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Nevertheless, some plays epitomize these themes better than others do. I cannot think for a momentthis was Shakespeare's intention. In Shakespeare? Shylock is portrayed to only care about money and profits, while the Christians are shown as people who value human relationships more.


WhenAntonio enters the stage at 1. Throughout the play we see many bonds or essay about love and money in merchant of venice between both Antonio and Bassanio as well as Portia and Bassanio.

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Shylock is portrayed to only care about money and profits, while the Research paper about healthy lifestyle pdf are shown as people who value human relationships more. They would have hated Jews. Shakespeare illustrates the theme of hate most prominently through the prejudices of both Christians and Jews and their behaviour towards one another.

That this is indeed whathappens results from Bassanio's wiselyinterpreting the riddle of the caskets.

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Apollo's love for the nymph Daphne, forexample, who was turned into a laurel treeso that she would not have to succumb tothe great Roman god, was commemoratedwhenever one of the god's devotees, suchas victors at the ancient Pythian games,wore a wreath made of leaves from thattree. Andreason, surprisingly but typically, vindicatesthese extreme demands of the heartin public and coherent ways in the play'sdouble conclusions in Acts 4 and 5.

Yale University Press, []And even Shylock, who dreamsat night of moneybags, has a sentimentalside; when his friend Tubal tells him of therumor that his daughter Jessica had sold afamily ring "for a monkey," the old moneylenderlaments, "It was my turquoise; Ihad essay about love and money in merchant of venice of Leah when I was a bachelor.

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From this I felt more confident and my faith in him grew stronger by the minute. Thereare so many and such obvious ways thatthe dramatist portrays Shylock as a villain;to those already cited, we might add howhe is deserted by his daughter Jessica, asympathetic character, to marry Lorenzo,Shylock's comic juxtaposition of his franticconcern for the wealth that his daughtertook from him and his indifference, to putit mildly, to the loss of the daughter herself "I would my daughter were dead at myfoot, and the jewels in her ear: Egerton, CambridgeUniversity Press,75— The casket plot helps illustrate the theme.

If a Christianwrong a Jew, what should hissufferance be by Christian example?

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Also when introducing the time in an attempt to impress Portia. But asShylock uses human virtues such as friendshipand generosity to disguise his hatred,so Antonio subordinates here his businessacumen to the demands of friendship.

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They are alike in more ways than one. The Merchant of Venice and The Crucible respectively.

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The themes are emphasised in the settings of the play, Belmont symbolising love and Venice symbolising hate. But in general, desire, when motivatedby what Hawthorne called the "sanctity ofthe human heart," is given free rein in theplay to indulge, variously, a businessman'sgenerosity to his friend, a father's controlof his daughter's marriage, a suitor's desireto have one woman and no other, and evena wife's pleasure in watching her husband'sstruggling between the apparently conflicting demands, in the fifth act's comedyover the rings, of spouse and friend.

His most recent article was a discussion of the unpublished literary correspondence of Fr.

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Act 1. Written in sixteenth-century England, where anti-Semitism was common and the presence of Jews was not, the play poses bsn coursework questions concerning racial, religious and human difference.

Pride and Prejudice, for example, isthe famous account of a rich aristocrat, Mr. In the The Essay being alone Of Venice it seems that money is the more important thing in several places within the play, money is mentioned before a person as well as love itself.

One stereotyped romantic plot familiarto everyone has parents warning theirdaughters against fortune hunters andconsequently insisting on arranging marriageswith young men of equal essay writing about smoking that their social status and wealth willbe safeguarded.

Accordingto the Biblical parable of the talents,money is properly used when it is investedand brings forth a good return, not whenit is hoarded or buried and kept back fromsupporting good enterprises. Princeton University Press, But theplay is about taking risks, essential both tobusiness and to love. There is a constant theme of self interest versus love.

The inner qualities such as honesty, charity, and kindness are more important.

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There is a constant theme of self interest versus love. Now her role is changedas she takes charge of the action, and herself-control is evident. As well as this the immorality… The Merchant of Venice: He must thenchoose the casket that has the picture ofPortia in order to win her hand; if he doesnot, he must 1 leave Portia's home at Belmontimmediately, 2 tell no one whichcasket he guessed, and 3 promise never tomarry.

Comedy Or Tragedy? Theydid forgive Shylock.

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Yea, all men will give themselveswholly to live an idle life bytheir money [i. Portia never puts money before outdoor games vs indoor games essay person and particularly Bassoon. In the parableJesus tells essay about love and money in merchant of venice the master who rewardshis two servants who double the money hegives them but takes away the single talenthoarded by a third servant who feared hismaster's wrath if he lost it in business.

Shylock is pretending to be "kind" in atleast two senses of that much played-uponword in medieval and later literature. The themes are emphasised in the settings of the play, Belmont symbolising Other Popular Essays.

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See,for example, the remarks by Thomas Becon, The Catechism,p. Portia, too, willingly foregoesher freedom in exchange for obeying herfather's will, and Bassanio risks his abilityever to marry by accepting the lottery ofthe caskets.

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John's Gospel,"Greater love hath no man than this, thathe lay down his life for his friends" Romeo andJuliet are not exactly tongue-tied. Iago's first wordsin Othello, for example, are a curse 1. Thegolden mean, the famous term Aristotleused to describe virtue, implies compromisebut it is a very different kind ofcompromise than is usually practiced incontemporary politics or society.

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In Shakespeare? He's that guy who not only suffered but died for his cause, his passion, his love. Brandon Johnson. Bassanio seldom gets any credit forhis role as a suitor but in fact love requireshim to risk his livelihood and his freedomever to marry—everything, that is, shortof his life—in order to gain the beautiful,intelligent and wealthy Portia in marriage.

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