Why Do People Fear from Death?

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Reflecting on death as one reflects on life, with poise and calm shows wisdom and intellect. Many sentences in the essay are short, crispy and witty and have aphoristic quality. He has also read philosophy of ancient Romans; therefore, he supports his depositions through examples and solid references.


According to him, life is often monotonous and riddled with pain, loss, unfulfilled desires and dashed hopes.

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Instead of being cowards and running away from death, people should become brave and feel its beauty. He believes that scholars have mixed religion with superstition.

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In creative writing course tel aviv to assume the pain and suffering of death many people try to inflict some measurements of pain on themselves, as a way of appreciating the final pain of death. And the like.

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Should we afraid of death: However, he should have the wish to do so. A person who wants revenge has no fear of death.

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Numerous similar examples essay questions sat there in the world when people died gladly. Thus, it is not death but its concept, which is horrible.

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He says that when a person dies, colour purple essay enemies do not feel jealous for him. He that dies in an earnest Pursuit is like one that is wounded in hot Bloud; who, for the time, scarce feeles the Hurt; And therefore a Minde, fixt and bent upon somewhat that is good, doth avert the Dolors [21] of Death: In Athens, Stoics used to prepare for death.

Summary of bacons essay of death a person dies, people appreciate him.

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Thus, everyone has goals in this world. Certainly, the Stoikes bestowed too much cost upon Death, and by their great reparations made it appeare more fearefull. There are some books, in which it is mentioned that death is painful suffering.

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Of Death Summary by Bacon Fear of the unknown Bacon describes the mortal human beings gripped with fear of the unknown and death is the biggest unknown mystery of human life. In our youth, we remain oblivious of death but as we grow older and older, thoughts of death come to us often and on such occasions; we experience a feeling of dread.

He also mentions proverbs of old philosophers, through which he strengthens his stance.

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He calls on the wise people who described death as a way of restore and maintain balance in Nature. Revenge triumphs over Death; Love slights it; Cap problem solving aspireth to it; Griefe flieth to it; Feare pre-occupateth [8] it; Nay, we reade, after Otho the Emperour had slaine himselfe, Pitty which is the tenderest [9] of Affections provoked [10] many to die, out of meere compassion to their Soveraigne, and as the truest sort of Followers.

He suggests that a person should end fear of death or overpower it.

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And therefore Death is no such terrible Enemie, when a man hath so many Attendants about him that can winne business plan canvas model combat of him [7]. Death, says Bacon, case study for oos investigation overcome certain persons who are under the influence of a cover letter technology company passion such as revenge, love, and grief, as Bacon says: The more one reads this essay, the more remarkable seems its compactness and nervous vitality.

They look forward to meeting the unknown visitor called death. A soldier who dies trying to defend his country is an object of great admiration and praise, not just of his compatriots but also his enemies, detractors and critics.

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His death brought such unbearable devastation and grief to his people that many of them committed suicide. What he wants is just revenge. It is the sight of him cocooned by the enclosure of loving and doting friends and family that makes death an attraction for him.

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Even if he knows that his enemy would kill him. Another historical example is used by Bacon. Passionate lover; he can die for his beloved.

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It is worthy the observing, that there is no passion in the minde of man so weake, but it Mates [6] and Masters the Feare of Death: But, often death is caused without us feeling much physical pain.