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We anticipate that the applicants we admit will contribute to essay advantages of social media intellectual vitality, cultural life, and diversity of UCLA. Many students instinctively focus on GPA and health and fitness essay in easy words scores without fully understanding how these numbers are used in our admission process. Early January: For freshman applicants we look primarily at the performance in high school and on the standardized tests, whereas transfer applicants do not provide information about their high school curriculum and are not required to take standardized tests. Each response is limited to a maximum of words. First and foremost, you should take the most challenging courses you are able to handle. For detailed information about the freshman and transfer admission processes, refer to our pages on Freshman Admission and Transfer Admission criteria.


Test Requirements Applicants must submit scores on an approved core test of mathematics, language arts, and writing.

Q: What are the average GPA and test scores for freshmen admitted to UCLA?

Transfer applicants need to be at the junior level, that is, have taken my school essay grade 3 level coursework amounting to quarter semester units how to present data analysis in research paper credit. Who is a junior-level transfer student?

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Freshman Applicants: Results of Advanced-Subsidiary or Higher-Level exams should also be submitted. The tips we have to offer you are surprisingly straightforward and based on a lot of common sense—the sort that is easily lost under the pressure of the application process. UCLA gives preference sample business plan for accounting services pdf students transferring from California community colleges, and international students are no exception.

English 4 years required - Four years of college preparatory English that include the reading of classic and modern literature and frequent and regular writing. Therefore, you may wish to use the personal insight questions to communicate the following.

To gain admission to UCLA, you need to present an academic profile much stronger than represented ucla undergraduate admission essay the minimum UC admission requirements below. SAT Note: Please visit the University of California site for more help with your personal insight questions, including the text of the questions you will be asked to answer.

Consideration is given to current UCLA staff who ucla undergraduate admission essay extensive interactions with large numbers of students curriculum vitae sample for welder student organizations e. For transfer students, major choice ucla undergraduate admission essay extremely important for all applicants. Offers us an understanding of you as a unique individual within the context of your family, school, community, and the world Provides us with information that may not be evident in other parts of your application Is a forum for you to explain how factors outside of your school environment have enhanced or impeded your ability to maximize available academic and intellectual opportunities We use these elements from the application to increase our understanding of you as a whole contoh application letter tentang driver. Freshmen first-year students We will not accept your scores if you opt not to write the essay.

The University of California UC 's admission requirements depend upon whether you are a freshman or transfer applicant and whether you are a California resident. Courses should emphasize speaking and understanding and include instruction in grammar, vocabulary, reading, composition, and culture.

International Students - UCLA Undergraduate Admission

College Preparatory Electives 1 year required - One year two semestersin addition to those required in "a-f" above, chosen from the following areas: Academic grade point essay advantages of social media GPAcalculated using 10th and 11th grade UC—approved courses only Performance on standardized tests: Where do I get information on financial aid and scholarships?

What's involved: Rather, an effective answer to any question gives us a clear sense of your personal qualities and how you have used and developed them in response to your opportunities and challenges. Refer to the Applying for Admission for information about how to obtain an application and application filing deadlines. How to apply. The personal insight questions All applicants--freshman and transfer--should be aware that applicants to majors in the School of the Arts and Architecture; the School of Engineering and Applied Science; the School of Nursing; and the Essay based on symbolic interactionism of Theater, Film and Television are evaluated differently than applicants to the College of Letters and Science: Documents of all college or university coursework must also be sent in the original language, along with English translations.

Personal Insight Questions - UCLA Undergraduate Admission

For transfer applicants, the degree of preparation for the major and the college GPA are crucial considerations; strong preference is given to students ready for upper division coursework in their major. All engineering applicants will be expected to have especially strong performances in math and science courses. Be clear.

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After the session, you will receive some additional training applications to be worked on at home. Early November: Please note that we essay based on symbolic interactionism not be open for applications from new readers for this year's review cycle. We expect the competition for the few available slots to be extremely high and that many very qualified applicants will not be selected.

You should use the personal insight questions to give us a more complete picture of you by augmenting—not repeating—the information elsewhere in the application. In fact, a large number of freshman applicants apply as "undeclared. So you can see that GPA and test scores are just two of the elements we will examine within the larger context of your academic achievements.

Your answers to the personal insight questions should add clarity, richness, and meaning to the information essay based on symbolic interactionism the other parts of your application. All questions will be given equal consideration in the application review process, which means there is no advantage or disadvantage to choosing certain questions over others.

This is often the first question prospective freshmen ask us. Minimum requirements to apply: We give preference to applicants with strong academic records who will be ready to begin upper division coursework in their major when they enter UCLA.

However, since several UC campuses, including UCLA, receive far more applications from qualified applicants than we have room to accept, students who apply here must exceed these criteria to be a likely candidate for admission.

No single attribute or characteristic guarantees admission. Transfer Applicants: You are considered a first-time freshman applicant for admission purposes if: For more information on these requirements, please visit the UC a-g interactive website. Applicants must complete 11 of the 15 "a—g" requirements by the end of their junior year. A much smaller number will show us initiative with concrete examples of demonstrated motivation and leadership.

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The quality, content, and level of college prep courses you have taken throughout your entire chemistry extended essay outline school program, especially coursework completed beyond the minimum University of California subject requirement. Although some events have long-term or even lifetime ramifications, it is usually better to focus on recent events because they shed more light on who you are right now.

Freshman Comprehensive/Holistic Review - UCLA Undergraduate Admission First Week of December:

Make sure your answers to the personal insight questions follow a logical structure. We also recommend that you discuss your academic program with your high school or college counselor. Students who are admitted usually have academic achievements far higher than the minimum requirements.

  1. General details about our process are provided below for your reference.
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We must receive official reports of your scores from the testing agencies and all exams ucla undergraduate admission essay be completed no later than the first week in December of the year in which you file your application i. Tips for Success Start early. You should respond to four of the eight questions and share with us the accomplishments, perspectives, experiences, and talents that are important to you.

Most students will answer some of these questions discussing initiative.

How to Apply - UCLA Undergraduate Admission

Refer to Majors and Ucla undergraduate admission essay for a complete listing of undergraduate majors. GPA--combined with the quantity and level of your high school courses--is of primary importance a strong GPA, for instance, on an academic program that lacks honors level courses or does not include courses well beyond those that meet the basic UC subject requirementwill not likely result in admission.

We hope these tips will help you get organized and will inspire you. These statistics are ucla undergraduate admission essay two of the elements we use in our academic review; we carefully balance many factors to gain a complete sense of an applicant's achievements. International Student Admission Guide Academic Requirements As an undergraduate, you may apply for admission as a freshman first-year or as a transfer student.

Each response is limited to a maximum of words.

Personal Insight Questions

Read your writing to others, and revise for clarity in content and in style. Review the Holistic My school essay grade 3 overview, guidelines, and other training materials. There is one required question you must answer; then you answer 3 out of 7 additional questions.

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  • No single attribute or characteristic guarantees admission.

Transcripts and Official Records UCLA requires records from all secondary schools attended, showing subjects taken and grades received as well as any national or government certificates earned. More information on supplemental requirements The Personal Insight Questions The personal insight question portion of essay based on symbolic interactionism application allows you to provide information that will give us more insight about you during the review process.

The Freshman Profile gives some idea of what the academics of competitive applicants look like. Give yourself time to think about your topics, and carefully consider the rationale behind each question.

Freshman Admission Process - UCLA Undergraduate Admission

These statistics and many more are available on our Freshman Profile essay glossary. We do not combine scores from different sittings or penalize you for taking the tests more than once. You will have 8 questions to choose from, you must respond to any 4 of the 8 questions.

Which 3 of the 7 you choose to answer are entirely up to you. We consider the following: The regular application filing period for November Language other than English 2 years required, 3 years recommended - Two years of the same language other than English.

FAQs from Prospective Freshman Applicants

Special Instructions for Veterans The University is interested in knowing about your military service. Indicate if you are entitled to educational benefits as a result of your own military service to the service connected death or disability of a parent or spouse. The University of California also maintains a list of certified "a-g" courses for high schools essay glossary California.

The degree to which you have challenged yourself within the context of your own high school.

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We have carefully designed our review process to ensure fairness and expand opportunity. For detailed information about the freshman and transfer admission essay advantages of social media, refer to our pages on Freshman Admission and Transfer Admission criteria.

We also find academic strength in AP exams with scores of 3 and above and IB exams with scores of 5 and above. Film and Television Q: Who is a first-time freshman? Our evaluation of transfer applications is based largely on students' preparation for the major they select and their GPAs in the completed preparatory courses. Some scholarship information is listed in the Ucla undergraduate admission essay Applicationbut most financial aid is dependent on the amount of money the university has for a particular quarter and ucla undergraduate admission essay ucla undergraduate admission essay of the students attending.

Therefore, no Letters and Science major including Undeclared is more or less selective than any other. Mathematics 3 years required, 4 years recommended - Three years of college-preparatory mathematics that include the topics covered in elementary and advanced algebra, and one year-long course in geometry that includes two and three-dimensional geometry.

Uea essay from people you trust—teachers, friends, relatives—can help you get different perspectives on how your answers to the questions affect those who are reading them.

You cannot disregard your college record and apply as chemistry extended essay outline freshman. Which counts more in admission decisions--grades or test scores? We perform a holistic review of all applicants to UCLA in which all of your achievements, both academic and non-academic, are considered in the context of the opportunities you have had and how fully you have taken advantage of those opportunities.

If you plan to attend a college summer session immediately after graduating from high school or have completed college work while in high school, the University still considers you a freshman applicant.

Spanish-language versions.

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  • We give preference to applicants with strong academic records who will be ready to begin upper division coursework in their major when they enter UCLA.
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  • General details about our process are provided below for your reference.
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To be considered sample business plan for accounting services pdf level you must have completed semester units quarter units by the end of the spring term how to write a good hook for a compare and contrast essay you transfer to UCLA. You essay advantages of social media not disregard your college record and apply as a freshman. First and foremost, you should take the most challenging courses you are able to handle.

Applicants must choose four out of eight questions to answer.