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For those who have entered the competition, try to have fun with it and let your enthusiasm for the subject reflect in the way you present. Remember to show that enthusiasm. Suchen English In three minutes to Edinburgh: How does it relate to others? The video can be filmed from a live 3MT event or a specific set, but must have only one camera angle filmed from a static position. After deciding on the most important aspects of my work, I then tried to consider how to present it to people from any background, in an accessible manner. Graduates are not eligible.


The final will include PhD students from different European countries belonging to the Coimbra group. By Sophie Craik Condensing research into a thesis takes a significant amount of time and patience.

The Coimbra Group Three Minute Thesis Competition - 3MT

Networks — U21 Sophie Craik is the Digital Communications Officer for Edinburgh Global, spending her days chasing runaway punctuation and divining with the magic that is social media. Boris Lemmer, a particle physicist and German science slam champion. It also offers U21 students an important opportunity to present their research to a wide, international audience while learning valuable communication skills in the process.

Practise in front of people to get feedback and to find out if you speed up when you are nervous.

About the competition

A single static slide is permitted no slide transitions, animations or 'movement' of any description. How does it relate to others? Application deadline 20 September Eligibility Active Doctoral candidates who have successfully passed their confirmation milestone by the date of their first presentation including thesis under submission are eligible to participate in the U21 3MT competition. By the time the UK final came around, I had learned techniques to deal with the pressure of speaking in front of a crowd with the clock tickingand had a great time presenting, nerves and all.

Subir Latex writing service 3 Minute Thesis competition is based on a concept developed by the University of Queensland RAustralia, which quickly spread across Australia and New Zealand, and has just gone global.

An avid multitasker, in her spare time she three minute thesis edinburgh illustrations on Etsy, and writes a lifestyle and travel blog. The University of Granada is offering their PhD students the chance to take part in this international competition in collaboration with University members of the Coimbra Group.

If your research has problem solving using swot analysis obvious application then use it to engage us early.

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Hopefully you are passionate about what you do. His paper investigates how the parasite, one of the main reasons for the decline in the honey bee population, has such an impact. Inge Kroppenberg and Prof.

For those who have entered the creative writing degree online, try to have fun with it and let your enthusiasm for the subject reflect in the way you present. Your name 3. Tell us about the process and your experience of the stages The first stage of the competition was the school heat in which I competed against my peers in Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics.

I practised the talk in a variety of different settings, which made me feel more comfortable presenting in any type of environment.

Criteria for your 3 Minute Thesis | The University of Edinburgh

No additional props e. As PhD students, we often look at our research from a detailed, specialist perspective, but this competition asks you to search for the bigger picture.

Escuela de Posgrado > 3-Minute Thesis | Universidad de Granada That means you should avoid the use of technical terms, jargon and specialist knowledge. The competition is broken down into stages:

U21 aims to promote and achieve collaboration, co-operation and work of a comprehensive nature, drawing on a strong bond of collegiality found between similarly-minded universities. The fourth Jury member was Dr. Coimbra Group's "Three-minute thesis competition" An exciting doctoral project and three minutes to present it three minute thesis edinburgh an audience - that were the rules of the Coimbra Group's "Three-minute thesis competition" that took place on Thursday, 2 February.

This is not about dumbing down, but gradually developing complex ideas to take the audience on a journey through your topic. My advice to those considering entering is to challenge yourself and sign up for the competition; you may end up finding that how many pages is 1500 word essay communication is both highly enjoyable and rewarding.

It is run by Universitas 21, a network of 25 research-led universities around the world.

Taking that positive and negative effect of internet essay and putting it into a three-minute presentation? This article was published on Jan 15, Euan described his experience in taking part in the competition: The 3 minute audio must be continuous — no edits, breaks etc.

Her research explores the relationship between language and cognition over the lifespan.

About 3 Minute Thesis | The University of Edinburgh

Tobias Georges, Prof Dr. These tools are not only vital to researchers disseminating business plan of software company pdf work to the public, but are transferrable skills useful in any career path you embark on after the PhD. Zoom in and out from the static position is acceptable. Practise, practise, practise!

Connect' our e-newsletter is published 6 times a year and offers members a full round up of U21 events, opportunities and competitions as well as some highlights from member news. They will usually be members of the University, but not necessarily academics.

Three Minute Thesis Competition 2019: CAHSS Final, University Of Edinburgh

Participation will raise your research profile, develop your skills in public engagement and communication and help you network with researchers from around the world. No additional electronic media e. Contact Top Sign up for our newsletter 'U I credit my supervisor, Renaissance artists essay Thomas Bak, with encouraging me to sign up and give it my best shot.

Practise in front research paper on early adulthood a mirror so you know what you look like when you are delivering your message. Three Minute Thesis: When asked about her participation in the competition, she said: These were questions I asked myself in preparing the talk. In the message you have to include the following information: One of the main strands of my work focuses on later-life language learning and its effects on cognitive ageing, which I touch upon in my 3MT talk.

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Remember that the audience wants to be engaged and your enthusiasm for the topic will make for a captivating presentation. Can I draw upon common experiences we all share to showcase the value of this work? The event was moderated by Thorben Schulte, a PhD student himself, who organizes science slams all over Germany. The competition is broken down emergency contraception in south africa a literature review stages: The competition will be held in English.

It also means you will have to translate your complex ideas into something much simpler.

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Watch her winning presentation in the video, then read on to find out how her 3MT journey helped her to handle nerves and why she thinks other early career researchers should consider entering the competition.

After that round, I was surprised by two things: That means you should avoid the use of technical terms, jargon and specialist knowledge.

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Molecular level gold panning These are the words that Euan uses to describe the technique his research has been developing, with an aim of extracting gold from recycled waste and electrical electronic equipment WEEElike mobile phones. An incredible challenge, indeed. Rules for video submission to U21 final Presentations are limited to 3 minutes and competitors exceeding 3 minutes are disqualified.

The presenters did not make it easy for the jury to decide, but Tanvi Butola was able to convince them with her presentation about The Orchestra of the Brain. Email Address. Presentations are considered to have creative writing degree online when a presenter starts their presentation through movement or speech timing does not include the student's title slide.

The decision of the adjudicating panel is final. To find out more about our problem solving using swot analysis to U21, visit our networks page: You should tell us what your research is, how you are doing it, what you have discovered and why it is an important contribution to knowledge Remember to keep this simple and short.

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The final will take place virtually via live video link problem solving using swot analysis. My heart was racing as I gave my talk and listened to the excellent presentations from my peers. Suchen English In three minutes to Edinburgh: Title of the thesis 5. Presentations are to be spoken word e. I work with a team of experts in Linguistics and Psychology to tackle questions three minute thesis edinburgh the intersection of cognitive ageing, second language acquisition, and pragmatics.

I am incredibly proud to have the american dream dead alive or on hold essay the university at the 3 Minute Thesis UK and U21 competitions, and delighted to bring the Highly Commended Award home to Edinburgh! The video can be filmed from a live 3MT event or a specific set, but must have only one camera angle filmed from a static position.

The criteria for the competition, at all levels, is the same. Graduates are not eligible. I must admit, before entering the competition, I had some reservations— namely to do with public speaking nerves! After deciding on the most important aspects of my work, I then tried to consider how to present it to people from any background, in an accessible manner.

It is simple - but strict! From there, I tweaked the presentation to make it more appealing and relevant to an audience of all ages and backgrounds, testing it out on friends, family, and acquaintances.

You should present for an intelligent dissertation personnage de roman repoussant audience An intelligent lay audience is usually pretty smart, but might not know anything about your field.

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Remember to show that enthusiasm. She is interested in further studying the mechanisms processing memory formation and signal transmission in the brain. To register for the competition: This increased three minute thesis edinburgh is recognition of the high standard of presentations and engaging content that we continue to receive from our entrants.

Stefan Vidal.

3 Minute Thesis Competition- physics winner – UoE Physics Careers Blog

Year of first registration in the program 4. Short abstract max words These are important dates: Tanvi is a doctoral student studying mechanisms of information transfer in the brain synaptic transmission. If you could tell other doctoral students one thing you gained from entering the 3MT competition, what would it be? The evening was filled with a broad range of fascinating topics, from the spiritual significance of pipe smoking, visual narratives of Chernobyl, causes of neurological disorders, identifying poisonous snakes following a bite, Indian women's victimization and Multiscale Inference for Decomposition of Step Functions a title which, more than the others, relied on the expertly delivered elaboration from a PhD student in Mathematical Stochastics.

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Many thanks go to everyone from the School of Chemistry, the Uap essay for Academic Development, the University and beyond for all your support! Tanvi's video will now be how many pages is 1500 three minute thesis edinburgh essay to the Coimbra Group where a second jury will select business plan for bank loan doc final three contestants from over 25 finalists from the participating universities from all over Europe.

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Talk us through your presentation and the approach you took to ensure you could communicate your thesis in just 3 minutes quite a challenge! You will be timed, and stopped if you run over…so make sure you have timed yourself.

You will need to send an email to:

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