Exercises to Strengthen Your Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking exercises for customer service, then, have...

What would happen if he decided to confront this idea with his colleague? For those whose preferences run to history, try " Winston Churchill: These are valid objections. Memoirs of the Second World War ," where you get an up close and personal look at the nation and world-changing problems encountered by this war-time leader. This situation is an example of how customer problems are solved in most customer service teams.


Thinking Critically About Operations

Constructive Controversy Controversies must be defined as interesting problems to be solved rather than a win-lose situations. Here are a couple of variations on the exercise: And like everything else in life, mastery requires hard work and ample practice.

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Should we revise a certain policy? A customer might leave an unfair, negative review on an online site, making you want to post a rude, scathing response. The rep would come to the conclusion that maybe the customer has made a mistake when entering their email address.

Customer Service Problem-Solving Techniques: Critical Thinking

But doing so may critical thinking exercises for customer service an even more negative light on your business than the original negative review. The rational approach to problem-solving is stultifying, boring and time consuming.

Distinguish between the person and the idea.

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The agent asks you to do so and promises to get back to you once your email arrives in pf transfer application letter inbox. Does it matter? He has authored over 20 books on various subjects, many published by McGraw-Hill.

Qualify your judgments appropriately and without exaggeration. Work with your team to assess problems from multiple viewpoints and develop alternative solutions.

What makes proper troubleshooting impossible

So, what about the example of John, the "lazy" employee mentioned earlier? Provide each group with a stack of index cards. Start and maintain a journal to chart your successes and mistakes.

Along with these duties, some of the highlights of my career thus far have been: In addition to those shown in the free firefighter cover letter sample, here are some helpful skills to include.

Running a small business can be a deeply personal endeavor, a way to channel a passion or to live out a dream. If you have read my post about customer service problem-solvingyou are already familiar with the basic methods of troubleshooting.

Give LiveChat a go during a free, day trial. You are starting to get upset, but you calmly say that you can send a proof of payment by email. Should we encourage it throughout the organization. In every organization, there are annoying problems no one claims as their own.

Exercises to Strengthen Your Critical Thinking Skills

Your business will benefit the most from having efficient employees. What is your reaction?

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After a series of questions, our Support Heroe asked them if they are sure that they are a LiveChat customer. These are valid objections. You curse the day you decided to buy the ticket and promise to yourself never to do business with this company again.

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  2. Applying Critical Thinking?

Then, have the group develop responses for each of the henry hudson research paper questions sample compare and contrast literary essay requests. Have others in the group explain how they would have responded to the question or problem, to see how similar the responses are around the group. Brainstorm about solutions to remedy these inefficiencies.

  • They are foundational to your ability to engage others, problem-solve, guide, motivate and navigate in organizational settings.

Strive to understand the customer groups they focus on and how and why they win and lose. But your business won't succeed, unless you regularly take cold, hard looks at the numbers and facts, and then you use this information to make choices consistent with thesis title page mla format underlying vision.

Does this mean they will be saying no to other segments or stretched thin to defend their legacy offerings? Then, test these solutions, gather new data and begin your critical thinking process again.

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What would happen if he decided to confront this idea with his colleague? Give it a try, and respond to this post with any tips of your own! Unfortunately, everything seems to go wrong.

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These exercises can facilitate information sharing and consistency, generate valuable content and help develop a feeling of team identity that lasts long after the event. For example, once we had on a chat a customer who claimed that our live chat does not work.

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If these suggestions don't appeal to you, find subjects and authors who expose you to new ideas and challenge you to think differently. This search leads to better decision making. Remember that interpretation of evidence is a subjective process.

Henry hudson research paper your morale is affected by having an employee you truly dislike, you might need to use critical thinking to evaluate whether the value of that person's work is worth your discomfort and frustration, and what legal and moral options you have. You can almost feel a breath of warm wind on your skin when you suddenly realize, you did not receive your ticket via email.

Is your reaction a conditioned response? Treat your first reaction to a situation, issue or person as temporary.

Applying Critical Thinking?- An Important Survival Skill For Companies

An employee may irritate you but that employee might still do excellent work. You wonder how is it possible that such incompetent people work in customer care. It ruins it. Is the issue clear? Strengthening your critical thinking skills involves exercising your ability to assess thesis title page mla format, gather and analyze data and develop coherent, actionable plans, often in conjunction with the input from others.

They never call you back.

It took about 10, years for the human population to become 3 percent urban — a period extending roughly from the dawn of human settlement until

Learning to reframe issues and problems and to develop multiple solution sets depending upon the frame, is a powerful use of your critical thinking skills. The book, " Strategy Rules: