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Learning Activities: Connect area to multiplication concepts. Areas of Circles and Sectors Area of a Circle The area of a circle is the product of and the square of the radius. Plot it on x-y oordinate system Connet dots.


Extend and reinforce use of numbers, operations, and graphing to describe and compare data sets for increasingly complex situations encountered in other school subjects and in daily life.

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Two sides of a triangle are known, and the inluded angle is essay frankenstein Trigonometry and Area Machinist business plan the area of a triangle is: B Read, write, compare, and order decimals through hundredths.

Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles Important Vocabulary: F Solve single- and multi-step word problems involving multi-digit division and verify the solutions.

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Sum of the outside. If 2 figures are congruent, then their areas are equal.

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  • Apply techniques to find missing pieces.
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Use whole numbers and fractions to describe sets of data and find simple probabilities. Learn efficient ways to divide whole numbers.

Class Description: Find the area of the following triangles. For example, if you have a S-A-S triangle, you an use speial area formulas to find the area. Geometric Probability What is probability?

C Write algebraic expressions that represent simple situations and evaluate the expressions, using substitution when variables are involved. E Determine the formula for the area of a triangle by relating it to the area of a parallelogram.

E Select and use one or more appropriate strategies to solve a problem and explain why that strategy was chosen. Find the area of the following figure.

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Use pictures, symbols, or mathematical language to explain the reasoning behind decisions and solutions. Find the length of the darkened arc. How can you find the central angle of a regular polygon?

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Find the missing area. A Classify quadrilaterals. Continue explaining answers in word problems. The side of any shape that is to base. A shape with 2 sets of parallel sides.

CASCADE WINGS: Class Information

Find the area of the given triangles. Find the area of the other to the nearest whole number. Use to find missing pieces if you know the apothem or radius and use your smarts.

Measurement of distane in one diretion.

F Solve single- and multi-step word problems involving perimeters and areas of case study copd with pneumonia and verify the solutions. Similarity Ratio: H Analyze and evaluate whether a solution is reasonable, is mathematically correct, and answers the question.

Use multiplication and division to do basic measurement conversions. Major Arcs and Semicircles: Divide by the number of sides.

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Naming Semicircles and Arcs: D Determine the greatest common factor and the least common multiple of two or more whole numbers. B Solve single- and multi-step problems involving familiar unit conversions, including time, within either the U. Name the circle as well.

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  • A Quickly recall multiplication facts through 10 X 10 and the related division facts.
  • Then draw in the radius.

You must know the radius of the circle. B Determine the approximate area of a figure using square units. G Draw quadrilaterals and triangles from given information about sides and angles.

Students will be evaluated on class participation, quizzes, tests, projects, home extensions and computer work outside of class.

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Easy when it gives you an inluded angle, use the Area-Trig formula! Learn basic multiplication facts and efficient procedures for multiplying two- and three-digit numbers. Compare numbers, using less than, greater than, and equal to. B Represent addition and subtraction of decimals using place value models and connect the representation to the related equation.

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Work with common factors and common multiples. One Central Angle: Use your formula sheet for the various formulas for shapes. A Describe and create a rule for numerical and geometric patterns and extend the patterns.

Find the area of the following regular polygons.

A Classify quadrilaterals. Extend understanding of common factors and common multiples to prime numbers.

D Graph ordered pairs in the coordinate plane for two sets of data related by a linear rule and draw the line they determine. Solve problems that extend understanding of core mathematical concepts—such as division of multi-digit numbers, perimeter, area, addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals, and use of variables in expressions and equations—while making strategic decisions leading to reasonable solutions.

E Fluently and accurately add and subtract fractions, including mixed numbers. B Write a rule to describe the relationship between two sets of data that are linearly related.


The total amount of the inside of any shape. Congruent Circles: B Identify factors and multiples of a number. Half of the diameter 3 Ex. Determine the area of the following figures. A Represent an unknown quantity in simple expressions, equations, and inequalities using letters, boxes, and other symbols. Don t know, need trig first to find it.