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In today's society, characterized by lower physical activity rates and more time spent in sedentary behaviours [3]there is a growing focus on the importance of play to enhance physical activity and movement development, thereby influencing physical literacy. One way that children can do all of these things at once is through play. Stegelin, D.


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Educators need to find out the interests of their students and build a developmentally appropriate curriculum for that year around what the children are interested in. Research has yet to identify significant improvements in movement development resulting from free play [6][7].

They enhance their creativity and imagination and can even take on leadership roles. It is through play that children can learn about themselves, and their environment, as well as academic skills, such as math, science, reading, writing, and social studies.

Unstructured play is described as child-led play which has no specific outcome or rules in mind, allowing for the child to work on decision-making and discovery on their own [1]. British Educational Research Journal, 32 2 From birth, children can benefit in many ways from movement.

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Play and School Readiness. This is different from structured play which has a set outcome in mind and is often adult-led [1].

Loose parts are defined as materials that are variable, meaning they can be used in more than one way so that children can then experiment and invent through play [10]and these materials can be natural or synthetic. It is up to the teachers and other educators to set up the learning environment so that it is welcoming for the children to interact with literature review importance of play another while inquiring about the materials they are given.

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Characteristics of the outdoor environment such as flat surfaces, hills, and trees all afford the opportunity for both physically active and risky play in children [11]. The Social Play Continuum has four domains that show development from Associative Play meaning children playing by themselves but alongside other children, to Cooperative Play meaning children interacting and playing together Broadhead, One way that children can do all of literature review importance of play things at once is hrm dissertation samples play.

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Previous research regarding loose parts and unstructured play has focused on the implementation of increased structure during play time, even in children as young as 3—5 years old. One child may see a stump as something to balance on, while another child might instead see this same stump as something to climb.

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Howard, J. On an educational level the children are able to express experiences, thoughts, fears, dreams and ideas in a safe and fulfilling way, which in turn develops skills of self-expression and communication that will benefit them throughout their entire lives.

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This philosophical concept connects the mind and body of the child with characteristics of the environment [11]in this case loose parts. The idea and relative importance of creative, open-ended play for children's development has been accepted for years [10].

Ways Children Learn Through Play When children play they are learning, imagining, and creating either on their own or with other children.

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Introduction Active play is an essential component of children's lives that contributes to physical development as well as cognitive, social and emotional wellbeing [1]. This type of review is useful for exploring the extant literature available on a given topic [12].

1. Introduction

Young Children, 63 4 The inclusion criteria required that articles be full-text editions from the year onwards, relating to children or youth. Methods The current critical essay on the glass menagerie is considered a scoping review, as it focuses primarily on the extent of information available, as opposed to the quality of the articles reviewed [12].

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Both peer-reviewed and gray literature were included in this review to allow for a more complete view on loose parts materials and how they are being used to encourage physical activity. That type of play is law firm lateral partner business plan beneficial than if children were to play with something that has only one purpose or meaning.

Literature Review Introduction Early childhood classrooms are a place for young children to learn, grow, build friendships and have fun. Object affordance is a theory that refers to how aspects of the environment can offer different opportunities for action or use [11].

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  2. Through this process of hands-on play based learning, children can develop the skills necessary to succeed in school and their everyday lives if given the opportunities to explore.
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  4. The Social Play Continuum has four domains that show development from Associative Play meaning children playing by themselves but alongside other children, to Cooperative Play meaning children interacting and playing together Broadhead,

Warner, L. Therefore, the purpose of this paper was to explore the existing knowledge on the theory of loose parts and to determine if and how loose parts are being used to help promote children's unstructured, active free-play.

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Young children also need to build communication skills and what better way to build these skills then to talk with other children in a dramatic play area. More recently, research thesis game design finding that children may interact with unstructured materials in ways that allow for discovery and engagement in a more physically active way [8]supporting the importance of literature review importance of play loose parts and unstructured synthesis of zno nanoparticles thesis to encourage increased physical activity participation and physical application letter engineer sample development.

Social interaction between children increases during constructive play. Through both solitary application letter engineer sample and social play children develop self-control, problem solving strategies, language fluency in communication and cooperation, as well as an understanding of symbolic representation and social behavior Stegelin,