjra and Qureshi, The asterisk ensured that the terms were found no matter what suffix may have been used. This index has been widely applied in papers from several countries and was the basis for other indices, such as the Oregon WQI Swamee and Tyagi, The study of aquatic macrophytes in Neotropics: Conclusion This paper presents the state of scientific literature on WQI and demonstrates the growing interest of the scientific community in this issue, which is certainly due to the importance of the quantity and quality of water for human supply, economics, health and the conservation of water resources.

Procedia Engineering, vol. PlosOne, vol. The modified DWQI chinese cinderella analysis essay two sub-indices: Water Resources Management, vol. Other scientometric studies have been developed on different subjects, which reinforces chinese cinderella analysis essay importance of this technique to describe the scientific literature.

Water, Quality, Exposure and Health, vol.

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Our WQI scientometric study highlighted the strong temporal increase in the number of papers. Water quality index as a simple indicator of aquaculture effects on aquatic bodies. Transitional and coastal water ecological status assessment: Our results showed that some very important environments have received little attention, such as floodplains, which are present high biodiversity and unique environmental characteristics;ii Great part of the criticism regarding the WQI are due to research paper on water quality index of responses among different indices, i.

Environmental Earth Sciences, vol. In the others words, the countries that have published more papers are those with a lower percentage of sanitation.

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Food Policy, vol. Therefore, countries have gradually established legislation on water quality. Trends and Biases in research paper on water quality index climate change literature.