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How and from where to prepare? Using metaphors, similes, idioms etc breaks the monotony and makes our essay look attractive. Through a link sentence at the end of a para: I also used flowcharts and wrote point wise to better the situation. I personally found compilations very helpful in this regard. Reading non-fiction helps you develop a matured thought process. I observed how MGP had a completely no-holds-barred essay upsc marks as far as correction was concerned.


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There is no shortcut or trick to bettering your analytical skills and the only way is hard work and sincere study. My speed improved considerably by the time mains arrived, although I still ended up leaving 35 marks worth in Optional paper 1 due to speed issues.

But inI devoted adequate time to this paper. Rewriting the aforementioned example after breaking it into two which makes it much easier to read and comprehend:

After prelims I felt the need for more personal guidance, which I was afraid other popular test series would not be able to provide. Identify your strong areas and weaknesses and schedule your study for the last two months accordingly.

But in essay, they are rather stale, lacking in any fedex resume cover letter element. So while keeping balanced views might be the popular advice, I personally think that my strong opinions on certain things helped me score well.

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Thank you. Since I was preparing from my hometown in Uttarakhand, I was completely dependent on online mediums not only for guidance, but also to keep in touch with other aspirants. Statistics, examples, expert opinions and constitutional provisions are crucial and they make your arguments authoritative.

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So my suggestion is, apart from UPSC related material, develop the penn state graduate personal statement of reading non-fiction books. Of course one cannot read all reports and learn all kinds of data.

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This is a fatal miscalculation. By the time readers essay upsc marks reading it, they will lose their breath and the point of the sentence So I had a simple rule: I practiced this way one hour every day, while solving full lengths weekly.

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The suggestions and corrections on the answer sheets were specific, precise and very helpful. Improving language and expression On subheadings and rough drafts What you must avoid How to write a powerful introduction?

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I wish all of you good luck and a very happy, fulfilling journey. No ranting. Apart from imparting knowledge, they will also let you come across good figures of speech, art of argumentation, powerful rhetoric and unique content etc.

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Reading non-fiction helps you develop a matured thought process. Mock tests: I always knew essay was a scoring subject, but never knew that it would so crucially influence my selection and rank.

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But more on that, later. Point is doing these books again and again till you gain an absolute mastery on the static part. Depending on the topic, you can choose among the following options that fits best.

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Referring to specific magazines: All the points mentioned above cannot be implemented in the actual exam without prior practice. It gives a sense of completeness to the essay.

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  2. Not only does it make the sentence difficult to understand, but also gives it an awkward sound when read.
  3. Despite its importance, essay paper often does not get the attention it deserves from aspirants.

Cover letter page 2 you run out of your breath while reading a sentence, then how to improve analysis on sat essay you will have to break it into two. I feel more confident sharing my strategy for mains as I completely loved this stage.

I would advise all those who have this optional to go through it at least once. If you can get some feedback on it then even better. I could reach out to my mentor anytime and he was always kind enough to patiently listen to my huge set of problems ranging from time management to general anxiety.

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Long, winding sentences makes it difficult to read and understand. So if you are reading this and feel that your journey is not quite the same as mine, then do not get flustered. At the same time, I mentioned how it was used nefariously in to cause mass exodus of northeast people from Bangalore.

Substantiating your arguments In the main body of the essay, each para must have an argument or an idea and a reasoning to back that argument.