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She had a complete set of permanent teeth. Bartholin's glands: The process by which the ovum is released is called ovulation. The ova are larger than sperm and are generally all created by birth. These factors help the physician decide which masses or cysts are more worrisome American Cancer Society. At certain intervals, the ovaries release an ovum, which passes through the fallopian tube into the uterus.


Gastrointestinal system Her abdomen was quite flabby and smooth with consistent softness.

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No complaint of pain or tenderness was noted during palpation. This is due to the fact that these cancers can be ovarian cyst case study scribd an inherited mutation change in certain genes that cause a family cancer syndrome that increases the risk of ovarian cancer called the Lynch Syndrome American Cancer Society.

She had a complete set of permanent teeth.

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Furthermore, it was known that she has been maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Meanwhile, Larsson, Bergkvist, and Wolkfound that no relationship was found between alcohol use and ovarian cancer risk.

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It also is known as the birth canal. A channel through the cervix allows sperm to enter and menstrual blood to exit.

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She experiences moderate to severe pain with an interval of about minutes daily up to the date of consultation. The muscles were also symmetrical with no palpable masses or spasms. The dorsum of the tongue appeared pink.

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Approximately every month, a process of oogenesis matures one ovum to be sent down the Fallopian tube attached to its ovary in anticipation of fertilization. The female reproductive system contains two main parts: January 16, Admitting physician: The vagina is a canal vertaal curriculum vitae engels joins the cervix the lower part of uterus to the outside of the body.

Upon palpation.

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During the interview. Table 2.

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Progestin in these pills may enhance apoptosis — allowing the body to dispose of mutated cells. Studies have shown that ovarian cancer risk increases ifa relative has or had ovarian cancer. The a good thesis statement about water pollution reproductive organs in the female include: Her ears match the flesh color of the rest of her skin and were positioned ovarian cyst case study scribd and in proportion to the head.

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Respiratory system The patient has clear breath sounds. Her pulses were of normal volume — moderate amount of pressure of the fingers were needed to obliterate the pulses. Aside from the complaint of rapid abdominal enlargement that commenced 4 months ago, she further claimed to have experienced amenorrhea, weight loss, anorexia, and nausea and vomiting.

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