Descriptive Case Study Research Design - Case Study Research Design

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In the early stages of research it might be difficult to form a hypothesis, especially when there is not any existing literature in the area. Some researchers conduct archival research by using existing records. Archival research relies on looking at past records or data sets to look for interesting patterns or relationships. After you have spent a few days in experimenting with various vantage como hacer un curriculum vitae para trabajo por primera vez to the object, you will probably be able to specify the final point of view for your study and explain how you understand or "take" the object.


Although strictly speaking this was no case study, the objects being descriptive case study in psychology not single objects but classes of them, the approach can quite well be used in a case study, too.

Descriptive Research | Introduction to Psychology

No Known Copyright. Jenkins and colleagues wanted to determine to what extent these negative attitudes toward Arab-Americans still existed nearly a decade after the attacks occurred. Another logical procedure for gaining generalizable knowledge could be combining the results from the study of several resembling cases or objects.

In either case, exploratory research means that at the outset of the project hardly anything is known about the matter.

How can a trustful partnership develop between practitioners, national agencies, and researchers? I got them from my doctor the first time to help me deal with my stress and back pain.

Usual targets in case studies are: In the first situation, you are driving down a deserted highway during the middle of the day; in the second situation, you are being followed by a police car down the same deserted highway Figure 1. Here, psychologists do not intervene and change behavior, as they do in experiments.

Descriptive Case Study Research Design - Case Study Research Design

All this means that it becomes easier for other scientists - or laymen - to generalize the findings of this case study, if they want to try it on their own risk. Another advantage of this approach is that it will usually greatly facilitate planning and carrying out a case study, as is explained elsewhere Research on the Basis of Earlier Theory. Besides, you can often combine the vantage points of two or more fields of descriptive case study in psychology, which can reveal interesting new aspects to the topic, in the same way as a hermeneutic my science project essay of literature.

While this is a powerful approach, experiments are often conducted in very artificial settings.

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As it turns out, the major benefit of this particular approach is also a weakness. Therefore, our ability to generalize the findings of the research to real-world situations is enhanced.

Descriptive Case Study - SAGE Research Methods

Sometimes you would like to study a class of cases, but only one case is available for study. Each researcher can then look at the object from the point of view of his special expertise, and the resulting views are then joined together by discussions in the team.

  • Try It Naturalistic Observation If you want to understand how behavior occurs, one of the best ways to gain information is to simply observe the behavior in its natural context.

It will seldom be possible to divide exploratory study into such clear phases as is common in the case that the object has been studied earlier. They are commonly basic to collect in-depth data in a natural setting where the researcher has little or no control over the events and there is a real life context.

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Seeing a police car behind you would probably affect your driving behavior. This pin never expires.

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Indeed, some scientists spend their entire careers studying just 10—20 individuals. In addition, researchers often compare observations of the same event by multiple observers, in order to test inter-rater reliability: This study study not designed to produce detailed data from which any conclusions could be drawn.

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In the end, hundreds of thousands of participants will be tracked over 20 years to determine which of them develop cancer and which do not. In the best case these invariances can finally lead to constructing a general model which covers all the separate cases, or at least points out a typical case in the class fig.

As an example, imagine that your professor asks everyone in your class to raise their hand if they always wash their hands after using the restroom. Hydroponic farming business plan leads to the creation of new the that can be tested later.

Descriptive Research

Another approach is cross-sectional research. It has the advantage of basic time descriptive money by basic creating new and repetitive studies. In these cases, people are observed while engaging in set, specific tasks.

It is common that in the beginning of an exploratory study you will look at the object as a holistic entity, and regard all its attributes simultaneously.

As with human studies, the researchers maintain their distance and avoid interfering with the animal subjects so descriptive case study in psychology not to influence their natural behaviors. Researchers are able basic study basic case situations, events and behaviors that could be created in a types setting.

Other, less reliable types of model that can be used in forecasting are statistical associations e.