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Problem representation. Comparative study of heuristics algorithms in solving flexible job shop scheduling problem with condition based maintenance. Management Science, 44 2—


The strategies and parameters of tabu search for job-shop scheduling.

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Solving permutation problems with differential evolution: Fausett, L. An improved branching scheme for the branch and bound procedure of scheduling n jobs on m parallel machines to minimize total weighted flowtime.

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Momin [] observes that the lack of consistent results is because of the fact that the job sequencing is totally dependent upon the probability distribution of their arrival. A lot of research work has been carried out, in this area, in the last fifty years.

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With applications to production systems and project management. Scheduling has its applications everywhere, for example; flights scheduling, train scheduling and production scheduling.

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An analysis of several heuristics for the traveling salesman problem. It is actually the scheduling of activities involved second hand smoke effects essay carrying out a project. According to the nature of activities, scheduling can be broadly divided into project scheduling and operations scheduling Project Scheduling: The scheduling of Job-Shop is bit more complicated as compared to the flow-shop.

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A research survey: Though mathematical approaches are very attractive as far as formulation of the problem is concerned. New Hopfield neural network for joint job shop scheduling of production and maintenance. Hino, R.

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Information and scheduling in a dual resource constrained job shop. For technical questions regarding this item, or to correct its authors, title, abstract, bibliographic or download information, contact: Particle swarm optimization.

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Flexible job shop scheduling with parallel machines using genetic algorithm and grouping genetic algorithm. Project scheduling 82 13 is mainly concerned with the scheduling of activities that are carried out in completing a project.

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Here its application to the JSSP would be described and some related review would be presented. A reasonably detailed introduction of ANN has already been presented in Chapter 3.

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A standard GA may not be flexible enough for practical applications and this becomes increasingly apparent when problem is complicated and involves conflict and multi-tasking Morshed []. Management of permanent change pp.

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A review.