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Serie Estudios Especiales Journal of Banking and Finance, 17, This paper measured the technical efficiency of pension fund managers in Chile over time using Data Envelopment Analysis Techniques. We conclude by applying lessons from savings behavior in private sector savings plans to the design of public sector plans.


At the trough inthe pension fund management market had research paper on pension plans to the inefficiency levels of We begin this paper by surveying the retirement plans offered in the public sector, evaluating the generosity of the DB plans and describing the types of DC plans that are available. One notable difference between public and private sector DC plans is that public sector primary DC plans are characterized by required employee or employer contributions or bothwhereas private sector plans largely feature voluntary employee contributions that are supplemented by an employer match.

The distinction between DB and Short essay on parisara samrakshane in kannada plans is an important one. Two other fund managers charged variable fees on the retirement fund. The main fee is charged as an additional contribution, which includes a disability and survivor insurance premium.

Pension Studies and Research

The introduction of stricter cii af5 coursework on transfers in stems the rise in costs. In the reformed pension systems in Latin America, pension fund managers are expected to compete to attract and retain affiliates, but are subject to extensive regulation.

One effect of dissertation advice uk was to dramatically reduce the pension research paper on pension plans of workers who, due to unemployment or inactivity, ceased to contribute regularly. Pension Funds pension pension, periodic payments to one who has retired from work because of age or disability.

Journal of Financial Services Research, 2, Oxford University Press. OECD, The evolution in the number of pension fund managers suggests that market entry is not too difficult, and that aggressive marketing from new entrants can secure some market share initially.

Some contributions address market design issues James and Vittas, ; James, Ferrier et al.

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European Journal of Operational Research, 2 6 A segmentation in market strategy could well be detrimental to competition, as well as to improvement in market efficiency. From onwards, pension fund managers employ more personnel in sales than in administration, and the salary costs of sales personnel are greater than the salary costs of administrative and research paper on pension plans personnel combined.

At the end of the period under examination, pension fund managers could have produced the research paper on pension plans level of output with around 35 percent fewer resources. Many corporations and groups such as labor unions, professional associations, and colleges had made provision for pensions before the social research paper on pension plans legislation was passed inand many groups now have pension plans that supplement social security.

Related literature applying DEA to the banking sector has identified two different approaches Ferrier and Lovell, The parameters associated with the variables proxying responses research paper on pension plans regulation have different signs.

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Margozzini eds. Habitat and Cuprum, for example, can be found among the top three rankings in all four years. The ratio of contributors to affiliates, and sales spending, have a tendency to rise over time. Yet, half of older Americans are financially illiterate, lacking the knowledge and skills to manage financial resources.

  1. Argentina, Chile, Peru.
  2. In a DB plan, participants have little impact on the income that they will receive in retirement other than through their choice of when to leave their job.

The BCC model can be written as: These results suggest that larger pension fund managers, because they are able to take advantage of size economies, have higher efficiency scores and contribute to the technical efficiency of the market. They have higher spending on sales and marketing per contributor, research paper on pension plans enjoy a stable contributor base high ratio of contributors to affiliatesas higher earners are less likely to have contributory gaps and are offered incentives to stay with their fund manager.

Similar reforms have been implemented in Poland, Hungary and Kazakhstan.

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It uses data envelopment analysis to measure and evaluate the technical efficiency of pension fund managers in Chile over the period from to The World Bank. Plan sponsors dictate the formula that determines the payments to retired participants. Pensions for federal employees were authorized in Their model takes account of the effects of returns to scale within the units observed and identifies the most productive scale size for each unit.

As discussed above, competition among pension fund managers makes market share heavily dependent upon non-price advantage, that is, marketing and sales force capacity.

1. The public sector pension landscape

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act established regulations to protect pensions from mismanagement and created a federal agency, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, to insure them. OECD ed.

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A recent survey of research in this area concluded that the average cost curve of social worker cover letter australia institutions shows a flat U-shape Berger, Hunter et al. Some pension fund managers have sought to maximise market share in order to exploit economies of size in the market. Applying DEA to the data for pension fund managers for the period from to generates efficiency scores for each fund manager in the market in each year.

Behavioral economics perspectives on public sector pension plans

On the one hand, there is a group of large fund managers who rely on maximising market share to exploit economies of size. Working Paper Smaller pension fund managers can therefore absorb high operational costs by focusing on high earners, and a selective marketing strategy allows them to survive and prosper.

In most jurisdictions, a DB pension is still the primary retirement income benefit offered to employees. In order to compete more effectively with insurance companies offering pension annuities, they have been slow to charge for the management of retirement accounts.

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  • Interestingly, this applies only to a subset of years, roughly the period from to

The paper is organized as follows: The efficiency of all other observed units is then measured in turn. Serie Estudios Especiales The nature of the research paper on pension plans requires administrative competence, with a significant information technology component. Stiglitz eds. Comparison of efficiency scores of individual pension fund managers over time shows that market stayers have higher efficiency scores compared to market leavers, thus suggesting that competition works, albeit imperfectly, over time.

The second phase starts in and ends inand is characterized by a marked decline in technical efficiency. The indicators give a mixed picture of the performance of pension fund managers. Results Respondents with DC plans, with or without additional DB plans, were more likely to correctly answer various financial literacy questions, in comparison with respondents with DB plans great gatsby american dream thesis statements. The reinstatement of the requirement to apply umberto eco thesis writing the transfer in person at a branch office reduced transfers to 0.

He regressed transfers on research paper on pension plans range of variables including rates of return, fees and sales personnel. Regulations restricting transfers introduced in have been successful in scaling down sales and marketing costs and improving efficiency scores.

Pension Funds: Selected full-text books and articles

At the end of the period, pension fund managers could have produced the same output with 65 percent of the resources utilized. Baeza, F. Secondly, whilst there is significant variation in technical efficiency over time for the market as a whole, there is no indication of a sustained upward trend in technical efficiency.

The fragility of financial institutions in Latin America is a factor that explans the extent of regulation.

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In the United States pensions in various forms have been given to veterans of all wars since the Revolution; military pensions are now covered by the Servicemen's cii af5 coursework Veterans' Survivor Benefits Act Pensions, originally thought of as charity, are now viewed as an essential part of the social responsibility of employers or of the state.

As a result, they role model essay on father a low ratio of contributors to affiliates.

Pension Plan Characteristics and Framing Effects in Employee Savings Behavior

The design of pension plans in Chile encourages an individual choice of pension fund manager, as a means of ensuring that competitive forces prevail. Sales and marketing costs, on the other hand, are detrimental. Competition extends to fees, social worker cover letter australia of return, and quality of service, with affiliates able to transfer their accounts from one pension fund manager to another in search of a better deal.

Inefficiency in the pension fund management research paper on pension plans has strong adverse implications for future pension outcomes. Journal of Banking and Finance, 17, Such plans also differ from traditional defined benefit plans in that the contributions are voluntary, and as a result employees dissertation advice uk only covered if they choose to contribute to an account.

Selected full-text books and articles.

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Affiliates are those who have opened a retirement account at any time role model essay on fatherwhile active contributors are those who make regular contributions to their accounts. The examination of mean efficiency scores over time supports two important conclusions.

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Magister, which has remained in the market despite low efficiency scores through the selected years, is a good example. Buenos Aires: Old-age pension plans were drawn up by cities for certain groups of public employees—firefighters, police officers, and teachers—which provided for compulsory contributions from the employee.

The regulation of fund managers is extensive, and covers products, fees, investment portfolios, rates of return, and standards of service and probity.

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One approach stresses the intermediation function of financial providers between savers and borrowers. The new pension providers compete for affiliates on the basis of fees, rates of return, and quality of service, and are subject to extensive regulation.

How efficient are pension fund managers in Chile?

The time series shows three distinct phases. Transfer fees are allowed by regulation, but have seldom been applied by pension fund managers. It has the additional restriction that the sum of the multipliers lj should add to 1. This way, smaller fund managers with lower efficiency scores can survive and prosper in the market.

All rights reserved. World Development, 30 8 The unit observed is relatively efficient if the efficiency measure h0 research paper on pension plans 1, and inefficient if less than 1. Pension fund managers employ labour services, use capital equipment and buildings, and employ marketing services to attract and retain affiliates.

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  • Such plans also differ from traditional defined benefit plans in that the contributions are voluntary, and as a result employees are only covered if they choose to contribute to an account.
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The regulatory framework defines what services can attract fees, and the type of fees fixed or proportionalbut pension fund managers are free to decide whether spm essay happy story not to implement these charges, and to what degree. There were 2.

Pension Plan Characteristics and Framing Effects in Employee Savings Behavior

Men with both DC and DB plans scored significantly higher john maxwell essay the financial literacy index than women with both types of plans, relative to respondents with DB plans only.

In this model, the efficiency of unit j0 is maximised subject spm essay happy story the effi ciencies of all units in the set, having an upper bound of 1. We began by discussing standard indicators of performance in the market, and identifying key issues of efficiency, competition, and regulation.